Intervention (2007)

AKA Funny Farm - it looks like Malcolm might not be in it any more.
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Character Actor
  Malcolm McDowell
  Rupert Graves
  Jennifer Jason Leigh
  Kathy Bates
  Ian Hart
  Lucy Davis

Produced, Written and Directed by Mary McGuckian



CANNES (Hollywood Reporter) - Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates has signed on to star in "Funny Farm," a British satire set in a celebrity drug and alcohol rehab clinic. She joins a cast that includes Malcolm McDowell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rupert Graves, Lucy Davis and Ian Hart.
    "Farm" is a follow-up to director Mary McGuckian's media satire "Rag Tale," being screened at the Cannes film market. "Farm" will employ the same experimental technique, with the cast choosing their own roles and working without a script. Shooting is scheduled to begin in the fall in New Mexico.
    McGuckian also aims to shoot a third film to complete what she has dubbed an "amoral comedic satire trilogy." She said she hopes to take the cast from "Rag Tale" and "Farm" to the world of Hollywood to play industry movers and shakers.
    Billed as an edgy black comedy, "Rag Tale" examines the "amorality" of the tabloid newspaper industry. "I'm really pleased that the (popular) press has got the joke (in Cannes) and reacted to the movie's message as a good-natured portrayal," McGuckian said.

Together Before

2005 - Malcolm, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rupert Graves, Lucy Davis and Ian Hart were in Rag Tale.

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