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Character Actor
James Burton Malcolm McDowell
Patricia Burton Amanda Brooks
Pauly Thomas Ian Nicholas
Joker Kurupt
Detective Gonzo James Russo
Mikey Richard Edson
Val Patricia Rae
Chet Stephen Spacek
Benny Clint Howard
Detective Woo Jimmy Shubert
Officer Dick Bush Robert F. Lyons
Officer George Cheney Matthew H. Fisher
Agent Jones Francesco Quinn
Lydia Marlene Forte
Alice Yasmin Kerr
Rico Erick Nathan
Swenson Hawthorne James
Sam Irwin Keyes
Fitzsimmons  Earnest "Zeus" Mazyck
Bank Teller Elizabeth Arnold
Doug Tommy Villafranca
Agent #1 Warren Durso
Agent #2 Matteo Ribaudo
Vonda Bradford Gwendolyn Edwards
Jokerís Doctor Nathan Israel
Gangbanger  Santiago Craig
Security Guard Jon Proudstar
Jessica Taylor Lori Sundey
Check Cashing Customer Bridgette Renee
Sniper  Jeff Astgen
Scout  Andrea Vadala
Barback Lynette Fame

 Directed by Gino Cabanas
Written by Brian Mazo


Vine swings in, takes 'Charge'
Hollywood Reporter 12/20/04
Amanda Brooks and Patricia Rae will star in "Taking Charge," a feature that is intended as the first of a slate of projects from newly formed Vine Entertainment. Vine founder and CEO Gino Cabanas plans to use private capital to produce a series of low-budget features in various genres. "The Vine intends to challenge many of Hollywood's preconceived notions about indie outfits," Cabanas said. "The strength of our financing places us in a strong position to nurture the careers of talented writers, producers and directors as well as shepherd their projects from start to finish." "Charge" is scheduled to shoot next month in Arizona under the direction of Dick Fisher, who was the cinematographer, editor and one of the producers of "The Brothers McMullen." The drama is described as a cautionary tale of a spoiled girl who takes matters into her own hands after she is cut off by her billionaire father. Brooks plays the girl, while Rae plays a paramedic. Brooks, repped by Paradigm, is filming the Walt Disney Co.'s Jodie Foster starrer "Flightplan." Rae is repped by Brady, Brennan and Rich.



James talking to the group on the boat
James standing on the boat in a white suit


Tabitha's Secret - And Around
Strings N Tings - El Choclo
Melodrome - America's Cool
No Time To Dream - Written By S. Dale
Sky Marsden - Gonna Get You
Thomas Ian Nicholas - Wasting My Time
Merchants of Moonshine - Country Love
Matthew Fisher - Heartache
Let My Hair Down - Written By H. Schcok & B. Larsen
Tabitha's Secret - 3am
To Get To See My Love - Written By H. Schock
The Everyothers - Ticket Home
I'm Gone - Written By J. Rap & H. Schock
Matthew Fisher - Fly Away
Matthew Fisher - Lookin For You
Jeanette & Joanna Stevens - Ordinary
I'm Just Runnin Through You - Written By H. Mathis & H. Schock
Wil.i.am - Money
Wil.i.am - If You Didn't Know
Your One Piece Pride - Written By H. Schock
Pick Me Up - Written By M. Wells
Marion Raven - October


"I was a consultant for the paramedic scenes, but they didn't listen to anything I told them," Alan Williams 1/09

"I golfed with MM last Sunday, 2/26, at the Ocean Club on Paradise Island, Nassau, The Bahamas. I met him on the first tee as he was with the director Gino of his new movie. They were filming on a boat and he invited me there the next day. He was a real nice guy, a true gentleman and not a bad golfer either." - Jerome

Synopsis - Official

The entire story takes place within a 12 hour time frame. A billionaire, James Burton, allows his 21 year old girlfriend to convince him to "cut off" his 20 year old daughter, Patricia. In an act of hot headed rebellion Patricia convinces Pauly, her perpetually stoned boyfriend to join her on a robbery of a check cashing store. Everything goes awry, Pauly gets wounded and Patricia engineers their escape by hijacking an ambulance. The ambulance was en route to the hospital to deliver a severely wounded gangster, Joker with wise-ass cops in pursuit. The atmosphere inside the ambulance and in particular Patricia's relationship with Pauly becomes tenser and tenser

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