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The only site covering Malcolm/ACO (A Clockwork Orange) news and collectibles from around the world with official information. The first Malcolm McDowell Site on the Web and still the only one! Also the first Lindsay Anderson, Anthony Burgess + David Sherwin pages on the web. I have been collecting anything Malcolm related since 1989 and I have the largest collection of memorabilia related to him and ACO. Copyright 1993-2010 Alex D. Thrawn, except where noted.
Do you have news, interviews, pictures or any info at all about Malcolm or ACO? Or do you just want to talk about my favorite actor and movie? If you are looking for NTSC VHS or R0 DVD copies of any movies, interview or TV show Malcolm has appeared in I can help. Just email me.

The Latest Site Updates

Please note: I have been diagnosed with health problems, so if the site isn't updated often that is why.
The site had to be moved twice in 6 months, so it needs to have some links fixed if there's any not working that's why.


Updated the Paths of Glory page with rare color shots and projection of the film plus Christiane.

Added a massive scan from  Franklin and Bash.
Limited Edition A Clockwork Orange version
, yes it's actually called ACO because it comes with the special wooden orange frame holders on the side.
There was an article about Malcolm at the Murray Theatre, UT if you went last night and have and info please send it. I added new a picture of the theatre too.
I got a much better scan of The Glades you can compare it with the 1972 similar photo.
Good news for fans of The Mentalist, Malcolm says he will we a returning character next season and they are filming now.
Looks like I have all the links fixed finally, there were 100s of pages and 1000 of pics. Please email me email if something doesn't work, but give it a couple times first since it's all new.
A new Futurama airs on 8/12 called A Clockwork Origin - The theory of evolution is put to the test on a planet inhabited by robots. Sounds like a space odyssey parody, but who knows if there are ACO references.
Updated all the links on the Lindsay Anderson page.
Updated all the links on the Interviews page so they should all work.
All pages have been checked and rechecked, so they better all work. Hopefully no more server trouble for a long time...
Fixed another 1/3 of the pages.
Fixed another dozen pages. This means all pics and such won't be dead.
I found a way to print out all the broken links and started to fix as many as possible.
Added a nice couple scan of Ryan and Rasa dressed as droogs. I like how it looks vintage.
Malcolm will make his first appearance at the Murray Theatre SLC 8/6/10 for the year early 40th anniversary of ACO.
For the first time in 6 years there's a new softcover printing of A Clockwork Orange book in the UK that was given out with newspapers. If anyone can get one I'd like to trade or pay for one for my collection. It's features a totally Front Cover.
Updated The Adicts page with their latest tour dates and a poster with most of them.
On July 7 they had the 38th AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute To Mike Nichols. AFI is always heavy on tributes to Kubrick so I watched to see some of the actors, but hoped for something extra and they came through. On an AFI fundraiser commercial they showed a pictured of Alex then - We educate the next generation. I added a composite picture of it.
Added an Easy A banner, a screen credit and a poster, Malcolm is mentioned, but still no pictures.
Added all the latest tour dates for the Lower Class Brats. They will be in Europe before they come back.
Added 3 new Malcolm pics in court - arriving and leaving to the Suing the Devil page.
Malcolm returns again to his Superman roots, this times in a straight to DVD movie - Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.
The first hurricane of the 2010 season has hit and it's Hurricane Alex! hopefully no one gets hurt. I took a picture of the head line and the weather map.
Added a new banner and 2 new Malcolm pics to the Suing the Devil page.
Added 2 scans from the 2010 Calgary Comic Expo - signed DVD and Malcolm on a different day.
Added a huge scan for Suck for the DVD & theater.
Added 4 new Heroes scans of the Linderman figure card front, Linderman on the front and back and in the bubble.
Still loving it that Heroes is cancelled so I added 4 new scans of the Linderman figure including a shot of him dead like the show.
Imagine that after 39 years they are using A Clockwork Orange as a father's day gift "Give Dad the gift of Blue-ray - Best Picture. Best Sound. Best Value." only $9.99 each at f.y.e., plus you can watch it/keep it when he is done!
Added some big news on a large Anthony Burgess center opening up in the UK, or course. It mentions having a holy grail - original 1st drafts of A Clockwork Orange.
If you want an autograph this one still works.
Malcolm McDowell
CR Management
23852 Pacific Coast Highway
Suite 627
Malibu, CA 90265
Happy 67th  Birthday Malcolm. It's funny I have his birthday on my facebook and myspace so it comes through to people.
Here's an exclusive picture of baby Seamus looking like MM.
Finished up my summary to the The Mentalist
Added a scan from the 2010 Calgary Comic Expo thanks to Ashley.
There is a new show called the The Glades that has a commercial with a Clockwork image that reminds me of the switchblades one from 1973. You can compare the pictures at the link.
I can't find out much info, except it could be the farthest away version of a Clockwork Play. This one is in South Africa.
Added a speech Malcolm gave at the beginning of Part 8, the rest of cast, but they don't list who plays who all the time and a scan of Malcolm's screen credit from Pt8 to The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century.
Added a ton to the cast and a scan of Malcolm's screen credit to The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century.
Added three promo pictures of The Mentalist.
Added a logo, more cast and 2 pictures including the first one with Malcolm from Franklin and Bash plus a synopsis.
They pulled off the premiere of Suing the Devil - added 2 pictures.
After 14 years I've finally tracked down a copy of The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century.
Added the first part of my summary of The Mentalist.
Finished my The Book of Eli review, enjoy.
I finally found the second version of the Cindy Flux ad which cuts out all the Malcolm anime, but has a different Malcolm ending.
Some pretty different news on how you can watch Clockwork at home. It and more Kubrick is available on the Playstation 3.
They've been have problems with the servers so I moved the Rock Infinity page and it works now.
Added a new page for a long "lost" digital CD Malcolm performed on called Rock Infinity.
It's finally happened, no more guest roles, Malcolm's got his own series since Fantasy Island (1998). Franklin and Bash has been picked up for at least 10 episodes!
Saw a new Easy A article and added a summary plus an article from a site who was on the set that describes a scene with Malcolm.
It took long enough, but finally season 4 of Heroes is the END! No worry of Malcolm making a surprise pop up.
I finally got to watch the The Mentalist and added the cast and three scans of the book Malcolm's character wrote.
Malcolm took the family out last week and there was an article written L.A. Antiques Show Gala 4/22/10 about him.
Added a page for a new Malcolm film coming in 4 months called Easy A.
By popular demand I added all the details about the odd Cross & Kramer Clockwork Soundtrack that turned up all over. I even have made it on CD if interested.
Great news for all UK Kubrick fans - plus another chance to see a new print of ACO in the theater.
Made a big update to the Suing the Devil page with your first picture of Malcolm, a banner, more cast, the poster image, notes and synopsis.
Fixed another few 100 pics that had broken links before.
The Book of Eli
is opening around the world so I added the first part of my review to it.
Fixed 100s more pics including many Clockwork Orange pictures.
Fixed another few 100 pics including many Clockwork Orange pictures.
Here's the blurb for Malcolm's 4/29 CBS appearance.
The Mentalist - Red All Over - Patrick and the team investigate a cult leader after a media mogul is murdered.
Expanded the God of War III page.
One of the youngest and definitely the toughest looking kids dressed as Alex has arrived from England. Thanks to Alexis.
San Francisco's Castro's theatre is showing a Kubrick Retrospective Friday April 23-Thursday April 29
12 monumental cinematic achievements on our immense silver screen in glorious 35mm.
Friday April 23 Double Feature - Full metal jacket 7:00pm & The Shining 9:15pm
Saturday April 24 Double Feature - A Clockwork Orange 2:15pm, 8:30pm & Barry Lyndon 5:00pm
Sunday April 25 Double Feature - Spartacus 1:15pm, 7:00pm & Paths of Glory 5:10pm
Monday April 26 Theatre Closed
Tuesday April 27 Double Feature - Dr. Strangelove 3:15, 7:00pm & The Killing 1:30, 5:10, 8:55pm
Wednesday April 28 Double Feature - Lolita 2:15, 8:00pm & Eyes Wide Shut 5:00pm
Thursday April 29 Double Feature - 2001: a space odyssey 2:30, 8:00pm & A.I. Artificial Intelligence 5:05pm
Malcolm does it again. He's in his 4th Part 3 video game (3 in the last year). This time suddenly showing up in God of War III as Daedalus, father to Icarus.
This year's Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo takes place April 24 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the 25th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the BMO Round Up Centre, Halls D and E. Malcolm McDowell of A Clockwork Orange fame is the horror guest of honor and will introduce a special screening of his landmark film at The Plaza theatre Friday evening before the expo begins. Good news for Canadian fans.
Fixed the rest of the links to the Clockwork Orange pictures.
Updated the CSI: Miami page with my review.
Added the full cast and my summary to the CSI: Miami episode page.
Fixed the links to the first 75% or so Clockwork Orange pictures, they'll point to the right address even if they don't all work, they will soon.
Finally got my Cannes screener Never Apologize DVD and updated the banner and the pictures to higher quality.
Added some news on another upcoming film.
I don't usually go for April Fool's jokes, so I waited a day to post one - Monolith Action Figure 2010
Bad news - The Kenneth Tynan Diaries one man show Malcolm was going to do has been post posted because of a scheduling conflict, maybe list his new TV show Franklin and Bash. This is the third play in a row he's cancelled going back to 2004.
Also updated all the Star Trek mp3s.
Added 2 pictures of Malcolm to the Rock & Shock 10/16/09  thanks to Hollie.
Added the first 3 pics to Monster-Mania Con 14 thanks to Hollie for the ones with Gary & Malcolm.
Added the cover of the magazine that features the Kelley McDowell interview about the house she designed.
The conventions keep coming around the world - this time with a bonus - 2010 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo.
Malcolm will play a role we'd all like to see him do coming up in Suing the Devil.
I added the date for The Mentalist 4/29.
Added the first 2 Clockwork Costume scans of the year.
Updated the Clockwork Filming Locations with an interesting sheet of paper with Kubrick's scribbles I have a scan and translated the scribbles.
Updated the Clockwork Plays with the first one of the year - the first part already happened, but will repeat in Edinburgh later.
I found out the true story about Malcolm's house from Kelley and updated the article about the realtor listing.
Kelley has designed a house and you can buy it. Added the realtor listing and a scan.
Added some potentially huge news that Malcolm is going to be returning to TV on a regular basis.
Updated The Adicts page with new tour dates for Europe and tour poster with Clockwork Skull.
Added a page if you have any pictures or stories surviving the tempest to see MM at Monster-Mania Con 14.
Malcolm's latest film Barry Munday is coming out this weekend at the SXSW festival. Added some pictures and a longer synopsis. It looks funny.
Malcolm is coming back to NJ this weekend at Monster-Mania Con 14.

Added an 07 interview Malcolm did about Lindsay Anderson's tribute so I can get the interview section repaired. Here's 235 Interviews more to read while you are there.
I finally got my own Kozik Beethoven bust and it kicks ass. I updated the Clockwork Orange Toys page with a list of all the busts and colors and who sold them, plus a scan of them all and a scan of my yellow one.
Quick news that tonight is Malcolm's CSI: Miami episode. It was called CSI Miami To Kill a Predator. Now it's called "L.A. - Horatio and Eric go to Los Angeles to clear Jesse's name after accusations of evidence tampering arise; Horatio faces a dangerous element within the LAPD.
Added news that Malcolm is going to be on yet another show coming up.
SXSW announced the US premiere of Suck. I also updated the cast for it.
The Daily Telegraph voted Alex  in the top 10 sexiest movie monsters in their Halloween poll 10/31/09
I also heard that Malcolm might appear in an upcoming Gods of War Video Game.
Added a new page with 2 new scans called The More the Merrier for an appearance Malcolm just made.
I've got a new company and have spent days moving files and pics, don't know if it's ever be caught up.
All my sites had to be moved again since the hosting company went under under, spent the last week messing with that nonsense.
Added to The Book of Eli page the rest of My Summary.
Added to The Book of Eli page the first part of My Summary.
I finally got to see The Book of Eli which involves taking an ambulance. So I updated that page with all of Malcolm's dialog and probably the first shots you've seen of his character as they keep him hidden, he's not even in the credits of the film for some reason. Added more credits, a poster, quotes from Malcolm on his role and a press release on the red carpet premiere, news and soundtrack information.
Added news and a new page about Malcolm's return to TV in a little over a month.
Malcolm's Slipknot video made its' debut on Headbanger's  Ball this week.
Started a new page for Dark Delicacies a secret signing Malcolm did this week for Halloween.
Added 3 scans of Malcolm from the premiere of The Book of Eli.
Added a scan of John S - ACO poster tattoo on his arm that is higher quality than most.
Added 3 more scans to the Slipknot page.
I keep seeing more an more The Book of Eli TV spots, but no Malcolm meaning the role is probably a smaller disappointing one than a bigger more involved one.
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