Malcolm McDowell was at guest at the Concours d'Elegance on 8/18/02. It is a famous antique car show and golf tournament. He is a big fan of both.

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    Well, I'm here obviously for this weekend. We come up every year. We go to the corso on Friday and see all those Ferraris, but after a while you get really bored looking at all those red Ferraris. Of course the jewel in the crown is the Concours d'Elegance here at Pebble Beach. Now I'm a golfer so this is sacrilege being here at the 18th fairway (sitting in a car). I've noticed the only car in the rough is an Astin Martin Le Mans. Now there must be something in that, but I don't quite know what it is. It's one of the greatest places in America or the world isn't it? It's one of the great golf courses and it's one of the greatest car shows. Although I'm more of a purist myself. Being English we like to see cars that are original condition, but this car, this gorgeous Alvez, really doesn't come much better than this. It is one of the most beautiful cars here. I had a 1963 that was different from this and much rarer than the one I had. It's still a very beautiful car and sort of the poor mans' Astin Martin. It had a nice 3.0 liter engine, it was a grand touring car. The idea was you'd speed off to Cannes for a long two week holiday. It certainly wasn't a weekend job not in that car. It would toot along at 100 miles an hour quite happily. Very nice car, beautiful shape. Designed by that Swiss designer, I can't remember his name. Very lovely car actually. I own four classic cars. What do I have? I have all the cars that as a child were my dream cars. I have a 1954 XK120SS, an E-tpye, a Morgan Super Sports and an Austin Healy 100M. We go back to when we young and couldn't afford these things. Now that we are long in the tooth and we have the spare cash, I'd rather put the money into a beautiful piece of art than into the stock exchange. I'm sure you would agree with me right now. I think that it's so much fun and part of the whole history of the human race isn't it - the motor car! My god it made such a difference especially in this country which is so vast. When you have works of art like this, they are works of art literally, it is as good as a painting or a sculpture and I think a lot of people agree. I personally don't get into all this Ferrari nonsense, ten million dollar cars and all that.  Something like this you can find reasonably priced, probably not this one, there's the owner. This is affordable and still very beautiful and they work and really drive well. I think it is great to find an old car and restore it because then you are preserving it and passing it on to your son, or your kids, or whatever or you sell it. Then someone else gets it. It's like restoring an old house for posterity and that is important. I find that to go into a car showroom and put down $250,000 dollars on a new Astin Martin you have to be sort of soft in the head to do that. And yet because I am told that if you put it into a pension account it'll be worth three million by the time you retire. I'm put off and I have to think about these things. I would certainly pay 100 probably for an Astin Martin and you can get one that is a few years old and perfectly good. Astin Martin owners don't go out and tear up the freeway, so it is probably going to be a good bet. Well, hey you can probably go for a ride in this. We can zip up and down the 18th fairway. Thank you.


Malcolm sitting in a rare British Alvez #1
Malcolm sitting in a rare British Alvez #2 where you can see the interview.
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