Tin Soldiers (Unfilmed) 

One of Malcolm McDowell's lost films. This was supposed to be released in 1984, but was never filmed for whatever reason.



"Imagine, here I am going into my forties, suddenly playing rock singers! And I've got 10 songs to do in this one! Actually, it's a rather nice script, because the fellow is on his downward spiral, and he meets this boy, a son he never knew he had and..." - Malcolm in the Toronto Sun 5/23/83

McDowell's latest role is as a rock performer dealing with a 13-year-old paternity suit son in Tin Soldiers. - Starlog 9/83

From my interview 2002.
Q: When you did the promotion for Get Crazy in a lot of the interviews you mentioned a roll in Tin Soldiers where you were going to sing ten songs. I always wondered what happened to it?

MM: In who? Was I? They must've backed out. The probably saw the film (Get Crazy).

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