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The most beloved fairy tale of all... continues!

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Character Actor
Lord Maliss Malcolm McDowell
Scowl the Owl  Edward Asner
Snow White Irene Cara
Muddy Carol Channing
Looking Glass Dom DeLuise
Mother Nature Phyllis Diller
Blossom Zsa Zsa Gabor
Critterina & Marina Linda Gary
Sunflower Jonathan Harris
The Prince Michael Horton
Sunburn Sally Kellerman
Thunderella/Moonbeam  Tracey Ullman
Batso Frank Welker

Directed by John Howley
Written by Robby London & Martha Moran



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Synopsis - Official

    Whatever happened to Snow White? Find out in this feature-length musical adventure brought delightfully to life by an all-star voice cast and breathtaking animated magic!
    Snow White and her Prince are busily planning their wedding when the evil Queen's wizard brother, Lord Maliss, kidnaps the Prince! Embarking on a thrilling quest to rescue her true love, Snow White enlists the help of the Dwarfellas: seven tiny, magical, comical ladies. It's one thrill after another as Snow White and her courageous companions face off against the sinister Maliss and his castle-full of outrageously off-beat creatures in this song-filled fairy tale that the whole family will love.

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