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PC - MS-DOS / PC - Win 95/98
Mummy/Frankenstein 2 pack


I interviewed Victoria who worked on the costumes for The Mummy.

How did you become involved with the game?

I worked as a freelance stylist in San Francisco doing mostly commercials, music videos, and a film here and there. I had helped Amazing Media on their first video game involving an actor, Frankenstein with Tim Curry. Previously they only did animated things. 

Did you have to create the costumes?

We rented the costumes from Stagecraft in Berkeley and the sets were digitally inserted after the fact. The props were real, I rented them as well. When it was time for the second game with Malcolm I think Tim spoiled them with his legendary politeness. So when they got Malcolm's rider requesting a trailer and a place for his dog, they freaked and delegated him to me. He was perfectly fine with our office vs. trailer situation and he spent most of his down time in the wardrobe makeup area. 

What is a rider?

A rider is just a thing that most actors add to their contracts with specific requests that we need to know ahead of time...sometimes they are extensive and very picky...there is a famous one for Van Halen who didn't want certain colors of M&M's.  Usually it's if there is a dietary request or something they just don't want to leave to chance.

It is funny how many people are scared of him, but in person he is one of the most generous people I have ever met.

Yes. I think it's really funny how he is perceived by most. I just met some other folks in the same car club who live here and we were saying the same thing. I learned a long time ago that especially where celebrities are concerned, they often surprise you with who's naughty and who's nice. I have discovered from experience if you act normal, they usually do as well.

What did you talk about on the set?

We talked mostly about Cambria as he is in the Morgan car club and they have an annual meeting here. 

How long was the shoot?

We only shot the live actors two days total and all of the rest was done in their facilities long after I was done and I have no clue how long it took but I seem to recall it was at least a month or two.

Did you ever work with him again?

I quit the business shortly after this (unrelated) and moved to Cambria where I now run a really fun private B&B called Victoria's Last ReSort. I always thought I'd run into him here and I know where they stay, but I don't think they have been here lately. He seems busy lately with films or a series, but this town is so small I'm sure I'll hear if he shows up. 

Any souvenirs or pictures from the set?

I have no souvenirs. I always thought it wasn't cool to appear too impressed so I didn't get I so wish I had. Maybe he'll stay at my B&B sometime and I'll have more stories.

Any final thoughts about Malcolm?

All in all, he's a very funny, witty Englishman. I think he kind of likes that people are intimidated by him, it keeps them at a distance, but if you're normal he's a gem. That's my story. 


The game itself sucks. It is horrible to play and very repetitive. Malcolm is cool in it though. He pops up every now and then to give you a hard time. My favorite part is in the beginning when he takes you into the office and tells you the deal and then says to leave. He goes back to work and you can keep bothering him and eventually he says something like "Cut the shit and get the hell out before I throw you out." Classic!

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