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Vengeance with a passion.

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Character Actor
Benjamin J. Faberson Malcolm McDowell
Jezebel Katherine Barrese
Virginia De Leo Meredith Baxter-Birney
Amanda Faberson Meg Foster
Sheriff Dan Riley Everett McGill
Hunt Faberson Brent Fraser
Margie Elizabeth Ruscio
Dr. Samuel Whatley Bert Remsen
Brady White Rangford Ernestine Mercer
Grandfather Hal John Norman
Young Jezebel Alexandra Barrese
Burly Trucker Ken Kerman
Trucker #1 R.J. Arterburn
Waiter Donald Lafrance
Loud Trucker Dash Hart
Friendly Trucker Geno Hart
Technician Julie Rhodes
Sales Girl Stacey Greenberg
Jezebel Stunt Double Debbie Evans
Trucker In Bar Fight Jack Earl Purdy

Written and Directed by Harvey Keith


LD - Digital Sound, CX, EP, Ultra-Stereo, Columbia Pictures #90536, ISBN 0-8001-0223-1, UPC 0 43396 90536 8



VHS Cover - Front

VHS Cover - Back


"Jezebel's Kiss"
Written by Harvey Keith, Byron Delear, Mitchel Forman
Music by Mitchel Forman
Music production, Byron Delear
Saxophone, Bob Shepard
Performed by Jeff Pescetto

"Reins of Your Heart"
Written & Produced by Byron Delear
Performed by Byron Delear

Written by Jim Johnston & Byron Delear
Produced by Byron Delear
Performed by Jim Johnston


This director came to a small remote town (Eureka, CA. Humboldt County, 280 miles north of San Francisco) and makes headlines by filming "a big Hollywood production!" entirely in our area. We are so far from anything that this becomes very exciting, especially when they hire some local talent to act and work. At premiere time there is a big "opening night" at a local theater, complete with director and lots of publicity (lots by our standards). At first we are excited by all the scenes of local beauty, and enchanted by a very pleasant soundtrack, but by the time we are halfway through, we realize we have wasted part of our lives captured in to a film turkey. It does do justice to our beautiful North California coastline.

Summary - Official

    An erotic thriller of desire and revenge, Jezebel's Kiss sizzles with passion and suspense. Haunted by memories of her grandfather's death, the beautiful Jezebel returns to the coastal California village where she was raised. Within days, she is desired by every man in town, including a rich, ruthless developer, his high-strung son, and a corrupt local sheriff.
    A white-hot series of seductions leads to the revelation of the town's darkest secrets - and to the ruin of every man who dares accept Jezebel's Kiss. Meredith Baxter-Birney and Meg Foster star as the weak-willed women who must bear Jezebel's wrath.

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