Pig Iron Johnny (1965)

If you have seen the show, have any info on it or a video copy please contact me.
Malcolm's first TV role.

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Character Actor
Son Malcolm McDowell
Father Eric Porter


"I got a small part on a TV show, and from that I was auditioned by a producer for an hour-long TV play called Pig Iron Johnny. He didn't want me at first, told me about the big-name actor he could get, how he was taller than I was - I'm five eight and a half - but I said, 'That's nothing, I can stand on a box.' Finally I got it. That was my break. Eric Porter, a marvelous actor, played my father; it was one of those situations where I grow up admiring my old man only to realize later that he's a con man, a fraud. It was a sensational chance." - Malcolm in Seventeen Magazine 7/69

"Now that was a very good piece. That was on ATV, I don't know if that is available. That was my first sort of big starring role on television, when I was literally playing 6 lines at Stratford on Avon. I got this incredible part with Eric Porter playing my father who was this big unionist and I was his son that rebelled. It was a fantastic part, then I got Dixon of Dock Green which Miriam Brickman saw and brought me in for Poor Cow and for if.... That's how I got if..." - Malcolm from my interview with him 8/11/07

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