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Character Actor
Happy Malcolm McDowell
Ma Brenda Bruce
Angelina Pauline Collins
Frances Wendy Alnutt
Steff Joseph Cuby 
Jock Kenneth Colley
Brack Leslie Sands
Lord Oscar Richard Vernon
Curtis Ian Gardiner
Mrs. Holloway Freda Bamford
Police Constable Philip Newman
Solicitor David Ashford
Charlie Frank Mills

Directed by Marc Miller
Written by Alan Gosling
Produced by Irene Shubik
Lighting by Jim Richards
Design by Ron Oxley
Cinematography by Alan Jonas
Assistant Camera Remi Adefarasin


Malcolm McDowell, the star of if.... is in the BBC Television play Happy. Timeri Murari found out that: The New Steve McQueen is Still the Quite New Malcolm McDowell

    Malcolm McDowell is on the phone, listening with a worried frown as the person at the other end tells him what is wrong with his new sports car. 
    "You should've opened the black knob," the voice says. 
    "What black knob?" Malcolm asks. "I never saw a black knob". 
    "It's a lovely car," he says, when he's put the phone down, "but life gets complicated once you become successful. You have to have accountants to look after the money, and lawyers, and taxes. I don't know whether I have any money or not. In the old days I just went to the bank and knew exactly how much I had". 
    The old days for Malcolm McDowell were those five years before the fantastic success of if.... In those days he lived in a 6 a-week flat in one of the unfashionable parts of London and worked in rep at the Royal Court. He also did endless TV serials and the occasional TV play. 
    "It was a hard life. I think acting is - because of the insecurity. I never liked TV too much. We'd get three weeks for rehearsal and then the taping. In films it's more leisurely, though you have to concentrate for a longer period of time". 
     if.... was the break all actors dream about, Malcolm went to the auditions and was chosen for the part. Although the critics were enthusiastic when it opened in London nothing much happened to him. Then he went to the States when it opened in New York. 
    "They thought it was great. I was offered quite a number of scripts to read and they did take an interest in me. On the TV talk shows, they kept pigeon-holing me as the new Steve McQueen or the new Dustin Hoffman - I didn't mind too much as long as they were happy with their categories".
    Since  if.... he's been in Spain filming Barry England's novel Figures in a Landscape. The director is Joseph Losey and Malcolm's co-star is Robert Shaw. 
    After that he's making a film with Jean Simmons. "I try to look for the combination of a good script and a good director. Which is easy. Where it becomes hard is when you get a good script and a new director. He may be good. You have to decide". 
    He avoids the star circuit and the big parties. He has the same friends as before and spends most of his spare time writing a film for his own production company. The idea has been in him for eight years but before he became a success he never had the time. 



Malcolm from the article - is it from the film?
Brenda Bruce, Leslie Sands & cow


"You'll never find it, thank god actually. It was done by the BBC. It was between me shooting if... and before it opened, the fall of 1968. It was with Brenda Bruce who is a wonderful actress and Pauline Collins, another wonder actress who went on to do Shirley Valentine the movie. It wasn't very good as I remember. I had to do a Suffolk accent which is extremely difficult. I remember one line I said in it, 'You lying old peedler.' That's all I remember about it, I remember nothing else. I had to take it, I didn't want to. I had to because I was absolutely broke, so that was that." - Malcolm from my interview with him 8/11/07

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