AKA The Raging Moon

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Character Actor
Bruce Pitchard Malcolm McDowell
Jill Matthews Nanette Newman
Sarah Charles Georgia Brown
Uncle Bob Bernard Lee
Rev. Carbett Gerald Sim
Clarence Marlow Michael Flanders
Matron Margery Mason
Bill Charles Barry Jackson
Harold Pritchard Geoffrey Whitehead
Christopher Chittell Terry
Bruce's father Jack Woolgar
Dr. Matthews Norman Bird
Mrs. Matthews Constance Chapman
Geoffrey Michael Lees
Mr. Latbury Geoffrey Bayldon
Bruce's mother Patsy Smart
Gladys Theresa Watson
Celia Sylvia Coleridge
Hugh Collins Brook Williams
Arnold Foster Richard Moore
George George Hilsdon
Margaret Nelly Hanham
Alice Aimée Delamain
Resident Rachel Herbert
Resident Rosalyn Elvin
Resident Judith Paris
Gladys' mother Anne Dyson
Gladys' father Norman Tyrrell
Night nurse Jenny Logan 
Wedding guest Elsie Wagstaffe 
Wedding guest Mary Baxter 
Wedding guest Cathy Collins
Mary Petra Markham 
Female trustee Jacqueline Maude
Mrs. Hetherington Winifride Shelley
Fete guest John Savident
Mr. Thomas Michael Nightingale
Trainer Wilfred Boyle
Edna Jacqueline Agrique
Doctor Paul Darrow
1st nurse Marianne Stone
2nd nurse Catherine Crewe 
Pakistani Ishaq Bux
Wedding singer Lee Carter
Bridesmaid Emma Forbes
Bridesmaid Sarah Forbes

Directed by Bryan Forbes
Written by Bryan Forbes and Peter Marshall

Foreign Titles

Italy - Luna Arrabbiata (Man on Moon)
Germany - Rosen im Winter (Roses in the Winter)
Sweden - Drömmen om kärlek


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1971 ABC Film Review



Malcolm's screen credit
Bruce mad at the soccer referee

Bruce at home


"I said, 'Cry? What on earth would he cry for? When people get struck down they are angry as hell.'" - Malcolm on his character in NY Daily News 5/19/02

Synopsis - Official

A paralyzed athlete who, through his disability, comes to know himself. When Bruce, an arrogant young soccer player, is crippled by a sudden illness, he enters a church-run home for paraplegics, rather than return to his family as an object of pity. His youthful vigor and sarcastic wit immediately mark him as a misfit in the genteel country home. Irked by its petty rules, he broods and writes poetry until he meets Jill, an attractive independent young patient who has adjusted to her disability. When Bruce and Jill join forces and rebel against the hypocrisy of the institution, they find themselves falling in love and against all odds, they plan to wed.

Together Again

1971 - Malcolm and John Savident were both in ACO.

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