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Alex and his friends thought Excalibur was just a legend...they were wrong!

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Character Actor
Merlin Malcolm McDowell
Alex Cole Johnny Morina
Jenny Ferguson Maggie Castle
Norman Christopher Olscamp
James 'Scar' Scarsdale Justin Borntraeger
Ronnie Billy Coyle
Buck Jeoffrey Graves
Mr. Cole Peter Aykroyd 
Waitress Cindy Mélany Goudreau
Sheriff Ferguson James Rae
Luke Jamieson Boulanger
Gil Roc LaFortune
Butch Scarsdale Michael Ironside
Stu René Simard
Heather Melissa Altro
Mrs. Ferguson Barbara Jones
State Trooper Charles Powell
Kid Michael Yarmush

Directed by Robert Tinnell
Written by David Sherman & Robert Tinnell



VHS Cover - Front
VHS Cover - Back


"Say it ain't So" - Written & Performed by Murray Head
"Little Kid Blues" - Written by Tony Roman, Performed by Angelo Finalin & Jerry De Villier, Jr.
"Rap for Alex" - Written & Performed by Ossey Aeline
"Tamy's Party" - Written & Performed by Tamy Peddle
"Non-stop Fun" - Written & Performed by Jerry De Villier, Jr.

Summary - Official

    Eleven-year-old Alex and his fellow homemade heroes are having a backyard blast. Battles rage, knights fight and damsels distress in a cardboard Camelot of dirt-bike steeds, aluminum foil sabers and plastic armor. The summer fun and fantasy soon become a marvelous, mystical reality with the touch of a sword. Malcolm McDowell, Michael Ironside and bright newcomer Johnny Morina star in a modern-day adventure filled with medieval magic. 
    One fateful afternoon, Alex comes across a sword sunk in stone - King Arthur's legendary Excalibur! The sword holds untold powers of strength, magic and wisdom. With one motion, Alex frees the sword, Merlin the Magician appears, and Alex discovers the awesome power he'd always dreamed about. But to misuse Excalibur is to lose Excalibur...as Alex soon discovers. Now with Merlin vanished, Alex must prove himself worthy of the sword to bring back the magic. He'd better act fast - his friends need his power now more than ever!

Together Again

1998 - Malcolm and Michael Ironside were both in Southern Cross.

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