Projects Malcolm missed for one reason or another.

1967  Poor Cow - his 2 minute scene was cut due to fighting with the director and his shot not matching up because he was supposed to come in out of the rain and it didn't rain for two weeks so they gave up.
1971 A Fistful of Dynamite - Director Sergio Leone wanted Malcolm for one of the leads, but he wasn't available probably because of O Lucky Man!
1972 Cabaret - He was offered a part and was quite excited about it and asked "What's my song?" "No, you're not doing any singing." Forget it! - NY 5/02
1975 Untitled Mike Hodges film  - "According to the financial people who 'know' it's not an obviously commercial picture, but then I remember when they were first hawking round 'The French Connection'". Screen International 1975
1975 The Tempest - adapted from Shakespeare's play by Michael Powell, to be filmed in Greece starring James Mason.
1981 Mario and the Magician - was set to do a movie based on Thomas Mann's allegorical novella about Italian fascism with his wife Mary, but it was cancelled after much was put into it.
1982 Brimstone & Treacle - Malcolm was offered and refused the lead role of Martin Taylor. From the book "Sting: Demolition Man: A Biography" by Christopher Sandford.
1983 The Beastly Beatitudes Of Balthazar B. - a play he wanted to do, but didn't because Lindsay Anderson wasn't available to direct. - Toronto Sun 5/23/83
1984 Tin Soldiers - A film where Malcolm would've sang 10 songs! mentioned in Starlog #74.
1987 if.... 2 - would reunite Malcolm, Sherwin and Lindsay. The story would be 25 years later. Paramount provided initial funding and then backed out. With the death of Lindsay Anderson and one of the main cast it might not never happen. - The Face 3/87
1989 Unnamed US TV show - He turned down a roll for $40,000 a week. The Guardian 3/23/89
1990 Dugmore - An anti-apartheid story. "I hope to direct this story which I've been wanting to do for ten years. Obviously it's something that I believe in and so I can go in and sell it without doing a performance. And if I'm going to make a film, put my name on it as the author. It has to be something I really believe in, especially the first one." - 20/20 1/90
1991 Lido - directed by Don Boyd and starring Henry Buck.
1992 Le Musher - Directed by Josť Giovanni, starring Bernard Giraudeau.
1994 Monster Butler - He bought the rights to this from David Sherwin who wrote it for him in 1997. Another collaboration with Lindsay that was in the works at the time of his death. He would play the villainous butler and Gary Oldman was to play his boyfriend. He has talked about writing, starring and directing it himself, but now seems unlikely. I asked him about it in 2007 and he doesn't know if it will ever get made.
1996 Unknown Play - Malcolm from a 1995 AOL online chat, " There is a play that I've been asked to do, but I'll have to wait and see if I can fit it in with my film commitments."
1996 Francis Bacon film  - Malcolm from a 1995 AOL online chat, " Next year I'm supposed to go to London to make a film about the painter Francis Bacon."
1996 Auschwitz survivor film - Mentioned as his own project in a 1995 interview.
1997 Wing Commander Movie - Was originally announced as Tolwyn and was later unavailable - probably due to the TV show Pearl filming.
1997 Captain Simian Season 2 - the creator Gordon Bressack told me in 1998, "Rhesus 2 takes over from Nebula (who is now his slave) and, with their situation reversed, sets out for conquest on his own terms. There would have been a great many more episodes featuring Malcolm."
1997 It's True TV Series - Malcolm was short-listed to appear in the pilot episode of a Paramount series. Unfortunately, the producer (Danny Bilson) was not able to make the project work with MM's schedule, so he was not able to join us. Ultimately, the series, which starred Mark Hammill and Dean Stockwell and featured the delightful artwork of Gahan Wilson, wasn't picked-up. email from Morgan
1998 Pearl TV Series Spinoff - from my 2002 interview with him, "There was talk about it for a while..."
1999  The Big Brass Ring - though Malcolm filmed the 5 minute test footage in 1997, he was unavailable when it came time to shoot the feature film. Nigel Hawthorne took the role instead.
2000 Marathon Film - Malcolm would play "An irascible Afrikaans who's been fired from his job, given early retirement, who is a trainer of marathon runner. He finds a girl who's an illegal immigrant from Namibia and who's a natural, who he teaches to do this race in South Africa. He actually falls in love with her. In a way, it's a love story, but, nothing, of course, is ever done. I mean, he's an old man. She's a young girl. But it is a love story. They love each other in a way. They have tremendous rows. They separate. He hates what he's coaching her, because he's coaching her to win. He's coaching her to go against her instincts of this free running, which she's wonderful at." 9/99
2001 Mangler 2 - another "sequel" to a Stephen King story. This would have made two unofficial King sequels for Malcolm in one year. The other was Firestarter: Rekindled. Production was moved back to May 22- June 17 and would've interrupted the Firestarter shoot. - Mangler 2 production information.
2002 Firestarter TV series - from my 2002 interview with him, "They are supposed to do a series, but I don't think I'm involved. I'd like to do a couple though, it would be fun."
2003 Untitled Transvestite Project - "I'm actually going to play a transvestite which should be fun. I've been turning this down for three or four months because I really couldn't stand the idea of getting up at six in the morning and putting on womens' clothes" - Malcolm in NY 5/23/02
2003 Night Witches - film about WWII Soviet Women pilots.
2003 Helen of Troy - a musical by Brian Johnson he would appear in live.
2004  Wedding Bouquet - a play he was to narrate live.
2004 The Baker Street Irregulars - Sherlock Holmes film first announced in 2003, in permanent limbo
Misc. Books on Tape - Malcolm from a 1995 AOL online chat, "No, I haven't done any, although I have been asked to do them on numerous occasions. But unfortunately I've always been busy doing something else."
Misc. Plays in New York - from my 2002 interview with him, "I've been asked, but nothing yet."

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