The Man Who Wouldn't Die (1995)

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Character Actor
Bernard Drake Malcolm McDowell
Thomas Grace Roger Moore
Jessie Galladro Nancy Allen
Jackson Davies Lt. Powers
Jack Sullivan Eric McCormack
Curruthers Kevin McNulty

Foreign Titles

Germany - Der Mann der Niemals Starb





Video Cover - PAL


From the 'Radio Times' 1995 - 3 stars
Why aren't there more TV movies with the same dark sense of fun as this one? Take one crime novelist, have him meet a waitress (who is also a medium) and have her announce that the supposedly dead villain on whom he based one of his characters is not only very much alive, but is busy re-enacting the killings his monarchy-mad murderer perpetrated on the page. Cracking stuff, directed at full tilt by Bill Condon and with splendidly hammy performances from Roger Moore, Malcolm McDowell and Nancy Allen. This is surely worth an hour and a half of anyone's time. Contains some violence. DP.

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