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A world at war, a beautiful spy and the deadliest gamble of all

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Character Actor
Christopher Quinn Malcolm McDowell
Katrina Petrovna Joan Collins
Harry Price George Hamilton
Maggie Egan Lisa Eilbacher
Evelyn McIntire Lauren Hutton
Bobby Morgan Robert Carradine
Properi Philip Madoc
Baldwin Leslie Phillips
Pabst Peter Vaughan
La Coste Henri Garcin
Schimmel Clément Harari
Gunther Rainer Hunold
Marcel Steve Kalfa
Graham David Quilter
Café Patron Jean-Paul Denizon
Lambert Patrick Godfrey
Louis Jean-Paul Solal
Katrina's Maid Claudine Berg
Gestapo Man Peter Bonke
Madame Tranchard Zannie Campan
Reporter #1 Alain Chevallier
Reporter #2 Steve Gadler
De Salis Jacques Ciron
Croupier Marc de Jonge
Michel Raoul Delfosse
Nurse Valérie Lumbroso
Jean Jacques Marin
Roadblock Policeman Michel Modo
Archie Hewitt Mark Payton
French Policeman André Penvern
Teddy Franks Stephen Petcher
Taxi Driver Eric Prat
Henri Jean-Marie Rivière
Sergeant Marc Samuel
Desk Clerk Philippe Sturbelle
Italian Commandant Pierre Vernier
Katrina's Husband Peter Holm

Directed by Anthony Page
Written by Peter Lefcourt, from the novel by Stephen Sheppard


1 VHS - Starmaker 1991, 3 VHS - Anchor Bay 1996, DVD R2 - 2003



Single VHS - Front
Single VHS - Back

Synopsis - Official

    Amid the brewing storm of World War II lies Monte Carlo - have for the rich, the glamorous...and the dangerous. Joan Collins stars as Katrina, a sensuous cabaret singer. But beneath the silken voice lies a dangerous double life. George Hamilton is Harry Price, an American writer. What he finds in Monte Carlo will be inspiration enough for a lifetime. Lauren Hutton is Evelyn McIntire. Her interest in Harry goes way beyond the merely literary. Together, they propel Monte Carlo into high-stakes romance and espionage, where dreams and fortunes are made and shattered and where the roll of the dice can mean the difference between life and death.

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