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While Malcolm McDowell's birthday may be the most important thing to happen on this date, I thought it would be interesting to see what else occurred.

Birthday Card Pictures



58th - got milk?

Other reasons to celebrate June 13th

Holiday Country
Ides of June Ancient Rome
Vincent's day Germany
St. Anthony's day Portugal
Commemoration day Kyrgyzstan
Corrective movement anniversary Yemen


Those born on this date are under the sign of Gemini.

Year Person
40 Gnaeus Julius Agricola Roman general; conquered Wales, No. England
823 Charles II (the Bald) king of France (843-77), emperor (875-77)
1752 Fanny Burney England, author (Camille, Evelina)
1773 Thomas Young proponent of the wave theory of light
1786 Winfield Scott American army general/presidential candidate
1821 Albert duc de Broglie, France, premier (1873-74, 1977)
1831 James Clerk Maxwell physicist, formulated electromagnetic theory
1865 William Butler Yeats (poet)
1892 Philip "Basil" Rathbone (actor)
1899 Carlos Chavez (Mexican composer)
1903 Harold "Red" Grange (College and Pro Football Hall of Famer)
1905 Doc Cheatham (Jazz trumpeter)
1913 Ralph Edwards (This Is Your Life, Name That Tune)
1916 Mary Wickes (actress - Sister Act)
1920 Ben Johnson (actor)
1926 Paul Lynde (comedian)
1935 Christo (artist)
1939 Siegfried of Siegfried & Roy
1940 Bobby Freeman (singer)
1943 Malcolm McDowell (actor)
1949 Dennis Locorriere (singer - AKA Dr. Hook)
1949 Simon Callow (actor - Shakespeare in Love)
1951 Richard Thomas (actor - The Waltons)
1951 Stellan Skarsgard (actor)
1951 Jonathan Hogan (actor)
1953 Tim Allen (actor - Home Improvement)
1954 Bo Donaldson (singer - ... And The Heywoods, Billy Don't Be a Hero)
1962 Ally Sheedy (actress - Breakfast Club)
1962 Hannah Storm (newscaster)
1963 Paul de Lisle (Smash Mouth bassist)
1968 David Gray (singer)
1968 Deniece Pearson (R&B singer - Five Star)
1969 Soren Rasted (musician - Aqua)
1969 Jamie Walters (actor - Beverly Hills 90210)
1969 Laura Kightlinger (actress and writer) 
1970 Rivers Cuomo (singer - Weezer)
1972 Susan Haynes (Country singer)
1974 Steve-O (Jackass)
1978 Ethan Embry (actor - That thing You Do)
1981 Chris Evans (actor)
1983 Sarah Schaub (actress)
1985 Raz B (singer - B2K)
1986 Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (actresses/teen empire - Full House)
1986 Kat Dennings (actress - 'Raising Dad')
1987 Justin R. Taylor (actor)
1988 Jeremy Chu (actor - Mr. Deeds)
1989 Irene Gorovaia (actress - Butterfly Effect)
1990 Aaron Johnson (actor - Shanghai Knights)
1991 Yuet-Ming Yiu (actress)
1994 Katrina Michelle Legaspi  (actress - TV)
1998 Cali Tee Hetfield (Daughter of James Hetfield - Metallica)
2001 Zachary & Scott Benes (baby twin actors)

Dates for 2006

Tuesday, June 13, the 164th day of 2006. There are 201 days left in the year. The moon is waning. The morning stars are Venus, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. The evening stars are Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.


Gregorian date: Sunday, June 13, 2004 C.E.
Hebrew date (ends at sunset tonight): 24 Sivan, 5764
Islamic date (predicted; ends at sunset tonight): 24 Raby` al-THaany 1425 A.H.
Julian Day (at midnight, the start of today): 2453169.5
Modified Julian Day: 53169
Maya date: ; 8 K'an (Corn) ; 7 Sotz' (Bat)
French Revolutionary Calendar date: Quartidi, 4 Messidor, 212 Y.R.
RickDate: 1JO6D


Year Person
323 BC Alexander the Great of fever at Babylon *
1886 King Ludwig II of Bavaria drowns
1901 Leopoldo Alas 'Clarín', age 49 
1913 Camille Lemonnier, age 69
1918 William Cowper 
1918 Grand Duke Michael, age 39
1946 Edward Bowes radio host (Major Bowes Amateur Hour), age 71
1961 Ben Jones Missouri, horse trainer (Citation, Whirlaway), age 79
1962 Sir Eugene Goossens composer, age 69
1972 Clyde McPhatter singer of the drifters, heart attack
1977 Tom C. Clark former Supreme Court Justice, in NY at 77
1976 Arizona Republic investigative reporter Don Bolles died as a result of injuries suffered when a bomb blew up his car 11 days earlier. He had been working on an alleged Mafia story at the time of his death.
1979 Darla Hood actress (Little Rascals)
1982 King Khalid of Saudi Arabia, age 69
1986 Benny Goodman the clarinet playing King of Swing, in NY at 77
1987 Geraldine Page actress (Blue & Gray), age 62
1993 Donald Kent "Deke" Slayton, US astronaut
2003 Guy Lux, actor age 83
2004 Jennifer Nitsch, actress age 37
2004 Ralph Wiley, sports host age 52
2004 Il-woo Kim, actor age 51
2004 Danny Dark, voice actor age 65
2004 Robert Elross, actor age 82
2004 Robert Lees, writer age 91
2005 Jonathan Adams, actor age 74

* Malcolm played Alexander De Large (The Great) in ACO. Coincidence?


Year Event
1373 Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of Alliance (world's oldest) signed
1381 Peasant army marches into London
1611 John Fabricius dedicates earliest sunspot publication
1774 Rhode Island becomes 1st colony to prohibit importation of slaves
1777 Marquis de Lafayette lands in US
1789 Mrs. Alexander Hamilton serves ice cream for dessert to Washington
1798 Mission San Luis Rey de Francia founded in California
1837 1st Mormon missionaries to the British Isles leave Kirtland, Ohio
1855 The opera "Les Vˆpres Sicilenne" is produced (Paris)
1863 Samuel Butler publishes 1st part of "Erewhon," Christchurch, NZ
1866 House passes 14th Amendment
1871 Hurricane kills 300 in Labrador
1873 J C Watson discovers asteroid #132 Aethra
1879 A Borrelly discovers asteroid #198 Ampella
1886 Fire destroys nearly 1,000 buildings in Vancouver, BC
1888 Congress creates the Department of Labor
1889 2' of snow accumulates in Rawlins Wyoming
1890 Eagle Ave in the Bronx is cut out & named
1895 Amile Levassor wins 1st Paris-Bordeaux-Paris auto race (24 kph)
1898 Yukon Territory of Canada organized, Dawson chosen as capital
1900 China's Boxer Rebellion against foreigners & Christians
1905 NY Giant Christy Mathewson 2nd no-hitter, beats Chic Cubs, 1-0
1907 Lowest temp ever in 48 US states for June, 20F in Tamarack CA
1910 Pilot Charles Hamilton makes 1st 1-day round-trip from NY to Phila
1910 William D Crum, a SC physician, appointed minister to Liberia
1913 Yanks win 13th game of year after losing 36 games
1918  Phillies & Cards tie 8-8 in 19 innings
1921 Yanks pitcher Babe Ruth hits 2 HRs beating Tigers 11-8
1923 Vegemite first went on sale in Australia
1924 Yanks win by forfeit over Tigers, their 3rd forfeit win
1927 Ticker-tape parade welcomed Charles A Lindbergh to NYC
1930 22 people killed by hailstones in Siatista Greece
1933 1st sodium vapor lamps installed (Schenectady NY)
1933 Federal Home Owners Loan Corporation authorized
1934 C  Jackson discovers asteroid #1349 Bechuana
1935 James T Braddocks beats Max Baer for HW boxing champ
1937 Joe DiMaggio hits 3 consecutive HRs against St Louis Browns
1940  Paris evacuated before the German advance
1942 1st V-2 rocket launch, Peenemunde, Germany; reached 1.3 km
1944 Nazi Germany begins V-1 (Fieseler Fi-103) buzz-bomb attacks
1946 1st transcontinental round-trip flight in 1-day, California-Maryland
1947 1st night game at Fenway Park (Red Sox 5, White Sox 3)
1948 Babe Ruth's final farewell at Yankee Stadium, he dies Aug 16th
1955 Mercedes racing car kills 77 at Le Mans France
1957  Ted Williams becomes 1st ALer to have 2, 3-HR games in a season
1966 Supreme Court's Miranda decision; suspect must be informed of rights
1967 Thurgood Marshall nominated as 1st black Supreme Court justice
1969  Mick Taylor leaves John Mayall Band & joins the Rolling Stones
1969 T Smirnova discovers asteroid #2111 Tselina
1970 The Beatles' "Let It Be," album goes #1 & stays #1 for 4 weeks
1970 The Beatles' "Long & Winding Road," single goes #1 & stays for 2 weeks
1971 NY Times began publishing "The Pentagon Papers"
1971 Perth Observatory discovers asteroids #1806 Derice & #1978 Patrice
1972 T Smirnova discovers asteroid #2604
1973  Garvey, Lopes, Cey & Russell play together for 1st time, set record of staying together as an infield for 8+ years (LA Dodgers)
1975 Felix Aguilar Observatory discovers asteroid #2219 Mannucci
1977 James Earl Ray, convicted assassin of Martin Luther King Jr., was captured in a Tennessee wilderness area after escaping from prison.
1980 Paul McCartney releases "Waterfall"
1980 Rep John Jenrette Jr (D-SC) indicted in "Abscam" investigation
1980 UN Security Council calls for South Africa to free Nelson Mandela
1981  39 Unification church couples wed in Germany
1981 Teenager fires 6 blanks at Queen Elizabeth II
1981 Tom Snyder interviews Charles Manson on "Tomorrow"
1982  Fahd becomes king of Saudi Arabia when King Khalid dies at 69
1983 Pioneer 10 becomes 1st man-made object to leave Solar System
1986 President Reagan criticizes South African state of emergency
1986 Steve Garvey 1st ejection from a game, after Atlanta's triple-play
1986 Bishop Desmond Tutu, meets with South African President P.W. Botha to discuss the nationwide state of emergency.
1987 Daniel Buettner, Bret Anderson, Martin Engel & Anne Knabe complete
cycling journey of 15,266 mi from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Argentina
1988 Boston Red Sox are 10 games back in AL, & go on to win the AL East
1988 George Harrison releases "This is Love"
1988 US Supreme Court refuses to hear Yonkers argument they aren't racist
1989  Detroit sweeps Los Angeles, for the NBA championship
1990 Boeing 767 sets nonstop commercial flight, Seattle to Narobi Kenya
1990  Wash DC mayor Marion Barry announces he will not seek a 4th term
1991  NHL owners present contract to players (leads to Apr 1, 1992 strike)
1991  Revising a policy with roots to the McCarthy era, the Bush administration agreed to remove almost all 250,000 names on a secret list of unacceptable aliens.
1992  The U.N. Earth Summit ended in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1993 20 Somalis were killed and 50 more wounded when Pakistani members of the U.N. peacekeeping forces fired into a crowd of demonstrators protesting U.N. attacks on warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid.
1993 Canada got its first woman prime minister when the Progressive Conservative Party elected Kim Campbell to head the party, and thus the country.
1994 A jury in Anchorage, Alaska, blamed recklessness by Exxon Corp. and Capt. Joseph Hazelwood for the Exxon Valdez disaster.
1994 The ex-wife of O.J. Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman, were found stabbed to death outside her condominium in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles.
1996 An 81-day-old standoff ended as 16 members of the anti-government Freemen group surrendered to the FBI and left their Montana ranch.
1997 A jury voted unanimously to give Timothy McVeigh the death penalty for his role in the Oklahoma City bombing.
1997 The Chicago Bulls won their fifth National Basketball Association title in seven years when they downed the Utah Jazz, four games to two.
2000 The presidents of South Korea and North Korea opened a summit in the northern capital of Pyongyang with pledges to seek reunification of the divided peninsula.
2000 Italy pardoned Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turkish gunman who tried to kill Pope John Paul II in 1981.
2001 President George W. Bush met behind closed doors with NATO leaders in Brussels, Belgium, where he pitched his missile defense plans.
2002 Roman Catholic Church bishops and cardinals, meeting to discuss abuse charges against some priests, heard three men and a woman tell how their lives had been devastated by abuse and subsequent ill treatment by the church.
2003 Thousands of protesting Tehran students ran the streets lighting fires and swinging chains in a third day of demonstrations. Thai and U.S. officials have arrested a suspected illegal arms dealer in Bangkok with radioactive material that could be used to make a "dirty bomb."
2004 A Roman Catholic newspaper said U.S. President George W. Bush asked a Vatican official to help push U.S. bishops on certain cultural issues, including "the battle against gay marriage."
2005 Incredibly Michael Jackson was found not guilty on all counts of his child molestation case. The Supreme Court warned prosecutors to use care in striking minorities from juries, siding with black murder suspects in Texas and California who contended their juries had been unfairly stacked with whites. The Senate apologized for blocking anti-lynching legislation in the early 20th century, when mob violence against blacks was commonplace.
2006 Actress Daryl Hannah is arrested for illegally protesting in Los Angeles, CA.


Year People
1850 Alfred Lord Tennyson & Emily Sellwood
1866 Theodor Storm & Dorothea Jensen
1908 Carl Sandburg & Lilian Steichen
1893 St Aubyn Miller & Helen Jackson
1914 Sidney Bracey & Evelyn Foshay
1940 Don Blanding & Dorothy Binney Putnam
1945 Felix Jackson & Deanna Durbin 
1952 Märta Torén & Leonardo Bercovici 
1953 Pat Morita & Kathleen Yamachi
1965 David Halberstam & Elzbieta Czyzewska
1970 Jeff Boulton & Jennifer Hall
1972 Víctor Manuel & Ana Belén 
1976 Stephen Furst & Lorraine Wright
1981 Elias Garay & Ana Santana
1985 Bryan Dawe & Jenny Farthing
1986 Robert T. Megginson & Florence-Isabelle Megginson 
1989 Tricia Cast & Jack Allocco 
1993 Daniel Agust Haraldsson & Gabríela Kristín Friðriksdóttir
1993 John Paul DeJoria & Eloise DeJoria
1993 Sergio Blass & Waleska Pérez
1998 Jessica Seinfeld & Eric Nederlander
1998 Jiri Kralik & Jitka Kralikova
1998 Kristen Cloke & Glen Morgan
1998 Dallas Jenkins & Amanda
1999 Maria Bartiromo & Johnathan Steinberg
2004 Wendy Elford-Argent & Douglas Elford-Argent 
2004 Elizabeth Mitchell & Chris Soldevilla
2004 Hank von Helvete & Heidi Riise
2004 Chris Soldevilla & Elizabeth Mitchell
2005 Judson Mills & Morgan Rae Mills

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