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Job Person
Narrator Malcolm McDowell

Directed by Jeff Kurr





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Synopsis - Official

    The secrets of the great white shark, nature's ultimate predator, have remained deep mysteries until now. Take an underwater journey with new technology that offers the first glimpse into the Jaws of the Pacific.
    Once thought to prefer only coastal waters, the great white shark regularly makes Pacific Oceanic crossings. Data collected by satellite transmitters attached to sharks may soon reveal the unknown locations of their birthing and mating grounds.
    For the first time, you can watch the great white on its migrations across the Pacific, during which it swims as deep as 2,000 feet and travels up to 43 miles a day. Starting at the hunting grounds off  northern California, where the sharks feed on seals,  they make their way south to remote Mexican islands.
     Finally, according to satellite data,  the sharks travel to Hawaii. The artifacts of ancient islanders provide evidence of the great shark's presence here. Modern researchers believe the sharks make be attracted to the tropics by schools of tuna, spinner dolphins, humpback whales and even the rare Hawaiian monk seal. 

Together Before

1995 - Malcolm narrated Sharks of the Red Triangle for the Discovery Channel

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