Faerie Tale Theater - Little Red Riding Hood (1982)

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Character Actor
The Big Bad Wolf Malcolm McDowell
Little Red Mary Steenburgen


"I was married to Mary Steenburgen and we were asked as a couple to do one of those Fairie Tale Theaters that Shelly Duvall was producing. Greg Clifford was a friend of mine from years ago, back when he worked with Robert Altman. He asked if we would do this Little Red, "Mrs. 'ood." Little Red Riding Hood, as we had a baby girl, I don't think our son had arrived yet. So we of course  jumped at it. A very nice part for Mary and a great part for me. It was brilliantly written and they made me a big rubber face which I instantly discarded. I said I'll make 'em believe the wolf or else you wouldn't know who the hell it is if I wear this thing. I immediately got rid of that. Also you couldn't move your face, you can't express. I've got a very rubberized face anyway as many critics have often told me. So that was fun to do, it was great fun. I remember adlibbing a few bits here and there. I remember saying to the poor actress who was playing grandma.  I looked at her and went, "Hey! You're no oil paintin' are ya?" And she came up to me afterwards and said, "What did you mean by that?" I went, "Oh, I don't know. I was just in character."  She said, "well, what does it mean 'you're no oil painting'?" I went, "Well, it means just that you are quite...you know - homely, but you're not really." She said, "Well, that's awfully rude." I said, "Well, it's not personal." My kids liked it anyway, they loved it." - Malcolm in NY 5/22/02

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