This is a fun page to list roles we would like to see Malcolm McDowell play. Either films that were already made or have yet to be made.

Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody (Harry Potter)

A Dark Wizard catcher who may or may not be getting paranoid in his old age. His rolling magical blue eye has the capability to see around corners and through invisibility cloaks. Anything that moves becomes suspect, because the man has become overly fearful of just about everything. Malcolm hates extensive make-up so that is a big draw back, but the prestige behind a roll in a huge series made him overlook that.

Baron Frankenstein
The doctor who gave life to the monster.

Cobra Commander
GI Joe - One of the most famous animated films of the 80s - screams for a live action remake.

Dark Jedi
A lightsaber wielding Sith Lord in a Star Wars prequel.

Dr. Hannibal Lechter
Malcolm as Lechter in Silence of the Lambs
Anthony Hopkins is British and has a theater background, I think Malcolm could pull it off.

Dr. Van Helsing

Following Hopkins again as the famous vampire hunter in Dracula.

Jango Fett
The battle scarred father of the most infamous bounty hunter. He could've done a much more sinister job than the lame performance in Episode II and the entire clone army would be Malcolm.

Jesus Christ
Can't you just see him throwing money lenders out of the temple? After all, he has played the devil...

Malcolm as Sark in his lightcycle
The villain from TRON or the villain in TRON 2.0.

A sea sailing adventurer who fights monsters and such.

Any remake of the old Hammer Horror films that featured Peter Cushing or Vincent price since they are no longer with us.

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