Malcolm McDowell Revisits ACO

New York City 6/97

From Mr. Deltoid:
When I met Malcolm he said that Kubrick specialized in satire while Lindsay Anderson had humanity. Also that Kubrick had no compassion. He then told a story about Patrick Magee. On the "ACO" set they served coffee, tea, soda etc. but that Magee, being an Irishman, wanted his Guinness. He said to Malcolm, "Do you think you could ask Stanley if he would get us some?" When Malcolm asked, Kubrick replied, "Sure Malc, but tell me something. Is he an alcoholic?" In the scene where Alex is being interrogated by the millicents, when it came time for Aubrey Morris to spit he couldn't do it. The burly cop who offered to hold Alex down had to. Malcolm said that Aubrey was taking antihistamines at the time and couldn't get up enough spit. Malcolm said he would never forget the Ludovico scene. After he did the scene (they gave him a local anesthetic during shooting), while driving home an hour and a half later, he started to get terrible pains in his eye. When he got home he called a doctor who then came over and gave him morphine. After that he knew what people who scratched their corneas went through. Then he flashed that wicked smile and said mysteriously, "Morphine...what can I say?"

From Stacey:
He was doing a reading from 'ACO' and I went to see it. Afterwards we got to go to a buffet with him and it was hard to get to talk to him because all these theater people were hogging him up.  Anyway I got up the nerve to ask him to sign my copy of 'ACO' and asked him if he planned to do a autobiography in the near future.   He said he would have to think about that one.  He was alone as Kelly didn't come on the trip.  He had to leave early the next day to catch a flight out to Vancouver as he was still working on 'Mr. Magoo'. While he was signing my book he asked me to hold his glass of orange juice and of course I kept it. The glass is safely put away with the autograph. My friend always teases me about stealing the glass.

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