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(Someone needs to figure out the 40th anniversary isn't until Dec 19, 2011 - ed)
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A Clockwork Orange 40th Anniversary Screening with Malcolm McDowell Friday 8/6/10 Murray Theater 4959 S. State 801-654-6678 
Category: A&E Essentials Picks The controversial 1971 film-based on the novel by Anthony Burgess and starring McDowell as the antisocial Alex-earned a reputation for glorifying violence and sex, and, of course, caused an uproar among God-fearing folks. Its original version received the MPAA's X rating until Kubrick edited out 30 seconds of sex. As most ACO-philes know, the unedited version is the one available on DVD and shown at screenings. Interesting then, that four decades later-although the film remains unsettling even in these days of torture porn and Disney pop stars, and with lead droog McDowell showing up for the occasion-that probably no one will show up to protest. Is it because, after all this time, the message-what constitutes "good" and "evil," and is it morally proper to force a man into changing his inherent leanings-finally sank in? Or have we all become desensitized? These are surely good questions to put to Mr. McDowell if he deigns to entertain an audience Q&A. Then again, instead of analyzing the film, maybe it's better to get drooged-up, don your eyeliner and sneak Milk Chugs into the film and just dig the ultraviolence…


A bit of the old ultra-violence will be descending on the Murray Theatre next month.
A 40th-anniversary screening of "A Clockwork Orange," Stanley Kubrick's still-controversial 1971 adaptation of Anthony Burgess' novel, is set for Aug. 6 at the Murray Theatre, 4959 S. State St., Murray. The big news -- and the reason for the $40 ticket price -- is that the movie's star, Malcolm McDowell, will be there in person to introduce the film. McDowell played Alex DeLarge, a teen delinquent in a dystopian Britain, leading his bowler-wearing group of thugs -- the Droogs -- in random acts of "the old ultra-violence." Then Alex is sent to prison, where the "aversion therapy" designed to end his violent tendencies ends in even more horrific results. Tickets for the event, which includes an afterparty (presumably at a milk bar), are available at 24Tix.


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