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It is the end...and the beginning.

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Character Actor
Yottskry Malcolm McDowell
Stanley H. Tweedle Brian Downey
Zev Bellringer Eva Habermann
Kai Michael McManus
Feppo Michael Habeck
Voice of The Lexx Tom Gallant 
Giggerota Ellen Dubin
Thodin Barry Bostwick
Transport Major Jeremy Akerman
Jood Jamie Bradley
Tem Gil Brenton 
The Time Prophet Anna Cameron
Correction Center Guard Bill Carr
Cluster Major Jocelyn Cunningham
Poet Man Tim Curry
Holo Lawyr John Dartt
Megashadow Admiral Richard Donat
Holo Judge Lionel Doucette
Bog Rutger Hauer
Original Zev Lisa Hines
790 Jeffrey Hirschfield
Wist Doreen Jacobi 
Child Nicolas Kwasniewski-Artajo
Video Customs Officer Chas Lawther 
Rebel Andrei Mahankov
Holo Cleric David McClelland
Holo Prosecutor Elizabeth Richardson
Holo Official Chris Rowntree
Slab Prisoner Joseph Rutten
Megashadow Adjutant Clive Sweeney

Directed by Robert Sigl
Written by Jeffrey Hirschfield, Paul Donovan + Lex Gigeroff


The Lexx
Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories (UK)
Lexx: Giga Shadow
Lexx: I Worship his Shadow
Lexx: Tales from a Parallel Universe


VHS - NTSC + PAL / DVD R1 + R2



Malcolm's face in the sphincter prop
VHS Cover - Front

VHS Cover - Back

Summary - Official

    After centuries of rule by an evil deity called His Shadow, a group of holy clerics create a new, dark cosmic force - the Giga Shadow, the very embodiment of their former ruler. But when one renegade (Malcolm McDowell) revolts, the entire galaxy is thrown into chaos.
    Into this cataclysmic upheaval comes The Lexx, the deadliest spacecraft ever made, bent on destroying all in its path. Its small crew is on a mission of survival, a mission that hurtles toward a collision course with the greatest powers of the universe...

Together Again

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