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Character Actor
The Englishman Malcolm McDowell
Mickey Almon David Keith
Matvei David Suchet
Hooker Warren Clarke
Diczek John McEnery
Susan Almon Nancy Paul
Vlasov Brian Pettifer
Bukovsky George Pravda
Jay Shane Rimmer
McHenry Bruce Boa
Yuri Eugene Lipinski
T.V. Interviewer Ray Jewers
Stolypin Guard Bogdan Kominowski
Wisinski Barrie Houghton
Vikstrom Alexei Jawdokimov
Chinaman Ivan Lee
Luba Forbes Collins
Runner Stuart Milligan
Balalaika Player Bibbs Ekkel
Pearson Dallas Adams
Lubyanka Guard #1 Nigel Bennett
Lubyanka Guard #2 John Benfield
Lubyanka Guard #3 Morten Borgersen
Guard at Station Rolf Iversen
KGB Guard #1 Bjørn Sundquist
KGB Guard #2 Aril Martinsen
Guide Jannik Bonnevie
Camp Guard #1 Per Tofte
Camp Guard #2 Rannov Nilsen
Camp Guard #3 Vidar Wold Haavik
Norwegian Soldier #1 Peter Lindbaek
Norwegian Soldier #2 Erik Malm

Directed by Roger Young
Written by Dan Gordon, Yehousha Ben-Porat and Raphael Shauli



VHS Cover - Front
VHS Cover - Back
The Englishman with Mickey

Hooker on the train


"I worked on a made for TV oater called Gulag. Most of it had been filmed in Norway, but they ran out of money, so one scene was filmed here in England. It was mid May and about three tons of sodium chloride with sodium hexafluoride was used, along with foam from a fire engine to simulate snow. I knew weeks in advance I could be filmed as an extra so I had time to grow my hair long. Apart from being extremely well rewarded, I was treated to a haircut at the end of proceedings. I could hear David Keith whining about the battery in his personal stereo being flat. Malcolm McDowell cut me dead when I tried to speak to him about Sanctus, the music used in a scene from if.... All the trees subsequently died." ;-) - AJH

Summary - Official

    Mickey Almon (David Keith) is a former U.S. Olympic Gold Medallist covering the pre-Olympic games in Moscow for an American TV network. Approached by a Russian scientist with a politically explosive document, Mickey agrees to smuggle it to the West. To his surprise, Mickey is arrested - he's been set up as a "spy" by the KGB as an example to other Westerners.
    Imprisoned and tortured in grim Lubyanka Prison, Mickey confesses his "crimes" after a promise of freedom. But, instead of passage to the U.S., he receives a sentence in the Gulag - the harsh, desolate "Nation of prisons" where escape is impossible, brutality is the rule, and survival is the only hope.
    Mickey is taught the laws of self-preservation by a cynical English spy (Malcolm McDowell) who, like the other prisoners, thinks an escape attempt is folly. However, Mickey learns a simple magic trick that proves to be the key to freedom, and he and his companions set out on a desperate flight across the Gulag's frozen, forbidding tundra.

Together Before

1968 - Malcolm and Brian Pettifer were in if....
1971 - Malcolm and Warren Clarke were in A Clockwork Orange.

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