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Character Actor
Malcolm Mead Malcolm McDowell
Dr. Jonathan Stevens Paul Rhys
Catherine Winwood Emily Raymond
Inspector Aberline Wayne Rogers
Josephine Butler Faye Dunaway
Mary Kelly Andrea Miltenrova
Dr. Emmett Lloyd  Noel le Bon
George Lusk Robert Orr
Edward Robert Russel
Monroe Jan Memejosvky
Bunter Kevin Barron
Stead Simon Francis
Frasier David Nykl
Bremner Jakub Schwarz
Madam Monika Kvasnickova
Thornton Rudolf Pellar
Charlotte Barbara Day
Polly Nancy Bishop
Coroner Baxter David Fisher
Shoemaker Pizer Pavel Vokoun
Brown Simon French
Trudy Janet Lynch
Prof. Coweling Hugh McGahan
Quinn Gordon Stone
Cross Nick Stuart
John Neal John Comer
McKenzie Robert Seymour
Jones - Copy Boy Richard Cutting
Masonry Worker Christian Dunkly-Clark
Nurse Ellis Jennifer Yeager
Intern 1 Bruce Solomon
Intern 2 Frank Navratil
Mrs. Cooper Kate Simpson
Annie Chapman Michaela Hans
Bobby 1 Tim Gosling
Passer By Colleen Case
Demonstrator Laura Zam
Photographer Paul Bowers
Clerk Garry Wright
Crowd Member Collin Williams
Maggie Caroline Medows
Elisabeth Stride Alice Vesela
Kathy Eddows Elen Spidlova
Bartender Michael Cella
Tart Vashti Hughes 
Sailor Peter Alton

Directed by William Tannen
Written by Tony Rush



DVD R2 - Front
DVD R2 - Back

Synopsis - Official

Amidst the chaos of 19th century London is Catherine Winwood, a beautiful young woman who dreams of carving a career for herself as a journalist. Whilst visiting a local newspaper office news arrives of the horrific and gruesome murder of a prostitute in the East End. As the body count grows and the culprit continues to elude the police Katherine finds herself involved in the biggest man hunt that London has ever seen...

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