Moon 44 (1990)

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AKA The Intruder. In the Outer Zone... you need a friend.

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Character Actor
Major Lee Malcolm McDowell
Felix Stone Michael Paré
Terry Morgan Lisa Eichhorn
Tyler Dean Devlin
Jake O'Neal Brian Thompson
Cookie Stephen Geoffreys
Master Sergeant Sykes Leon Rippy
Scooter Bailey Jochen Nickel
Marc, Navigator Mehmet Yilmaz
Moose Haggerty John March
Riffle Drew Lucas
Lt. Gallagher David Williamson
Captain Stojanovik Calvin Burke
Guard Checkpoint Andy Howarth
Pilot Taxi-Crane William Begatie
Pilot Taxi-Crane Bernhard Bolden
Pilot Taxi-Crane Michael Antoniou
Sergeant #1 Bernhard Nickel
Sergeant #2 Thomas Nickel
Fritz Frederic Mills
Lloyd Lloyd Fields
Cook James Herdig
Security Guard Ingo Eberle
Navigator Christian Krumm
Navigator Mark Feindt 
Navigator Friedrich Grub
Navigator Jason Seizer
Navigator Marcus Schmid
Navigator Andreas Gabriel 
Navigator Rainer Fingerle
Navigator Andreas Cordes
Navigator Branko Alagic
Navigator Alexander Kruemmel
Navigator Caban Chastas
Navigator Memis Batmaz
Navigator Patrick Engel
Navigator Valentin Kirsch 
Navigator Jens Scherer
Pilot Paul Buksbaum
Pilot Lars Halberg
Pilot Axel Spahr
Pilot Patrick Leader
Pilot Anthony Helfer
Pilot Richard Strunz
Pilot Bobby Patol 
Pilot Martin Hering
Technician David Schwab
Technician Milton Jones
Technician Gustav Joo
Technician Hiram Krumm
Technician Marco Brunsch
Chairman Hall Roscoe Lee Browne
Executive Renée Estevez
General Stevens Alec Murdock

Directed by Roland Emmerich
Written by Dean Heyde & Roland Emmerich




" I thought that he was extremely talented, very talented, Emmerich is fantastic technically, sort of right up there. I just never understood why he never asked me to be in one of the later ones where he could have paid me a decent salary! And I was a little offended by that because I thought well, Jesus, you know I did this one where he was a total unknown and that's how you get repaid in this business. Because I think I must have reminded him of his early years, but I think you should embrace the early years - you can't start at the top." - Malcolm to 213 - 9/3/08

"That's the name of that one! Thank you. I couldn't remember it's name. That's a real science fiction film, very interesting and probably a failure. It was Roland Emmerich's big break. He's an extraordinary director, no question about it. He just did 'Stargate' and I'm rather shocked, actually, that he didn't ask me to play a part in that. I always thought he was going places. The only thing I didn't like about 'Moon 44' was that it didn't have a great script. But all the model shots Roland did were extraordinary. He did that film for just $3 million, which was amazing to me." - Malcolm in Starlog 4/95

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