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Character Actor
Noel Malcolm McDowell
Kristin/Tracy Shannon Whirry
Clay Timothy Bottoms
Leslie Polokoff Maud Adams
Mancini Gustav Vintas
Dr. Cassidy William Bumiller
Joe Brian Patrick Clarke
Neely Tembi Locke 
Janna Leah Charlesworth
Goldstein Joseph Bologna
Elsie Rebecca Navaian Amoli
Arielle Christie Atkinson
Carrie/Tracy Trasy Broussard
Punsky Tony Griffin
Security Guard #1 Michael Melvin
Security Guard #2 David Keith Miller
Manuel Theo Nicholas Pagones
Shimeko Lisa Marie Scott
Natasha Jamie Renée Smith
Ernst Heninger Sonny Surowiec
Audrey Roz Witt
McPherson Tony Zaar
Madonna Impersonator Scott Kaske
Joan Rivers Impersonator Blake Warner
Flamenco Dancer Linda Andrade
Flamenco Dancer Juan Talamera
Flamenco Guitar Player Rafael Aragón

Directed by Carlo Gustaff
Written by Lyle Slack



Malcolm talking about his character


"He takes a lady of the night every once and a while and (Tracy's) his favorite. So they met again after a year and a half after she disappeared." - Malcolm 1997

"Malcolm plays an ex-client, an ex-lover of mine...and there couldn't be a better guy for it." - Shannon 1997

"It was one of those $100,000 days and I had no idea what it was. I arrived and was shown the bathroom. I didn't even know who (the Asian girl) was - she's a big porn star, I think - but she was extremely nice and had a fantastic body so it wasn't hard work. But I had no idea what any of those films are called and I've certainly never seen them." - Malcolm Maxim 9/00

Together Again

1998 - Malcolm and Shannon Whirry were both in Fatal Pursuit

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