Brain Aldiss author of A.I. (2001)
"(Kubrick) never said farewell: simply turned his back on me and lit a cigarette. I was hurt and angry at the time, feeling the loss of a friendship. Jan Harlan's documentary shows that Malcolm McDowell, star of A Clockwork Orange, felt the same way. But Stanley knew no need for ordinary courtesies: geniuses are not ordinary men."

Bob Berney, Picturehouse Films president (2006)
"I remember my parents saying stuff like this, and I ignored it. They wouldn't let me see 'A Clockwork Orange,' and I went 25 times."

Peter Boyle on Ewan's role in  Trainspotting (1997)
"We wanted somebody who had the quality Michael Caine's got in Alfie and Malcolm McDowell's got in A Clockwork Orange. You have a character who is actually repulsive, and yet there's a charm there that makes you feel deeply ambiguous about what he's doing. You're drawn to him."

Daniel Day-Lewis
"While I was at Sevenoaks School in Kent, and hating it, that I had a moment of revelation. One night they showed the film if...., starring Malcolm McDowell, and it was about many things but it had a riot in a public school and I just thought: Yes!" 4/3/06

Newsweek: Was there a movie you saw when you were young that made you say, "This is what I've got to do with my life"? Daniel, I read that you mentioned seeing the movie "If… ," about a rebellion at a British boarding school, with Malcolm McDowell.

Certainly that was a very important moment, but not just because of Malcolm in that film. It was partly because I was at a boarding school at the time, and if I could have got away with setting fire to the place, I would have done it. And he created a banner around which all the outcasts rallied, and so that film was a big influence. 1/08

Hugh Hudson (2001)
"You look into his eyes, and you see a hint of wildness, a provocative come-on, and so it's natural to cast him in those roles. But he merits better than a lot of the movies he gets."

Nicholas Meyer, Time after Time director (2001)
"I was a fan of Malcolm's from 'if....' and 'O Lucky Man,'. When I suggested him to Warners, they resisted at first. They said, 'But he's the baddie.' And I said, 'He can't always be the baddie. That's why it's called acting.' "

Gary Oldman cinecon.com (6/14/05)
Q: What made you want to become an actor? 
GO: Malcolm McDowell. I saw him on the TV one night and I just went "that's what I want to do. I want to be doing that." And that's it.

Alexander Siddig (2005)
He talked about his upcoming film "Syriana" and his desire to work with his uncle Malcolm McDowell.

Unknown fan (2005)
"This was at the Ojai Film Festival. Not too much to tell, really. A pitbull tried to eat my backpack while I was walking down the street and Malcolm McDowell made him quit."

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