Going Mad in Hollywood (200?)

Script completed Summer 2002. Production is on hold.
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Role Actor
Lindsay Anderson Malcolm McDowell
David Sherwin Paul Bettany
Malcolm McDowell ?

Produced by Andrew Eaton
Directed by Michael Winterbottom


This will give you an idea of possible scenes in the film.
David Sherwin's Diary of writing the script for O Lucky Man!


Read my interview with Malcolm where I ask him about it.



"I've written the script of 'Going Mad in Hollywood'. Malcolm is set to play Lindsay, and the charismatic Paul Bettany, myself. They are aiming to shoot it this summer. It'll be a wonderful comedy about sex, the nature of love, and cinema." - David Sherwin in Camera Journal Winter 2002.

"Apparently I think they are trying to get it together, but I don't believe anybody will. It is supposed to be Michael Windcock. (To Paul) You are cast as David Sherwin. When I read the script and I was bulging with laughter because it makes David Sherwin out to be some Casanova and I'm here to tell you the guy was the biggest geek. This guy couldn't get laid in a whorehouse! This is how he used to get girls, I'm serious, he would put an ad in the Evening Standard for "A secretary to a famous writer." Get this, a famous writer? He had written one movie and it hadn't even opened. Of course he would get involved with the girl that comes up to be the secretary. Usually they couldn't even type and he's supposed to be a writer writing our next film. So I said to him, 'David next time you put an ad in for a secretary I'm going to be there to interview them with you, OK?' 'Okay, okay'. Lindsay said, 'Yes, absolutely. We can't have you flogging off like that.' The next time he did was only a few months before he put the ad in again and this lovely 60 year old lady came in who was eminently qualified - could take short hand and everything! I said, 'David this is the one for you.' So he rather glumly sort of said, 'oh, OK.' So the next day I heard he got rid of her, got the bimbo who'd come in and that's I think that's the one he married. You're not to repeat this in England OK?" - Malcolm in NY 5/23/01

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