Sat'Day While Sunday (1967)

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Character Actor
Frankie Malcolm McDowell
Charlotte Sarah-Jane Gwillim
Peter Timothy Dalton

Episode Listings

All episodes were two-parts and aired in subsequent days.

Title Airdate
Home is Like No Place Pt 1 10/7/67
Home is Like No Place Pt 2 10/8/67
The Bosses Son Pt 1 10/14/67 
The Bosses Son Pt 2 10/15/67
Nobody's Going Anywhere Pt 1 10/21/67
Nobody's Going Anywhere Pt 2 10/22/67
Once in a Year in the Season Pt 1 10/28/67
Once in a Year in the Season Pt 2 10/29/67
Love Me-Who do you Love Pt 1 11/4/67
Love Me-Who do you Love Pt 2 11/5/67
Seminar on Communications Pt 1 11/11/67
Seminar on Communications Pt 2 11/12/67
Two Smilin' Faces Pt 1 11/18/67
Two Smilin' Faces Pt 2 11/19/67


"I was in a series, which was really appalling. It was a thing called Sat'day While Sunday, a view of young people's lives in the north of England. A real disaster, but it was a good thing for me to do because I had to churn out a half-hour's performance in four days. I guess that teaches you something, but I'm not quite sure what." - Malcolm in Show Magazine 1/72

"It took about 10 weeks to shoot. Part of it in the London TV studios (Thames Television) and part of it in their Manchester studios. It was very concentrated work for those of us who were in every episode. We would travel up to Manchester or down to London on the weekends so there was barely a day off. I enjoyed making it, however. Some of the directors were great and there was a lot of humor. Malcolm was very easy to work with. Fun and easy going, but always on top of the work. He is a master of the double and triple take! On and off camera. His character was Frankie, a relatively poor boy. Tim Dalton played Peter, a rich kid. I played Charlotte, a rich girl who became more interested in the poor boy (as opposed to the rich) because he was more interesting and was a "better" person. Each episode had its own adventure or story, but the underlying theme was the relationship between the girl and the two boys. The series played at the weekend. Maybe that's why it was called " Sat'day While Sunday" - Sarah-Jane Gwillim 1999

Malcolm from my interview with him 8/11/07

Q: What do you remember about Sat'day While Sunday?

A: Timothy Dalton was fired after a while and I was rather annoyed because they fired him and gave me all his stuff. I was like oh my god. It was sort of a post-Beatles and took place in the north of England. It was like you got paid on Friday and what happened Saturday and Sunday, the weekend. We were really young guys and a girl a called Sarah-Jane Gwillim was in it, very attractive, a very sweet girl. I don't know how many they did, I think it was one season.

Q: I heard it was 14, I've never been able to track them down.

A: Yeah, that would be one season, hopefully they lost them all somewhere. It was sort of interesting I suppose because one of the best directors on television, a guy called Jimmy Goddard directed some of them and they were really good. He was a good director, that's all I remember about it, but I must say they were quite good. People watched it, it was on a Saturday evening I think, not many people watch TV on a Saturday do they?

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