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Character Actor
General Arthur Boris Smyslovsky Malcolm McDowell
Dr. Josef Hoop Pierre Vaneck
Anton Siegler Jean-Francois Balmer
Capitaine Barinkova Ludmila Mikael
Comtesse Irène - General's Woman Caroline Sihol
Colonel Tcheko Wojciech Pszoniak
Natalya Catherine Bidault
Francois-Joseph II Prince of Lichtenstein Patrice Alexsandre
Gina, Princess of Lichtenstein Elena Safonova
Anna Clémentine Célarié
Gregori Petrov Serge Renko
La femme du Dr Hoop Annick Blancheteau 
Martha Hubner Catherine Frot
M. Brandt Jean de Coninck
Mme Brandt Geneviève Mnich
Youri Jan Jankowski
Peter Hubber Gilles Treton 
Freyda Sarah Vanikoff
  Andrzej Zielinski

Directed by Robert Enrico
Written by Robert Enrico, Frédéric Fajardie, Marc Miller



It has never been released in the US on any format. Making it one of Malcolm's rarest films.


DVD R2 Cover - Front
DVD R2 Cover - Back

Belgian Movie Poster

Synopsis - Official

1945: under the terms of the secret agreements of Yalta, English and Americans have delivered two million Soviet citizens to Stalin. These traitors have been executed or died in camps. Among them, survivors of the Russian army, originating in the Baltic provinces annexed in 1940 by the USSR, which fought the bolshevism under the German uniform....out of them all, 500 lost soldiers, without a homeland in devastated Europe, train women and children, refugees themselves in Liechtenstein and refuse to go. This is their history.

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