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Character Actor
Alfie Alperin Malcolm McDowell
Tom Mix Bruce Willis
Wyatt Earp James Garner
Cheryl King Mariel Hemingway
Nancy Shoemaker Kathleen Quinlan
Victoria Alperin Jennifer Edwards
Christina Alperin Patricia Hodge
Captain Blackworth Richard Bradford 
Chief Marvin Dibner M. Emmet Walsh
Dutch Kieffer Joe Dallesandro
Arthur Andreas Katsulas
Marty Goldberg Dann Florek
Hal Flynn Bill Marcus
Mooch Michael C. Gwynne
Michael Alperin Dermot Mulroney
Spanish Dancer Miranda Garrison 
Rosa Liz Torres
Pancho Castulo Guerra
William Singer Dakin Matthews
Australian Houseman Vernon Wells 
Paul Dennis Rucker
Ed John Dennis Johnston
Cowboy Fred Kenny Call
Cowboy Henry Jack Garner
Leo Vogel Jerry Tullos
George the Conductor Steem Tanney
Frank Coe Peter Jason
Academy Speaker Richard Fancy
Roscoe Arbuckle Glenn Shadix
Michael's Secretary Lisa Alpert
Dibner's Secretary Sonia Zimmer
Candy Store Girl Marina Palmier
Candy Store Girl Tessa Taylor 
Director Jon Van Ness 
Assistant Director Randy Bowers
Stagecoach Lady Maureen Teefy
George, Mix's Butler Arnold Johnson
Alperin's Butler Eric Harrison
Alfie's 1st Wife Amy Michelson
Gate Guard James O'Connell 
Jail Guard C. James Lewis
Studio Guard Bing Russell
Jail Inmate Bill Applegate
Jail Inmate Luis Contreras
Jail Inmate Charles Noland 
Jail Inmate Robert Covarrubias
Girl at Lunch Donalin Patton
Girl at Lunch Kay Perry
Douglas Fairbanks Rod McCary
John Gilbert John Fountain
Maria Romero Irene Olga López
Cleaning Man Jeris Poindexter
Robert Hellman F. William Parker
Car Attendant Grant Heslov
Reporter Don Sparks
Reporter Melanie Jones
Reporter Darrah Meeley
Reporter Tom Tarpey
Reporter Krista Gray
Reporter Katie Morgan
Thelma Todd Beverly Leech
Billy Clanton Denney Pierce

Directed by Blake Edwards
Written by Rodney Amateau


Released 8/25/98, Region 1

Audio: English, Spanish, French (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround)
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
Scene Selections
More Bruce Willis
Side A: Widescreen 1.85:1, Side B: Full Screen

Chapter Index

  1. Start

  2. Tom Mix

  3. Wyatt Earp

  4. The Way it was

  5. Chief Dibner

  6. Mrs. Alperin

  7. The Candy Store

  8. Murdered

  9. Comforting Cheryl

  10. Captain Blackworth

  11. Lunch with Alfie

  12. In the Commissary

  13. Three's a Crowd

  14. "Candy's My Mother."

  15. At Victoria's

  16. Out Cold?

  17. Alfie & Victoria

  18. El Coyote

  19. To the Rescue

  20. Saving Nancy

  21. The Funeral

  22. In Jail

  23. Safety Deposit Box

  24. In Hospital

  25. The Happy HoBo

  26. Lobby Shoot-out

  27. Getting Alfie

  28. Happy Trails

Filming Locations (USA)



Liner Notes

    When Blake Edwards first decided to adapt Rod Amateau's Hollywood mystery novel Sunset to the screen, he knew whom he wanted to play Wyatt Earp and Tom Mix, the film's two larger-than-life heroes.
    Edwards: "I wanted James Garner as Earp and Robert Duvall in the Tom Mix role. But as great as those two actors are, I couldn't raise any kind of money that I needed to make the movie with that cast. So about the time that I saw my original idea wasn't going to work, Bruce Willis' agent read Sunset and he saw that is would be an interesting character for Bruce. I agreed and so did TriStar, which had a deal with Bruce."
    Production began on April 6, 1987. As Sunset took place in a Hollywood that no longer existed, Edwards and cinematographer Tony Richmond were forced to recreate the late 1920s time period on numerous locations throughout Los Angeles County.
    Richmond: "We did the exterior of the Kit Kat Klub brothel at Malibu Lake. We used the Malibu Lake Club up in Malibu Canyon - we dressed the outside with a couple of awnings. Although we were able to shoot the Oscar ceremony at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where they held the first Academy Awards presentation, we used the back entrance of Bullocks Wilshire because it had a more art deco feel to it. One of the biggest setting we had to recreate was the Pasadena train station, which we shot at an antique railroad museum just outside of Riverside in a place called Perris."
    Additional shooting site included Indian Dunes (the Alperin Studios' Western backlot), San Pedro Harbor and David O. Selznick's office on the Culver Studios lot (Alfie Alperin's office.)
    Sunset opened on April 29, 1988, and received an Oscar nomination for Best Costume Design. A loving recreation of Hollywood's fabled past, Sunset  is the "true story" of how two Western legends teamed up to make a movie, raise some hell and solve a murder...give or take a lie or two.



DVD Cover - Front
DVD Cover - Back


Score by Henry Mancini
"Black And Tan Fantasy" Performed by Duke Ellington and his Orchestra

Summary - Official

    Bruce Willis and James Garner are out to make a movie and solve a murder a Blake Edwards film Sunset, the fictional adventures of America's greatest real-life heroes. Willis (The Fifth Element, Die Hard) stars as Tom Mix - Hollywood's hottest action hero who's been cast to play the legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. Trouble is, Earp (Garner, Twilight, Maverick) has been hired to work as a technical expert on the the film - and this doesn't sit too well with the big at-the-top-of-his-career movie star Mix. Even worse...Earp doesn't take too well to movie moguls and the fancy studio life, So, the Old West and the new Hollywood collide and inadvertently become a vivid backdrop for one of the most shocking murder mysteries ever to scorch the silver screen. Come back to a lost time when movies were movies, murders were mayhem and heroes were just plain outrageous, in Sunset...the action packed adventure this side of Hollywood and Vine. It's the truth, every word of it...give or take a lie or two!


They broke every rule, loved every woman, took every risk and solved the most shocking murder in the history of Beverly Hills. And it's all true. Give or take a lie or two.

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