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March 15th, 2004
Veteran Actor / Producer Malcolm McDowell and Entertainment Producer Bob Johnston form OPUS International Pictures with Initial $100 Million Dollar 6 Picture Slate

Veteran Actor / Producer Malcolm McDowell ("A Clockwork Orange", "The Company", the upcoming "Bobby Jones Story" and "Evilenko") joins forces with producer Bob Johnston ("Around The World In 80 Days", "Double Jeopardy", "Alien Resurrection"), Producer / Writer Genie Williams ("Mad TV") and Producer / Actor Tim Ware ("Monster", "In The Heat of The Night") to form OPUS International Pictures. The newly formed programming and production entity created to develop and produce engaging family entertainment with international appeal will launch with an initial $100 million dollar, six-picture slate. OPUS International is based in Los Angeles, with existing satellite offices and staff in Berlin, Germany; Madrid, Spain; Alicante, Spain; London, England; New York, New York. Opus International will focus on projects for a world-wide audience in existing and emerging markets via theatrical, television, video-on-demand, Internet, closed circuit hi-definition satellite distribution and direct to retailer DVD formats. Current projects fall into the genres of historical, family drama, political thrillers, comedy and animation. The Initial 6-film slate is scheduled for 2004-2005 production in Los Angeles, California; Austin, Texas; Taos, New Mexico; Berlin, Germany; Vienna, Austria; London, U.K.; Alicante, Spain; Capetown, South Africa and Toronto, Canada. Opus will extend the experiences of its principal partners in Film, Television and Live Entertainment Programming to produce content for all markets.


Appointment in Vienna
Start: July 28, 2004
Germany, Austria, Croatia, Toronto, Spain
Budget: 8-10 Million
Writer/Director: Rod Barkley
Producers: Bob Johnston, Genie Williams, Chris Pilliczar

A beautiful human rights activist recruits an American reporter to help her free a political prisoner in Eastern Europe.

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