Mr. Magoo (1997)

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Exclusive 10/97 Richard David Lewis/Malcolm's Stand in


Malcolm in one of his smallest roles ever as Austin Cloquet

My Summary

Treat these words as law: DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE! It is absolutely hideous and totally unwatchable. I taped it and then went back by fast forwarding to the Austin Cloquet scenes. I'll make it nice and sparkling clear for you. This is the only way to see the 5 minutes and thirty seconds of Malcolm, even though he isn't on the screen long enough to do much of anything.

19:15 into the film we get 2 minutes of Malcolm.
He is introduced as sort of the mastermind villain who is out to steal the Star of Kuristan to make a huge sale to a major crimelord. He is carving a wooden bear with a chainsaw. This is where the above picture comes from.

50:30 into the film we get another 30 seconds.
Malcolm is in a suit and he invites all the crimelords to change for massages from the scantily clad women.

52:00 into the film we get the big 2 minutes 45 seconds scene.
Malcolm comes out of a statue by the head of a pool wearing a swimsuit and bathrobe. He figures out Magoo is there in disguise and when he goes over to him a women comes out of her disguise to pistol whip him. That's the end of Austin.

1:24.25 into the film is a 15 second Malcolm outtake.
He has a problem with the chainsaw from the first scene.

That's it. It's not worth it at all, but if you absolutely feel like you must watch the film, this is the ONLY way to do it.

Rating 0/10

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