Seasons of the Heart (1994)

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AKA The Winter Garden
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Exclusive 11/97 - Richard David Lewis/Malcolm's Stand in


  1. Main Theme (Open)
  2. First Dream
  3. Sleeping Out
  4. Warm Summer
  5. The Bath
  6. Bedtime
  7. The Prayer
  8. Funeral
  9. Indian Princess
  10. Eleanor's Theme
  11. Pig Fun
  12. The Hat
  13. Bad Bach
  14. Fishing March
  15. Rescue
  16. Yellow Fever
  17. The Care
  18. Wolves
  19. Snakes
  20. Indians
  21. The Blanket
  22. Silent Night
  23. Snowfall
  24. The Chest
  25. Friend Sheep
  26. Danny
  27. Main Theme


My Summary

    The story centers around seven year old David, the boy no one wants. His mother, Ezra, is a crack addict whore who one day just goes and leaves him for five months. He then gets dumped on his whore grandmother who just married a man after having a 25 year affair with him. The kid now has no mother, no father and a grandmother that is too busy to take care of him. Heart warming stuff. Where's Malcolm you say? Well, he's on the outside of all this. The grandma, Vivian, played by Carol Burnett is a hot shot New York editor. Her big project is to edit Alfred McGuinness' autobiography, a man she once had an affair with. Malcolm is Alfred, the crazy old drunken writer. Vivian's marriage to Ezra the mobster is shaky as it is. Now with the kid around, she has lost a daughter, gained a grandson and lost a husband, though both eventually come back. As Vivian grows closer to David, she grows farther from Ezra. When they were having their affair, everything was great, not so after they were married. 
    After five months of this the mother finally returns wanting the kid back and saying how she has changed, of course she hasn't, but by law she has to return the kid to his mother. Ezra is happy, Vivian is not, even though Ezra has been able to bond with the boy in a way she has not. It is really a pathetic movie, especially when David admits he can't read and hardly goes to school. On top of that he says his mom's use of drugs has made him stupid and unable to keep up with the other kids.
     Of course there is way too little Malcolm in this depressing TV movie. There are a couple scenes with him near the beginning. He is in a bar, then in a meeting about Vivian editing her book. Then at 33 minutes in he is in her office where he gets off some good lines. Around 50-59 minutes in, it is around Xmas and the deadline is almost up. So Alfred moves in with Vivian, Ezra and David to finish the book. After a few short scenes and a couple more good lines we are informed that he has died and dedicated the book to David.

My Review

Another dark and depressing tale. Malcolm really gets into the crazy writer role and is fun to watch in his all too brief scenes. He also has a full beard for the first time which makes him even more interesting to watch. It is not a bad film, but there isn't much there to get interested in either.

Rating 4/10

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