Tempesta (2005)

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Character Actor
Fabio Valenzin Malcolm McDowell
Patrick Donovan Scot Williams
Chiara Van Beunigen Natalia Verbeke
Van Beunigen Rutger Hauer
Vittorio Tedeschi Gaetano Carotenuto
Dina Gusmano Valentina Cervi
Giovanna Zanon Antonella Ponziani
Taddeo Rossi Paul Guilfoyle
Aldo Nicolussi Yura Marin
Sang Soo Will Yun Lee
  Tcheky Karyo
  Ornella Muti

Directed by Paul Tickell
Written by Bill Haney & Philippe Browning 
Based on the novel by Juan Manuel de Prada



An exclusive quote from the writer

"Malcolm, by the way, is a very friendly and merry person: he succeeded in creating a marvelous chemistry between him and Natalia, and he contributed a lot with his kind manners to the good shooting atmosphere. I immediately noticed that the more important and professional an actor is, the more accessible and sympathetic he is."


From the author's wife to Rutger Hauer

"I want to tell you that my husband wrote a part for you in the adaptation of his novel "The Tempest", about forgery art in Venice and Giogione's Renaissance masterpiece. My husband's name is Juan Manuel de Prada, and he is a Spanish novelist. This novel has been translated into twenty languages; a month ago it was published in the USA by Newlook Press, so perhaps you can find it in the bookshops. It has been also published in Holland by Arena. Three years ago, he sold the rights of the novel adaptation to Kees Kasander, a Dutch producer (although he works in England and has produced the whole Peter Greenaway filmography) who has finally completed the funding of the film, in co-production with Spain, Luxembourg, Italy and also the United States. "The Tempest" will be shot this winter in Venice and Luxemburg. The film will be directed by Paul Tickell, an English director who won the 2002 British Independent Film Awards with his previous film, "Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry". The crew is now nearly complete, and they'll begin with the cast next month. In the contract there is a special stipulation which says: "Purchaser will use its best endeavors, and will do all that lies within its powers to accomplish the engagement of Rutger Hauer" for one of the main parts. So I guess they will be in contact with you or your agent in the next month; and I hope that you'll be interested. For my husband it is the biggest illusion of his life. For three years, we have waited patiently, crossing our fingers. Now, it seems that everything is close to an ending. We wish you like the script when you read it. Thanks for everything, specially for being as you are. Take care with your cold. Warmest regards, Marķa." 2003

Synopsis - Official

American art appraiser, Patrick Donovan, is sent to Venice to authenticate three classical paintings belonging to the famous Galleria dell' Accademia. Arriving during heavy rains, he finds the Galleria besieged by floods and closed to the public. With the floodwaters rapidly rising, he examines two Bellinis and confirms that they are indeed authentic but before he can get to Giorgione's The Tempest, it is stolen in a violent attack which leaves Donovan and Chiara, the beautiful daughter of the director of the Galleria, injured. Police and media interest is high and Donovan unwittingly finds himself at the center of the investigation into the disappearance of the priceless masterpiece.
    What follows is a highly stylized and complex web of mystery, intrigue and betrayal which unfolds against the ghostly backdrop of the Venetian waterways. Donovan determines to uncover the truth behind the disappearing painting but soon finds himself at the mercy of a corrupt art collector, a petty thief and, ultimately, a deadly seductress. His investigation leads him into the lavish, but murky world of forgeries, diamonds, love, sex and ultimately murder. As Donovan gets further embroiled, will his be the next body found floating in the canals of Venice?

Together Before

1997 - Malcolm and Rutger Hauer both did the Giga Shadow episode of the Lexx.

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