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Character Actor
Julian Hodge Malcolm McDowell
Adrian Monk Tony Shalhoub
Natalie Teeger Traylor Howard
Capt Leland Stottlemeyer Ted Levine
Lt. Randall Disher Jason Grey-Stanford
Julie Teeger Emmy Clarke
Gordo Scott Adsit
Maria Ortiz Anne Betancourt
Natasia Mini Anden
Pablo Ortiz Alejandro Chaban
Salesman Brian Palermo
Security Guard Joe Latimore
First Assistant Vivian Bang
Second Assistant Michael Silva
Mrs. Hammond Dale Waddington Horowitz
Photographer Steven Khan
Smoking Technician Wilson Cruz

Written by Jonathan Collier
Directed by Randy Zisk


Dec 30, 2005 - It's not enough that super-sleuth Monk is obsessive-compulsive, but he contracts amnesia in the launch of series four of USA's highly prized "Monk," making its appearance on Jan. 13. The memory-challenged Monk (Tony Shaloub) will wind up in a small town, the husband of a local eccentric, played by Laurie Metcalf from "Roseanne," in just one of his promised escapades. Look for high-octane guests this season like Malcolm McDowell, Jon Favreau, Glenne Headley and Jeffrey Donovan.


Julian from the commercial
Julian draws on a wall

Julian gets in Natalie's face


Synopsis - Official

Mr. Monk Goes to a Fashion Show - When Monk notices imperfections in his shirts, he seeks out the woman who inspects them. Monk learns that the woman's son is in jail for the murder of a fashion model. She knows her son isn't guilty, and Monk agrees to look into the case. Malcolm plays a successful fashion designer.

My Summary

    Monk goes to a clothing store and asks for Dennis, but is told he quit because of a regular customer who drove him crazy. Nat wonders who that could be and tells the clerk that Monk wants a shirt just like the one he's wearing. Monk is nervous since he only has 5 shirts left, what if something happens. The salesman says how about a different kind since he has one. Monk gets nervous and Nat tells him no. The clerk hands Monk a shirt and he checks the pocket and finds it was inspected by #6, he doesn't like him, he wants one inspected by #8. He finds him one and Monk is happy saying she's an artist. He's admired her work for years, everything is perfect with her. Nat says he doesn't know if #8 is a she and he says she has to be. Then he finds a hole and the sleeve is wrong. Nat says #8 could've had a bad day. Monk knows her, there must be something wrong #8.  He calls around for Dennis. At the factory we see #8 works, she's an old Mexican woman. She looks at an article in the paper about her son's conviction, holds up his picture and cries.
    At a crime scene a man has been murdered. The captain and Randall question the wife and Monk is there having a breakdown about #8. He tells Nat he loves her, something must be wrong with her. She tells him maybe #8 retired. The captain ask him what he thinks about the body, but he's not paying attention. The captain says they are both classical musicians, the wife was at the studio practicing cello and came home at 3:30pm and found him dead. Monk says she is lying, she can't practice cello with a long skirt like that. They agree and are glad he solved the case. He doesn't know or seem to care what they do, he wants to find his shirt lady. He only has 5 shirts left and is worried. He goes with Natalie to the shop and talks to #8 and finds out her name is Maria Ortiz. She knows him because she has his fan letter in a frame above her desk. It's the only fan letter he wrote. Monk sees a shirt on her desk that's bad and shows it to her. She tosses it. He knew she was upset about something. She cries and says it's not her, it's her son Pablo, his case was in the paper, but he is innocent. Natalie says Monk can help her. He's more worried about her shirts than her son. She prayed for help, but he doesn't agree to it. She breaks down and cries.
    Natalie and Monk go to the prison to see Pablo. He doesn't know how she talked him into this. It's a closed case, his blood and DNA were on the victim. Pablo comes out, he talked to his mom, knew Monk was coming, but how did he know his mom? Monk explains he's a big fan. Pablo says he didn't kill her, he was just the delivery boy who delivered clothes to a big fashion show and left. The next day they arrested him. Monk says his hair, blood, and DNA are all over the victim, how does he explain that? He doesn't know. Clea's roommate said he was obsessed with her and was a stalker. He shows him where it says it on the report. Pablo says he sees it. Monk says he lied, it doesn't say that, he can't read. Pablo admits he's only been in the US 3 years, he can speak English OK, but he can't read. Monk sees a picture of the body near an emergency exit. The killer didn't use the exit though, he went all around the place and out the kitchen, so someone must've seen him. He didn't go out the emergency exit because he didn't want the alarm to go off. It couldn't have been Pablo since he couldn't read the sign.
    Monk goes to Gordon the coroner. He did the case himself and asks if there's  new evidence. Monk says no, he just talked to the killer's mom. Gordon is retiring next week, he's 46, has been investing in real estate, is having a party next week and they are invited. The captain can't believe it and decides he needs an accountant. Monk looks at the shoes in evidence and says there's something wrong. Gordon says Pablo's DNA is all over it and DNA doesn't lie. The captain isn't interested anymore and he has 4 other cases. Monk wants to talk to the witness and it turns out she's a super model. Suddenly the captain and his Randall want to go with him.
    At the modeling studio there is a lot of pictures getting taken and Julian is giving orders. He says, "Tell them to take there clothes off" and he's mad at the green clothes they brought. He says the color has to flare like this and draws on the wall in green. His assistant says they just painted the wall. Julian asks the captain what he thinks and he says he likes it. Julian says you love it or hate it, nothing else matters. Julian thinks he's a mode l, but he is flustered about it and Julian likes his attitude. Julian is mad at Nat and says if you are here to rob me, bring a gun. She's wearing a knockoff of one of his blouses and she looks bad in it, that's the real crime. Nat says to Monk he did it. Monk says Julian isn't even a suspect. 
    Julian dismissed the first model and then says the next one is a knockout, heaven lost one of their angles. Monk says her eyebrows don't match and whispers to Julian. Julian sees what he means and sends her away. Julian smokes on a cigarello and doesn't understand why they are about Clea's murder. He explains she shouldn't have been a model, she was a drunk and almost ruined his last show by arriving 2 hours late, then she was killed by the delivery boy. He tells the new models it's a true story, so they better watch out. Julian says Natasia, the model they want to talk to is working, so don't arrest her until after the show. She's at the beach and he's going there, so they can follow him to the shoot.
    Nat arrives all dressed up in a tight black dress, trying to impress Julian and leaves her daughter Julie in the car to wait. Randall asks what she's doing as he's posing with one foot on a rock and Nat asks what he's doing. Julian arrives and his gay assistant is smoking and Julian tells him it's bothering him. He says you are smoking. He says yes, but his own smoke doesn't bother him. They talk to Natasia and Monk says a metaphor and she is clueless and Julian says it's from a book, those things you read. She agrees to talk while she's changing and all the men want to go, but she says only one at a time, so Monk gets to go. Nat is standing there posing and Julian asks, "are you is mourning?"
    Monk is all nervous to see the model changing, but she isn't shy. She admits she really didn't know Pablo. Monk says there was no evidence of stalking. She asks if he's accusing her of lying. He says no, just that no one else saw it. She says read the report again. Pablo brought her flowers and hit on her. He notices a mole on her shoulder and says she should add one to the other side to balance it out and she would be perfect, probably the best model ever. She looks at him with bewilderment.
    Julie comes walking over to the shoot because she was bored and says she'll be quiet and won't bother anyone. Julian sees Julie and likes her, he takes pictures of her and wants to see her walk. She asks why? He says because lightning may be striking, your life could be changing. She does and he takes pictures of her. He wants her to work for him. Nat says she is only 13. He wants her in his show on Thursday, she's perfect. Nat says she is too young, he says she's middle aged for modeling. He wants Nat to butt out, it's between her and her biological mother. Nat says she is her real mom.
    At dinner Julie is wearing makeup and Nat is mad. She wants to do the modeling show. Nat doesn't want her to, it's not a good life. She says she wants to try, if she doesn't like it she'll quit, she always taught her to try things, how else will she ever learn? Nat agrees, but says she'll be with her the whole time.
    Julian arrives at Natasia's house. He asks if she's surprised to see him. She isn't surprised at anything after today. She asks if the police found anything. He says nothing. She says he's not smoking. He explains he doesn't want to leave a scent that he was there. She says she didn't tell the police anything. He says she will, that's the problem. She's too pretty.
    Maria is praying the rosary at work over her sons' picture. Then we see Natasia is dead inside her house and Monk and company are at the crime scene. Monk draws the second mole on her back like he told her she should have. Gordon says it looks like and smells like suicide. She took 30 pills and 2 bottles of something. The captain wants to check if she has a prescription. Randall is dressed up like a model wearing sunglasses and the captain tells him to write that down. He says he'll remember because he doesn't have a notebook. He didn't want to mess up his shirt. Monk says Natasia is wearing lipstick, but there is no makeup on the glass, no lipstick. Someone wiped the glass clean to remove their fingerprints and put her prints on it. The captain says it is now a murder scene.
    At the fashion show rehearsal Nat wishes the models were ugly. Julian talks to the group saying it's been a terrible day, they lost a friend in Natasia. He knows how much they loved her, except when she was driving them nuts. They all laugh. He says he can feel her spirit there with him, can you feel it? She'll be there with them at the show tomorrow. This one's for you baby and he kisses up to heaven. The models walk down the runway and Julian and his people watch from one side. Monk and Nat are on the other. Julie finally gets up there and Julian yells CUT CUT. He jumps on stage and says when it comes to his art he's a total monster. He says she has wrinkles and the collar is turned inside-out. He goes about fixing them and Monk opens the case file. He says there was something wrong, he knew it, the body is all contorted, after he killed her he fixed the body. Thye both realize Julian is the killer and Nat grabs Julie to take her home. Julian asks where are they going. Monk says he told them he killed the models and he fixed the clothes after they were dead.  Julian says that's just a hunch, not proof and  why would he do that? Monk says he would've done it too. Julian says he had a hunch about the same way he buttoned up his shirt and picked his jacket today, but what about proof? What about DNA? The boy's was all over the girl and is in jail. You can't change that. Monk has to agree.
    Monk meets with the captain and Gordon downstairs in the basement where the murder happened last year. Monk talks about the fashion show when Clea was murdered and says they searched the area and found a piece of hair behind something that must belong to Julian Hodge. He planted all the evidence, cleaned up and took off. Gordon is excited takes it to go run the DNA.
    Back at Nat's house dinner is ready and Nat calls for Julie, but she doesn't answer. It turns out she has run away. She's getting on a trolley in the night and heading to the show. 
    Nat and Monk arrive at the show and the doorman yells at a man  for not being on the list. Monk says he's on the list, he's Puff Daddy. The black bouncer says the rapper? Monk says we have the same name. The bouncer says he should change it. No, Monk is older, Puff should change it. Nat then runs in after her daughter and Monk follows. The show starts, the music pumps, photos are taken, Julie is all dressed up on the runway looking much older. Julian sits wearing a long white scarf, smoking his cigarello and watching approvingly. He says one is a beauty. 
    Nat is frantically looking for Julie, but no one has seen her, her hair is darker and she's on stage, Julie sees her, but keeps going. Nat chases her down the runway and Julian wants them to announce Nat's not his line. Onlookers are stunned by Nat's drag ensemble. Monk says not to eat the food, a model is throwing up. Nat pulls her off stage and says they need to talk. Julie is mad she won't let her do it. Nat says bad things are going on, she needs to trust her, they are supposed to be partners. Julie is sorry, Nat says she is grounded.
    At the after party Julian says a woman looked gorgeous. He tells Nat she almost ruined his show. The captain says there is someone he wants Julian to meet. He says now? It can't wait. Howard Gordon the coroner arrives with his report on the hair samples. Julian waits with his wine. Gordon says the hair belongs to Pablo. Julian laughs, and says that's the man in jail now. The captain says Gordon is under arrest for falsifying evidence. Monk asks how could Julian be guilty if all the evidence didn't point to him. That's how Gordon made all the money, not from real estate. He found Julian was guilty of murder and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. He accused Pablo, got his samples and switched them with Pablo. Gordon says they have proof. They do, the hair was really Monk's and he came back with the report saying it was Pablo. Monk is upset his hair was pulled out. Julian says it is true, "You can never judge a person by what they wear" and walks off. Nat says he'll be wearing a prison suit next.
    At the prison Maria is outside as Pablo is released. He thanks Monk and Maria asks how she could repay him since has no money. He says she can go back to work and inspect 90-100 shirts this today. She is off today though. He says no, she can't be. Nat says they need to catch up on lost time. Monk says they can catch up later, she needs to work now.

My Review

    I had never seen this show before, in fact, I had never even heard of it. Since the Dead Zone is a USA exclusive like this show and was one of my favorite shows at the time I wondered if this would be another show I would get into. I had nothing to worry about as I wound up not being able to stand the main character. 
    Monk is described as having OCD, but in reality he's just insane. Instead of having certain rituals he would have to perform, he is obsessed with cleanliness. He likes things neat, clean and in order, so he didn't seem like someone with major OCD to me. Anyway, he's at a crime scene and couldn't care less about a murder, he just cares about getting new shirts, even though he admits he still has 5 shirts left. This isn't funny, it's just annoying. The fact that he would draw a mole on a dead girl isn't funny either, it's disturbing and tampering with a crime scene. Even when he goes to visit his favorite clothes inspector, but gives no indication how the hell he was able to find her, especially when most things are done overseas, he doesn't even care why her work is declining, just that it is. Very stupid. Imagine a friend or your child getting badly burned and you stop to fix their clothes or put on new clothes before you call an ambulance - it's that asinine. The absolute worst scene is when Monk and Nat try to crash the fashion show and Monk says his name is Puff Daddy. Is that supposed to be funny? Witty? Anything? First of all Sean Combs calls himself Diddy now and before that was P. Diddy for years. Second of all Monk is an old white guy, so he isn't going to fool anyone. Then his idiotic story about how Sean Combs should have to change his name since Monk is older would influence the bouncer how? Then Nat just runs in anyway, so it's obvious there's no real security anyway. Somehow, Monk finds his way inside as well, so why have a bouncer at all? Then to finally solve the case he just comes up with some pathetically weak story that they found hair in the basement, so it must belong to the killer. Like no one was in that area in the last year? It's could've belonged to anyone, why would the coroner not question it?
    Of course Malcolm is the only reason to watch the episode. Even better he plays it straight, instead of gay like how you picture a male fashion designer and takes it over the top most of the time. He basically plays the same character he did in The Company, even wearing a white scarf at the end like he did with Alberto Antonelli. He throws out many great, fast one liners and insults. He tells women they aren't good enough and to get out, he paints on a wall to demonstrate the color he wants, he doesn't care if they arrest his models as long as it's after work plus he jumps on anyone and everyone at will. He tells Randall he could make a great model in one second and Nat that she could never be in another while at the same time berating her in front of everyone for wearing knock off clothing. He yells at a guy for smoking, even though he smokes. He insults Nat again by saying what she thinks is a drop dead gorgeous outfit looks like funeral wear. He totally hooks Julie in and then mocks the whole industry by saying 13 is middle aged for a model. Then after building her up, he tears her right down again in the rehearsal, but she still comes back for more, even running away to do so. He tells Natasia she's too pretty to be trusted and live. He gets all evil, but is not shown committing the crime. He gives a great inspiring speech to fool everyone after he kills Natasia about how this show's for her. Even when he's caught, he doesn't care. he's all suave and doesn't break down like a little girl or anything. Very cool.
    One thing that was different was the way the plot unfolded. It's certainly original that an inspector doing a bad job leads a detective to know there's something wrong with her. Otherwise, the show was incredibly dull, predictable and loaded with two dimensional characters. While I would recommend watching this episode, I would not recommend the series. I will not be watching it again. When Malcolm wasn't on the screen it was so boring and just plodded along like a plane taxiing through mud. All points go to Malcolm, but he wasn't enough to save the episode and I'm glad he isn't going to be a regular on the show, though he could always return as he's a perfect foil for Monk since he understands him so well.

Rating: 3.5/10

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