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Character Actor
Captain Kessel Malcolm McDowell
Pieter Roden Paul Scofield
Joanne Hunter Noley Thornton
Juiliana Roden Rosemary Harris
Lt. Braun Benedick Blythe
Paul Petersen Luke Edwards
Dirk Petersen Derek de Lint 
Beatrix Hunter Renée Soutendijk
Jacob Huib Broos
Sgt. Borken Niven Boyd
2nd Lt. Muller Christopher Villiers
Father Hugo Frederik de Groot
Frederick Michiel Nooter
Dr. Van Renesse Hidde Maas
Mrs. Van Renesse Karin Meerman
Hans Keer Wim Serlie
Lucas Keer James Delaney
Green policeman Genio De Groot
Ulrich Reinout Bussemaker
German soldier Baruch Schwartz
Man with broom Adriaan Adriaanse
Michael Hunter Jeff Harding
American airman #1 William Sutton
American airman #2 Chip Bray

Directed by Kevin Connor
Written by Gerald Di Pego from the novel by Margaretha Shemin



Malcolm's beginning screen credit


"In the little village of De Rijp, where the movie was recorded, the people where very scared because the actors playing German soldiers walked around with rifles on their backs. When there was no filming we had to keep the guns with us, so we walked around as German soldiers the whole time. I've been back to village where it was filmed in the last month and everything was almost the same." Alex 7/06

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