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Character Actor
Walter Goldberg Malcolm McDowell
Romualdi Charles Aznavour
Dolores Andréa Ferréol
Le directeur d'opera Francis Lemaire
Paola Carmela Locantore
Father Abbott Pietro Pizzuti 
Major Wyatt Serge-Henri Valcke
La cantatrice Lilian Chen
Un musicien Gaston Bertin
Un musicien Olivier Caillabet
Un musicien Hadi El Gammal 
Une musicienne Mabelle Roelandt
Une musicienne Linda Schagen Van Leeuwen
Une musicienne Christine Smeysters
Le concierge Henri Morelle 
Le chauffeur de taxi Claudio Barbieri
Un garcon Michele Annunziata

Directed by Marion Hänsel
Written by Marion Hänsel from the novel "La Giacca Verde" by Mario Soldati

Foreign Titles

Germany - Das Geheimnis des Dirigenten
US - The Composer


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Canadian VHS - Front
Canadian VHS - Back

Synopsis - Official

Near the end of World War II, an unlikely friendship develops between a famous conductor and a mediocre musician while both are in hiding from the Nazis.

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