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The All-New Tale of Robin Hood's Heroic Daughter.

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Character Actor
Sheriff of Nottingham Malcolm McDowell
Gwyn Keira Knightley
Philip Stephen Moyer
Prince John Jonathan Hyde
Robin Hood Stuart Wilson
Froderick Del Synnott
Conrad Adam Ryan
Will Scarlett Crispin Letts
Friar Tuck Roger Ashton-Griffith
Cardaggian avid Barrass
Archbishop Peter Cellier
Countess Tourtelot Gaye Brown
Herald Dick Ward
Tourtelot's Courier Luke De Lacey
Baron Christopher Whittingham
Mary Duff Gillie Gratham
Stranger Nicholas Murchie
Captain Peter McQueen
McCamley Jonathan Pembroke
Merchant Andrew Dunford
Volunteer Peasant Robert Rawles
Servant Paul Ready
Coachman Brendon Gregory

Directed by Peter Hewitt


VHS - NTSC (Regular + Emmy Screener) / DVD R1

DVD Features

  1. Opening Titles / A Tale Kept Secret

  2. White Birds

  3. A Test of Loyalty

  4. No Place for a Girl

  5. Prince Philip

  6. Not Among Friends

  7. Wish for a Thief, You'll Get One

  8. Her Dearest Friend

  9. "We've Got our Prize"

  10. Loyal Companions

  11. Where's Philip?

  12. Robin O' Locksley

  13. Archery Tournament

  14. The Sheriff's Banquet

  15. Hostage

  16. Escape

  17. Breakfast in the Rack Room

  18. Prince Philip is Alive!

  19. True Identity

  20. Betrayal

  21. Justice

  22. Prince John's Coronation

  23. From this Day Forward

  24. End Credits

DVD Review

    This DVD has two extras which is better than most of Malcolm's movies. The featurette is cool, but it is less than 8 and a half minutes long!? You know they have to have mabye hours of footage, so why not show it? Nine minutes worth is such a waste. Make it 45 to 60 minutes, really get into the behind the scenes aspects of the film. The featurette does have some clips of Malcolm. He tells how it was like a family on the shoot because there were so few English speaking crew members. He also asks why he was the only one in the film to have curly hair.
    The only other thing is the commentary by the director, Peter Hewitt. It was not the best commentary as there were times when almost 5 minutes would go by without him saying anything. Of course it would have been great to have Malcolm, Keira and maybe Stuart Wilson there. This would've filled in those times and added so many more points of view. He did a decent job of explaining things, but it could've been a bit better. He said he was so thrilled that the "superstar" Malcolm agreed to play the Sheriff and was very happy with his performance and what he brought to the film. One of the best stories was how when they finally got their chairs which they sit on when they aren't filming that there was a problem. As we know too well, Malcolm's last name was spelled wrong and the Romanians were so embarrassed that the took the chair away and quickly repainted it. They joked that Malcolm would sit on the paint and his name would be backwards on his costume. Another story was that after Malcolm read the script he said he would only due the film if he DIDN'T have ride a horse. Peter said no problem and that had him on a horse for one scene anyway and was surprised to see he rode like a pro. It is the first scene where we she the Sheriff on the horse riding in, other scenes aren't him. When talking about the duel between Robin Hood and the Sheriff he said how Stuart was such a method actor. He would train and practice and then Malcolm would just pick up the sword and say "C'mon let's do it!" and just go at it and be so good at it.
    The only other thing missing was a widescreen presentation of the film. A bonus for Disney fans is there are 8 trailers for upcoming Disney discs that aren't mentioned on the package.
    If you have a DVD-ROM you can get a special Disney viewer with choice of skins and access to the www.disneydvd.com website.

Sound 8
Picture 7
Extras 5

Overall 6


Pictures + Making of Sounds


DVD Front
DVD Back

Making of pictures and sounds
Adventure Behind the Adventure Title

Sheriff by firelight
Picture shown when Peter mentions Malcolm as the Sheriff.

Malcolm Behind the Scenes in a castle set

"Welcome to downtown Romania and here we are making Princess of Thieves and boy are we having fun!"

Malcolm in the make-up chair
Malcolm in director's style chair

"One big happy family and listen, ha... when you are out in a foreign country you get to know each other very well, very fast."

Malcolm standing with Jonathan

"How come I'm the only one with curls... like Maggie Thatcher? Is there any reason for that?"

Malcolm is fed up with the food

"We've had it up to here!"

Studio Shots

Sheriff w/Logo
Small Sheriff

Sheriff holding a longbow

Summary - Official Mini

    Sherwood Forest has a courageous new hero - Gwyn, the daughter of Robin Hood - in this thrilling new adventure packed with swashbuckling fun for the whole family. Possessing the cunning skills of her legendary father and the beauty and intelligence of her mother Marion, Gwyn (Keira Knightley, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace) is anxious to follow in Robin Hood's footsteps. But he'd rather see her remain safely behind under the watchful eye of Friar Tuck and her best friend Froderick. As King Richard nears death, Robin Hood and his Merry Men are summoned to help bring Richard's son Prince Philip to his rightful place on the throne before the evil Prince John can assume  power. But when Robin Hood is captured by the Sheriff of Nottingham (Malcolm McDowell, My Life so Far) and sentences to death, his life and the future of England lie in Gwyn's inexperienced hands.

Summary - Full

    A messenger rides to an English castle in 1182 to deliver a message to the owner. The owner  is the Sheriff of Nottingham and is informed by his lackeys that Robin Hood has just had a child. He says to put a bounty out on him equal to the bounty on Robin Hood. Him? He is told that it is a daughter. The bounty talk is then dropped and they all have a good laugh.
      Gwyn, Robin Hood's daughter, is shown growing up alone in one quick scene ending with her becoming 18. She is then seen doing common chores link mending clothes, milking cows and playing around with best friend Froderick who is studying to be a priest. Her mother has died and she has been raised by Friar Tuck.
    Word comes that Robin Hood will finally returned after being away for 5 years. King Richard III is dying and the throne is up for grabs between Prince John, his corrupt brother and his good son Prince Philip. Prince John has come to Nottingham himself to test the Sheriff's loyalty and he passes. Philip is coming to England from France to take the throne and John wants to know who would be protecting him. The Sheriff tells him Robin Hood, but not to worry because he is in Jerusalem and John tells him that is wrong, he is in fact back in Nottingham.  The Sheriff tells John that isn't a problem and will fulfill John's orders to have Philip killed. He will be able to recognize him by his ring.
      Robin Hood is off to protect Philip, not even staying a day. Gwyn wants to go. Of course he won't stand for it. He says he will be right back. She tells him that is what he always says. He tells her she can go next time and she has heard that lie before. She has a plan to help watch their backs. Will Scarlett is also there and he says she is clever like her father and like her mother in every other way. Robin will not be swayed. She storms off telling him how good she is with a bow and that he doesn't even know her at all. Robin leaves and in the most unrealistic part of the film, Gwyn cuts her hair, gets clothes from Froderick, and goes off pretending to be a boy. 
      They have a head start on her, but she knows where they are going. She hasn't spotted them, but sees a man falsely accusing a child of stealing pies. She tries to get him to stop, but he won't She then tells him, "wish for a thief and you'll get one."  She grabs the pies and guards chase her causing a major disruption in a market. She runs in Froderick who has followed her and takes his horse and gives the pies to the children - stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, like her father. She goes off into the woods splitting up with Froderick. She is soon outnumbered , but before she is captured a man on a horse grabs her. 
    Needless to say it is her father he is extremely mad at her. When she tells him what she did, Will is happy because her diversion helped out on their mission. Meanwhile Froderick is captured and taken prisoner. Robin tells her to stay put until they come back for her, but she wants to save Froderick. Robin is still angry and won't listen until Will reminds him that he is her best friend and Robin would never leave him hanging.   
    The Sheriff wants to use Froderick to capture Robin Hood and Will. They chain him up in the dungeon, but he proclaims his innocence. He knows nothing of the prince and was just on his way to the archery tournament. The jailor wants to torture him, but the Sheriff say to just let him go and follow him. 
   Philip is in a horse and carriage being transported to England with Countess Tourtelot and her servant, but has to stop and get out. He can't stand the trip and doesn't want to rule anyway. He doesn't like the public or political life. He best friend Conrad tries to convince him otherwise. When they stop that night Conrad overhears that the Countess has sold Philip out to be killed. Conrad grabs Philip and tells them they have to be on their way fast.  They escape and make it to England by boat. To play it safe, when they arrive Conrad switch places with Philip in case they are attacked. They arrive in the same village as Gwyn to meet their contact, Robin Hood. But it isn't Robin, it is the Sheriff's man. He lures them out in the open and before Philip can put the ring back on, Conrad is shot in the back with an arrow. Philip jumps on a horse and rides away. They let him go, since they believe they have their prize. 
    Gwyn sees Philip's horse and tries to steal it, but Philip is wise to her. Once he finds out she is a girl he then lets her have the horse. She is upset that because she is a girl she will just give it to him, thinking her weak. Philip says they can share the horse, since he is going to Sherwood, it'll work out. She says it would be bad for him since she is wanted in 5 counties and he tells her he is wanted in all of England. Once he proclaims his loyalty to Richard III she agrees.  Philip says he is Conrad and the prince is dead. 
    The body of the prince is brought to John and he clears everyone out and pretends to mourn. But when the countess comes over she tells him that it isn't Philip since John has never seen him because he has lived in France the whole time. He goes down to the dungeon to find out where Philip is, but Will and Robin won't tell him. They mock him instead and Philip decides to torture it out of them.
     Philip just wants to go back to France. He doesn't want to be king and he doesn't care what anyone thinks. Gwyn just wants to rescue her father. When Philip finds wants to get Robin Hood because he believes Robin is the killer. Gywn is flabbergasted and assures him this isn't the case because he is her father. Now he isn't so sure.
    When the arrive at the next down a man hands her a leaflet for the archery tournament since she is in archer's gear. She is very eager to enter when she finds out the grand prize a banquet is dinner with the Sheriff in his castle since she believes that is where her father is. They immediately go off to sign up. Philip say Gwyn is her brother, Wilfred of Lancaster, since girls can't get in. Meanwhile John screams at the killer who killed Conrad instead of Philip.
    The Sheriff rides in on his horse to judge the archery contest and his aide informs him of the death of Philip. The contest starts where everyone takes a lane and shoots at the target, a shot in the red center area keeps you in the game. Gwyn looks at the Sheriff with hatred and proclaims him a phony. Every round the targets at moved back further and further until Gwyn hesitates and misses a shot at 75 paces. The Sheriff  is bored and has had enough. He commands the target back to 100 paces and decides that whomever can get closest to  his shot wins. Gwyn is out of the contest, but Philip tells the Sheriff she will take his place and when someone complains he mocks him at behind afraid of one so young. The Sheriff's shot hits dead center and many come close, but Gwyn's shot splits his in two.
    They attend the banquet and Philip pigs out, bug Gwyn can't eat, she is to eager to sneak way to rescue her father. Philip tells her better to be captured on an empty stomach, but then he recognizes a man who walks in as the killer who pretended to be Robin Hood. They quickly sneak off.
      The Sheriff takes 20 of his best men and sets off after them. Gwyn and Philip quickly ditch their horse and hide, but are captured. Lucky for them it is Friar Tuck, Froderick and all their followers who have been hoping to free Robin Hood. Gwyn explains who Philip is an all begin to lose hope now that Philip is dead. Philip doesn't really care, since he didn't want that life anyway.
    Once Philip sees the refugee camp and hears the horrors that John has inflicted on his people he starts to change his mind a bit. Now he knows that going back to France means turning his back on these people, but he still doesn't think he is the man for the job anyway. He asks Froderick about his sister Gwyn, but he tells her they aren't sisters and instead tells him they are engaged to keep him away from her.
    Somehow during all this the Sheriff is captured, but his men escape. He is tied to a tree and questioned by Gwyn who learns that her father is in the Tower of London and will be dead by dawn. Froderick has watch of the Sheriff at night and the Sheriff asks for some water and when he gives it, slams it back in his face and knocks him out. The Sheriff takes his knife and cuts away the ropes and escapes without anyone knowing it.
    The next day Gwyn finds the Sheriff is gone and is enraged that Froderick slept on his watch. He explains how he was tricked, but she doesn't care. She wants to go off to London herself to rescue Robin, but Philip sways everyone to join him in going to London.
    Richard has dies and Robin is being tortured on the rack. Soon John will take the throne. Meanwhile the Sheriff gears up his men to hunt down Philip. A servant overhears this and starts spreading the word that Philip is alive. Soon all the villagers hear this.
     Once Frederick reveals to Gwyn he loves her and lied to Philip about them being engaged, Gwyn and Philip are ready to profess their love for each other make out. The word that Philip is alive has spread to their group. Froderick says that means Conrad is a traitor, but Gewn insists that it is a pipe dream and Conrad wouldn't have lied. This forces Philip to reveal that in fact he did lie to protect Philip, but now he has learned the error of his ways and has seen John's treachery first hand. He pulls the Kings' ring out of his pocket and all fall down to him even Gwyn. But Philip picks up Gwyn to put her at his side and promises her John will not be king and they will save her father.
    Early the next morning they set off for London, but a traitor in their group sells them out to the Sheriff. The trap is set and the group is attacked, but the traitor doesn't live to tell about it. They are split up and Philip is now all alone. The retreat is called, but it is a ruse so the Sheriff himself can fire the killing arrow at Philip, but Froderick and Gwyn see this and Froderick jumps in the way and takes the arrow in the chest, but doesn't die. 
      Everyone now rides to London. Gwyn and Philip open up the gate where Friar Tuck and his men are waiting. Then the pair free Robin Hood who leads the charge against the Sheriff's men. Meanwhile Prince John's coronation is under way and he will be crowned king in a matter of minutes. Gwyn and Philip go off to stop the ceremony while Robin stays to stop the Sheriff. Soon Robin and the Sheriff are sword fighting and the Sheriff wins. Robin jumps away to freedom, but the Sheriff's assassin catches Robin and holds him so the Sheriff can shoot him with an arrow at 50 paces. The Sheriff is only too happy to oblige and shoots the arrow at him, but i doesn't make it. Robin Hood is freed and the Sheriff faces him in a duel, beating him. An arrow shoots the Sheriff's arrow right out of the air, of course it was Gwyn who had returned. The Sheriff turns to shoot her, but stops when he sees that all his men have been defeated.
    Philip breaks in to stop the ceremony, but it is too late. John has been crowned. Once the people hear that it is Philip and John's forces have been defeated, then it doesn't matter. John tries to order Philip killed, but no one will listen. Gwyn comes in and takes the crown giving it to Philip.
    The next day Gwyn is all dressed up for Philip's ceremony and Philip wants her at his side, but she feels she is a commoner and won't have it. He says that the King should be able to have whatever he wants, but she wants to be with her father. Philip tells her he has given Froderick the post of ambassador to Spain and she promises to serve him faithfully for the rest of his life. He leaves and she goes off to the stables. Robin finds her there and tells her he stayed away for all those years because though his life was good for him, it wasn't what he wanted for her. It didn't matter anyway and now he considers them equals. Since she won't go off with Philip he wants them to become partners.
    They attend the ceremony where Philip rides down the street and he smiles at Gwyn as she watches. Gwyn's mother, Marion, narrates and explains that Philip wasn't well known in history and never married while he was king. Then Robin, Gwyn and his band ride off into the sunset, she turns back to the castle and laughs. The End

My Review

    When you get Malcolm in the first minute of the movie, that is a good sign! The first word spoken in the film is by him "WHAT!?" and you know that voice. All in all it is what you expect, but a little better. The whole Gwyn as a boy thing was insane. She is a total girl, there is nothing boyish about her. She doesn't dirty her face, hide her head - nothing. No one alive would EVER mistake her for a boy - she has perfect lips and eyebrows - a total joke. Since it takes place in 1200 AD no one would think a girl would dress as a boy so they don't question it. The action was watered down, the effects on the cheesy side and the story totally predictable. There is really nothing original during the whole story and most of the characters are not much more than two dimensional.  During the big battle no one is stabbed or shot at all - very weak, even for Disney. Gwyn is way too feisty and uppity for a girl from that time which also makes it quite unbelievable.
    Malcolm, while having the main villain role, isn't seen on screen much. It isn't even explained what happened to him! The shooting contest was great with Malcolm as the pro who was really bored with the whole thing.  Though Malcolm doesn't like horses, he really rode like a pro in his one scene. He had some of the best lines and it was different to see him shooting a bow an arrow. The scene where he was captured was so stupid because all of a sudden they have him tied to a tree, but no one else. How could they just capture him and why wouldn't his guards come after him? All when the Sheriff is supposed to shoot Philip during the battle it doesn't make sense. He stops the battle which he was winning just to shoot him! Then he only shoots once? Why not shoot again since he has an open target?? Very weak. One of his best scenes is when he has the traitor shot and takes the money back, classic Malcolm. I was glad to see he was a strong character and not a dope. He actually beats Robin in the duel, even though he escapes. They never explain what happened to the Sheriff, so we can hope he'll be around again in a possible sequel.
    Overall it was an enjoyable film even though it wasn't groundbreaking. Malcolm looked wicked in his evil black attire on horseback and firing a bow. It was a great role for him as well, much better than last years crap like St. Patrick, Southern Cross, Cyborg 3 or any of those bad B movies. He certainly seemed to enjoy himself and the long sandy brown hair is a very different look for him that worked. It's weird to see him without the white hair. i recommend it to everyone just for him since everything else is sort of bland. Keira looks very good for someone who was only 15 at the time and while she did a good job, she alone wasn't worth watching the film. Without Malcolm in it you would turn it off pretty quick.

Rating: 6/10

Malcolm's Dialogue + Screenshots

Since the Sheriff doesn't have many lines I transcribed them all with a note about the scene above each section and a screenshot for each.

Sheriff by firelight

Robin Hood becoming a father and the bounty for his child:
Equal to the price set on his fathers'.
Not a son? Are you quite certain?
Hahahahahaha! A girl! Hahaha!

Toasting King John

The news of Richard's imminent death:
Ah, Richard the Lionheart has died, crossbow to the neck, it's doubtful he survived the journey home in fact he may be gone this very hour. Here's to King John. An illegitimate son who no one has ever seen. Philip will stay in France. I bid thee welcome.

On hunting down Philip:
Now. Yes, your highness. So it will be done. No doubt.
Robin Hood is in Jerusalem. Don't worry about Robin Hood, I'll take care of him...you have my word.

Checking the weather in the courtyard

The search for Philip:
Patrol the surrounding fields and woods. For all we know Philip may already be here in hiding. Any sign of Loxley? He doesn't travel on main roads captain! He flies...like one of his arrows.

Thinking up the plan

The capture of Froderick:
The boy out there, what does he say? No. Release him, then have him followed.

On horseback

Arrival for the tournament:
What's happening in the market. Ah, yes I've forgotten. Any other news? Unfortunately the climate didn't agree with him...he died.

Bored watching the tournament

Make it 100 paces. 100 paces. The man nearest my arrow takes the prize. C'mon boys, move it along, take your best shot. 

Aiming the arrow

No excuses. Are you afraid the little one will better you? He doesn't even have his whiskers. He's not from around here, is he? His style...with the bow, does it remind you of anyone?

Conferring with the assassin

Taking charge of the hunt:
Take 20 bowman on horseback, have them ready to search. We ride at once...this time the boy dies.

Tied to a tree

Answering Gwyn's question:
What? Not for very long. No one lasts very long in the tower dungeon.

Tricking Froderick:
Boy. Some water, some water.

Off to the showdown with Philip:
Send the messenger ahead of us, they must double the guard at the tower. Ha, you didn't see this mouse. Spitting image of her father, his skills, his blatant disrespect for the law. I should've slaughtered her in her crib, oh she'll known fear and death. I'll teach her both, but first, Philip must die. Long live King John...to London.

Talking to the traitor
Firing the arrow at Philip

The ambush:
No, which one is he? Out of my sight you filthy wretch. And you didn't say thank you. Go on. Argh, come on.

Holding a sword at Robin's throat

Dueling with Robin:
Well, well, I never thought you'd survive the crusades. Oh, no...your sword is just beyond your reach. Not long enough!

Locking swords with Robin against the wall

Isn't it time you retired to the country? Fine idea! And a fitting end for Robin Hood.

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