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Little Charlie's all grown up...and setting the town on fire!

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Character Actor
John Rainbird Malcolm McDowell
Charlene McGee Marguerite Moreau
James Richardson Dennis Hopper
Vincent Sforza Danny Nucci
Flashback Charlie McGee Skye McCole Bartusiak
Joel Lowen John Dennis Johnson
Special Agent Pruitt Ron Perkins
Gil James Darnell Williams
Paul Jablonski Dan Byrd
Max Czierniewski Devon Alan
Jack Czierniewski Eric Jacobs
Cody Weinberg Travis Charitan
Andrew Amalfitano Scott E. Cox
Edward Michaelson Emmett Shoemaker
Doctor Todd Patrick Breaugh
Mary Conant Deborah Van Valkenburgh
Andy McGee Aaron Lee Radl
Vicky McGee Karrie Combs
Young Man in Bus Sean Marble
Sarah Bell Micaela Nelligan
Henry Sforza Jeremy Elliott
Mr. Sforza Charles Gruber
Medical Examiner Lance Nichols
Mrs. Wanless Mary Parker Williams
Dr. Wanless Alex Nibley
Registrar Secretary Joey Miyashima
Agent Finch Roy Werner
Agent Garcia Gary Cervantes
Henderson DonRé Sampson
Smythe Charlie Paddock
Bus Station Guard Chato Alger
Lobby Guard Cary Brayboy
Guard at Gate Hosea Simmons
Girl in Library Star LaPoint
Boy in Library K.C. Clyde
Police Officer Anthony J. Lattanzio
Old Man Bernie M. Diamond

 Directed by Robert Iscove
Written by Philip Eisner


Cinescape with Marguerite Moreau

“I watched Firestarter a few minutes, after I had just finished reading the book - probably just 10 minutes and it was so not my vision of how the powers came to be. I had to shut it off because it destroys your vision of the book.” As a result, the actress views the miniseries as a continuation of the novel, not the feature film. “I loved the book. I used (Rekindled) as an excuse to read it and I saw the script as volumes two and three. I wanted to find out what happened, but I guess that’s sort of the green in me.” 
    She also admits to drawing from her own experiences to add depth to the character of adult Charlie. “I think I took [director Robert Iscove’s] character and I just took the steps that I thought she would have taken when she grows up. So much happens in adolescence and, to me, one of the things that attracted me to the script was the idea of acceptance. Does this girl accept herself? Everyone can kind of relate to that and she’s on the extreme end because, you know, she can light fires with her."
    Perhaps the highlight of this production, however, was the opportunity to work alongside two of the industry’s most legendary actors – Dennis Hopper and Malcolm McDowell. “Oh, man. The majority of my scenes are with Hopper, so I was pretty lucky. I remember we were doing this one scene in a huge train station and it’s a conversation scene for four pages. I’m in the middle of the scene and it’s a gorgeous two shot – a huge space so a lot of people can be in this space – and I realize everyone is watching and it’s like theater because it’s Hopper. And I was like, ‘All right girl, as you’re eating your soup and doing your lines, you’re going head to head. Bring it on.’ It was so exciting and he is dapper and dashing and he’s got these blue eyes that are incredibly intoxicating. And then you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, he’s crazy though.’ It was great.”
Ultimately, she looks at the project as an amazing learning experience - another step in a career she has long since conquered. “I was working with legends. I came onboard because I wanted to learn all that I could. These guys know what they’re doing. So I think I was maybe a little green, but I wanted to jump up in front of camera and say, ‘Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!’ So I think I was more excited than scared.”

PASADENA -- Press Tour Notebook - stars gathered to promote upcoming cable projects.7/ 11/01

    Malcolm McDowell, who gained an instant cult following 30 years ago with A Clockwork Orange, put some perspective on stardom while talking about his Sci-Fi Channel miniseries, Firestarter: Rekindled, set for air in December.
    ''I like to work. I'm a working actor,'' he said. ''When I'm not working, I'm nothing. I'm an out-of-work actor.''
    Though he's often associated with sci-fi, fantasy and other artsy fare (''It's easy to be great in a Stanley Kubrick film'') he revels in not being the pickiest guy on the planet.
    ''I don't really want to play a blob, though I've done that, too,'' he said. ''I ended up playing a sphincter in some movie in Canada. I did 10 movies that year, you'll have to forgive me.'' (OK, but you should have drawn the line with the sitcom that had Rhea Perlman going to college.)

Chattanooga Free Press 4/30/01
Hopper is set to join Malcolm McDowell, Marguerite Moreau and Danny Nucci in the Sci-Fi Channel's "Firestarter: The Next Chapter" miniseries currently shooting in Canada. Drew Barrymore starred in the 1984 film "Firestarter," based on the Stephen King novel about a girl with psychic firestarting powers, and the mini picks up the character some 20 years later. "Malcolm McDowell and I are going head to head," says Hopper, who plays a half-mad, natch, professor in the project. "He's an old friend of mine, and I've never worked with him, so that'll be fun."

Ogden 5/25/01 - Hollywood uses Ogden as location for "Firestarter'
Ogden 6/07/01 'Firestarter' in Ogden: Just smoldering

Ogden 6/16/01 'Firestarter' movie crew films its fiery tale
Sci-Fi Channel Magazine April 2002

Classic Lines

From the 4th TV Spot
"Some say the world will end in fire, others in ice. From what I've tasted in desire, I hold with those who favor fire." - Rainbird


No Chapter stops, menus, trailers, no extras
Runtime 168 minutes, Dolby Digital, Close Captioned, Region 1.

Scan on back features a large promo shot, nothing seen in the film. Also a tiny Malcolm and Dennis promo picture.
Cover - Front

Cover - Back

Summary from Box. 

    Charlie's back, and she's just burning for revenge!
In 1984, Stephen King's Firestarter became a horror film hit, with its frightening tale of a young couple whose involvement in a secret government drug experiment produces a dangerously gifted child. Sociopathic agent John Rainbird was instrumental in the "Lot 6" testing and earned the young girl's trust for his own ends. He then murdered her parents. Enrages, she unleashed her pyrokinetic powers, engulfing Rainbird in flames - and left him for dead.
    The child is now a woman. Charlene "Charlie" McGee (Marguerite Moreau) has spent the past 10 years on the run from the unscrupulous government agents who created her. Now she's through running and has decided to reclaim her life.
    A showdown is inevitable, and Charlie's only chance for survival lies in a turncoast government agent and a half-mad professor named Richardson (Dennis Hopper).


Exclusive chat transcript with Marguerite Moreau on scifi.com 3/8/02


"Last Thursday on my way home from work, about a mile from my house at the local Mountain View Hospital, there was a film crew at work on this sequel to the Stephen King novel turned film. I didn't get close enough to recognize who was starring in it, but they were shooting a scene where a rescue helicopter was coming into the hospital during a beautiful sunset on the mountains in the background. A lot of the shooting is taking place around the Payson/Provo Utah area where many other movies have been taken. (Bats, Footloose, etc)." - Anonymous Source



Original PB cover from the 1980 Stephen King novel.

Malcolm with Aaron Radl + Robert Iscove

Rainbird, Charlie and Vincent in front of movie theater

Rainbird, Charlie and Vincent w/moving background

Rainbird Close-up promo pose

Rainbird head shot

Rainbird indoor close-up

Charlie kissing Rainbird

Charlie firewalking through the alley

Cover scan for the Firestarter DVD
Cover - Back

Building the sets

Big Fire in town

House Fire

Rainbird (back) and Richardson
Charlie holding someone during a fire

Rainbird official promo shot with fire background

The Firestarter Press Kit contains the items below:

Sleek black tabbed box which contains the following items:
Tabbed folder with production materials, cast bios, and promotion sign-up forms
Promotional postcard
Folded promotional flyer
Three color promo slides
B&W ad slick sheet
Full size color poster
Cardboard display case for promotional flyers
A promotional potholder mounted to a black display board
A VHS cassette with two 30 second commercials for the series.

Press Releases

Original Announcement

Sci Fi Ignites Firestarter 4/17/01

Production began April 17 on The SCI FI Channel's upcoming original Firestarter miniseries, based on the Stephen King novel and starring Marguerite Moreau (Queen of the Damned), Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange), Danny Nucci (The Rock) and Dennis Hopper (Blue Velvet). The four-hour miniseries--tentatively titled Firestarter: The Next Chapter--began shooting in Salt Lake City under the direction of Robert Iscove (Cinderella), based on a script by Philip Eisner (Event Horizon).
    Firestarter: The Next Chapter picks up the story of Charlene "Charlie" McGee (played by Drew Barrymore in the 1984 feature-film version of King's novel) 20 years after the events in the original book. Charlie (Moreau) has spent the past 20 years on the run from the government that created her and killed her parents. Tired of running, Charlie searches for answers to her dangerous and out-of-control psychic fire-starting powers. She discovers those answers at the university that ran secret mind-altering experiments on her parents.
    Rainbird (McDowell), a sociopathic agent who wants to control Charlie's powers, has finally caught up with her. The secret experiments never stopped, and now Rainbird has a human arsenal of powerful children with strange psychic abilities with which to catch Charlie. In the coming battle, Charlie's only chance for survival might be a turncoat government agent (Nucci) and half-mad character named Richardson (Hopper). Firestarter is tentatively scheduled to air in December.

Production Wraps

The Sci Fi Channel has wrapped principal photography on the original series "Firestarter: Rekindled." "Rekindled" revisits the character of Charlene "Charlie" McGee 20 years after the events in the 1984 film "Firestarter," which starred Drew Barrymore in the lead role and was based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King. The modern day Charlie, played by Marguerite Moreau ("Queen of the Damned" ), is tired of running from the government that created her. As she searches for answers to explain her psychic fire-starting powers, Charlie runs into Rainbird (Malcolm McDowell), a sociopathic government agent who wants to control her. Danny Nucci ("Some of My Best Friends") and Dennis Hopper also star. The four-hour miniseries, written by Philip Eisner ("Event Horizon" ), is slated to air in December. Robert Iscove directed the project.

Chat/Website Announcement

Firestarter: REKINDLED a miniseries sequel to Stephen King's Firestarter 
*** Chat With Firestarter: REKINDLED star MARGUERITE MOREAU ***

    In 1984, Stephen King's Firestarter became a horror hit, with its frightening tale of a young couple whose involvement in a secret government drug experiment produces a dangerously gifted child. Sociopathic agent John Rainbird was instrumental in the "Lot 6" testing and earned the young child's trust for his own ends. He murdered her parents so that he personally could control her. Enraged, she unleashed her powers, engulfing him in flames; she then escaped and left him for dead.
    Re-igniting a Stephen King classic, SCI FI Channel presents Firestarter: REKINDLED, starring Marguerite Moreau, Malcolm McDowell, Dennis Hopper and Danny Nucci. Based on the novel Firestarter by Stephen King, the two-part, four-hour miniseries event will premiere in widescreen format on Sunday, March 10, and Monday, March 11, at 9PM ET/PT.
    An original sequel to the best-selling novel by Stephen King, Firestarter: REKINDLED picks up where the book leaves off. "Charlie McGee" (Moreau), a young woman gifted (and cursed) with pyrokinesis - the incredible ability to start and control fires with her mind --- has spent the past 10 years on the run from the unscrupulous government agents who created her. But now she's through running: Charlie has decided to reclaim her life.
    In support of Firestarter: REKINDLED, SCIFI.COM has produced an innovative Web site that provides information about the red-hot television event and adds to the mythos of the Firestarter saga. Designed to look like the "SYS Operations Incorporated" Intranet, the site extends the plot of the film and fills in the blanks between the end of the original Firestarter and the beginning of Firestarter: REKINDLED. After "logging in" as John Rainbird, users have access to review "Personnel Files" detailing the lives of Rainbird, Charlie and other characters, as well as "Dossiers" about the new film's mutant children. Users also can peruse entries in Rainbird's "Personal Journal," which offers unique insight into the mind of a brilliant madman and details his personal journey --- from his coma caused by young Charlie McGee's pyrokinetic fire, to his obsessive search for the grown-up firestarter. This exclusive content, created by Firestarter: REKINDLED screenwriter Philip Eisner and the SCIFI.COM editorial staff, is all-new and sheds fresh light on this riveting miniseries.
    In addition, fans will get a chance to learn more about Firestarter: REKINDLED when Marguerite Moreau, the sizzling star of this SCI FI Original miniseries, joins the SCI FI community for a live chat. Presented exclusively on SCIFI.COM, the chat is a one-hour event with Moreau, who will answer questions from chatters in the SCIFI.COM Chat Auditorium. Join us for this red-hot event on Friday, March 8, at 9PM ET/6PM PT, only on SCIFI.COM.


Click here for extended info and writings of John Rainbird which originally appeared on the official site.


"Some say the world will end in fire, others in ice. From what I've tasted in desire, I hold with those who favor fire."
"The fire starts in five days."


"When I met Malcolm in a local coffee shop him he didn't say anything about the tribute (in LA). I was so nervous that he did most of the talking. He asked questions like if I live here in Ogden (Utah) and if I like it here. When I said, "I cant stand it here." He agreed that its a pretty dull place, and said he hates the weather here (it was about 90 degrees for a week and then it just dropped, it was freezing the last 4 days they were shooting here) As for what Firestarter looked like it was amazing! We saw them shoot 3 scenes and watch two of the buildings burn that they had built. After leaving the coffee shop a reporter from the local paper asked what had happened she printed that along with a picture of the set." - nymtm


Official Mini

Charlie has stayed on the run from the government that created her - and killed her parents. However, with her enemies closing in using their own arsenal of human weapons, she must find the answers to her own dangerous abilities before her nemesis finds her. McGee, who has the ability to start fires with her mind, has spent the past 10 years on the run from the unscrupulous government agents who created her. But now she's through running.

Part 1:
Stephen King's 1980 novel Firestarter (made into a 1984 film starring Drew Barrymore) introduced Charlie, a young girl who could start fires with her mind. At the beginning of this sequel, based on King's characters, the adult Charlie (a sensual Marguerite Moreau) is researching Lot 6, the project that sparked her power. But her delving is disrupted by Vincent Sforza (Danny Nucci), an insurance agent with news of her apparent compensation from a class-action suit. Vincent follows a lead involving a mysterious scientist (played by Dennis Hopper in Part 2) to find Charlie, not realizing he's part of a scheme by Charlie's former mentor, John Rainbird (McDowell), to eliminate Lot 6 survivors.

Part 2:
Charlie and Vincent (Marguerite Moreau, Danny Nucci) escape Rainbird's trap with help from a shadowy psychic (Dennis Hopper), who informs the pair their troubles with Rainbird are only beginning. Malcolm McDowell. Mary: Deborah Van Valkenburgh.


My Full summary Part 1

    The story starts out in a cabin in the snow, Charlie is sleeping with her family and agents come in and break down the door. The family is completely taken by surprise. Charlie gets out of bed and runs into the kitchen and a Rainbird (younger with black hair) is sitting at the table. Then she wakes up. It was a bad dream, but it did happen in the past.
    Vincent works as an accountant for Sys Op (Systems Operations) and has been assigned to find all the people involved with the Lot 6 program that Charlie's parent were involved with back in 1979. There is a class action suit and everyone from the project will get paid. He is down to the last person - Richardson, when he is handed Charlie's file. He has already turned the file in twice, because she is dead. His boss Joel has been told to reopen it by Research and Development. Vincent can't understand, but has to obey.
    Meanwhile Charlie is living as Tommie Andrews and working at the library of Millington College where she attends because of what is kept there. She is hoarding files on the Lot 6 project in the 'morgue',  a basement full of declassified documents. The files are there because that is where the original Lot 6 tests took place in 1979. She is putting away books when she comes across a young couple making out and they are annoyed by her staring at something she can't really have. That night she goes out to a club and is dancing around all sexily when some guy comes on to her. They dance around then go out in the parking lot and practically have sex on the hood of a car. Clothes are half off and she is on top of him when things begin to really heat up. She has to leave him and runs around the corner which he yells at her and soon the entire alley is erupting in flames and the pavement is blistering.
    Vincent finds out that Richardson is on the payroll at the same college where Charlie is and that he comes in to pick up his checks there. He has left no forwarding address and Vincent is forced to go there and wait in hopes he shows up. The clerk tells him he has no way of knowing when Richardson will show, sometimes he comes once a year, sometimes three times a day. He does tell him about the record hall at the library so he heads off. On the way in he unwittingly bumps into Charlie who is on her way out. He goes in and finds her hidden stash of files including one on Richardson and an old dat tape. He takes both.
    He sends the tape to his brother Henry who converts it to an mpeg file and emails it to him. They both watch it together - it is an old Lot 6 project tape that shows all the patients and how something goes horribly wrong with them. He is able to find out the doctors name from a file card on the tape and sets out to find him.
    Meanwhile Charlie freaks when she finds out that some of the files are missing and sets out to find them. 
    The doctor has died, but his wife has saved all the papers from his work which includes files and a film of Charlie. He learns that Charlie wasn't even involved with the project, but that her parents were and she was an accident. He sets up the projector to watch the film when the doorbell rings. He is watching the film when Charlie comes in. She remembers what happens on the film. It is the day the agents came to her house and shot her father and she burns them all up. By the end of the film she is dizzy and Vincent is concerned.
    The wife explains that she is a student working on a paper and he has told her a story about how the doctors experiments have helped win the cold war, so they agree to sort of work together.
    Back at Sys Op we find that it is really Rainbird pulling the strings. There is a new project underway called 'Project Radiant' and Rainbird has a whole new crop of children with special powers. He feels everyone left over from Lot 6 is a danger and wants them eliminated, except for Charlie. The story about the class action lawsuit is a sham. He leaves a meeting with all the top backers and goes to visit the new children who all love him. One kid, Paul, can do mind control and is making the nurse open up her shirt and another, Andrew, is blind, but who can see with his mind. They stop what they are doing when John shows up. The kids are upset that John pays so much attention to Cody who is supposed to be very special and has his own room, but in fact does nothing…yet. He is like a father figure to them and they want to hear more about Charlie. He complies and tells them what happened after she left the farm. She was walking with her father in a new town and he came along and took her away while his men grabbed her father. She is taken to the project building for tests and will not perform because her father told her not to. Rainbird pretends he is an orderly and is nice to her. He also tells her that her father is alive and he will talk to him if she wants because he wants to help her. Last he tells her to just give them a little of what they want and then they'll have to let her see her father.
    Vincent and Charlie are working at the doctors house because the wife won't let the papers leave the house. Vincent wants to find out what Charlie is working on. She doesn't really tell him and he reveals that he is looking for some people on his list. He tells her who and she wants to know if he knows where Charlie is. He says he thinks she is dead and tells her about the bad things he has seen on the tape. The wife overhears and wants them out. They both agree that she knew what the doctor was really up to.
    They leave and go off to get a cheeseburger. He tells her he finds the people, but doesn't hand out the money. She is suspicious of the motives of the company and tells him he really doesn't know what happens then. His brother calls and tells him to check a certain frame of the file he sent. They watch as it shows a clipboard and pen flying through the air. Charlie freaks and runs out. He goes after he and she tells him the reason she was working on trying to find a cure for these people and he wants to help. His says maybe there is red kryptonite that could render their powers void. She corrects him explaining that he means gold kryptonite. He is intrigued that a chick likes superman.
    Meanwhile Vincents' partner at Sys Op, Gil James, has gone to the house of the last person that Vincent located - Mary Conani. He finds her and tries to tell her about the check he has for her, but she doesn’t fall for it and won’t open the door. She lives in a house with many locks and curtains drawn, dreading this day. He leaves when he notices cat food outside the door.
    Vincent and Charlie go back to his apartment so she can look at the files he has. She finds a picture of Vincent and his father and wants to know what happened to him. He tells her that his father never really loved him, cheated on his mother and left them. He has been on his own without a father since he was nine. She can relate since she has been along for the same amount of time. She pulls him over and they start to go at it. They tear off the sheets and each others clothes and are all hot and sweaty when she notices things are starting to burn. Once again she runs away. Vincent doesn’t understand, but wants to. She tells him she doesn’t want to hurt him because she likes him. He turns on the light and sees the room is smoking and many things are burned up. His cell  phone was in his jacket and is OK. So he calls his boss and tells her that he has found Charlie and Joel puts him right through to Rainbird who tells him what to do.
    Mary hears something break an goes to investigate. She grabs a very large knife thinking someone is in the house, but it turns out to be just a lamp that fell over. Just then there is a mad pounding at the door. A man is yelling that he ran over a cat and that it is in bad shape, but still alive. She panics and lets him in - it is Gil again. He has other plans though and wrestle the knife away from him. He puts a bag over her head and suffocates her and sets it up to look like a suicide. He calls Rainbird up to tell them that this file is closed.
    Rainbird asks Joel if Vincent is trustworthy and he tells him that he is honest. Rainbird told Vincent to convince Charlie that she could be helped if she came back to Sys Op. Vincent tracks her down and does just that, telling her he knows who she is, but she isn’t interested and runs away. He tells her just to think about it and that he’ll be there every step of the way to make sure nothing goes wrong.
   Eventually she does decide to trust him and when Vincent tells Joel he wants to be there he tells him that it isn’t possible and that he needs to find Richardson instead. He also asks him who converted the tape for him and he says it was his brother. Vincent becomes suspicious and starts putting clues together. He goes to the computer and finds out that there are no payments being made. He confronts Gil and he tries to tell them they don’t want the public to find out and the funds are hidden. Then he runs the names of the people he found for the company and all of them are dead. He calls his brother and tells him to get out of his apartment right away. His brother thinks he has lost it until he sees men pulling up to his place and decides to take Vincent’s advice. He takes off right before the killers get there.
   Charlie arrives at Sys Op in a cab and finds out she has to go through a town to get to the area where she is supposed to go. It is like a Hollywood set. She finds Rainbird there and he explains to her about the project being restarted and how important she is to it. He wants to create god and see if he will pass judgment on him since he already died and came back. She remembers how he tricked her when she was young and how he killed her father in front of her. She then unleashes a fireball on him and leaves him for dead. Vincent’s partner is now leading Vincent in at gunpoint. Vince went to check on his brother and they captured him and soon he is able to get the gun away from him, but he can’t shoot anyone so instead he and Charlie take off.
   Agents are all over the place and there isn’t really anywhere for them to run. They get trapped in a back alley and go trough a door into a lab. It turns out it was a trap and that the kids with the powers are there. The mind control kid makes Vincent shoot himself in the foot and another kid who can scream a shock wave pins Charlie to the wall. They are disappointed in her until she sets the mind control kid on fire and ties the screamer up.
   They go down another hall and the agents have trapped them. Charlie tells Vincent to put away the gun while she takes care of it. She shoots fire missiles at the three agents and locks down the place. The head agent is Vincents’ old partner and he gets burned, one flees and one dies. Vincent and Charlie go to leave when they notice all the fire being sucked away. Vincent asks if she is doing that and she tells him no. They follow the fire into another room where Cody is. His special talent is being able to suck up the fire and she is scared of him. She hits him really hard with much fire energy and he goes down. When she goes to check on him we find out it was a trick. He grabs her wanting more and won’t let go. Then he proceeds to empty her of as much fire and life force as he can until she is unconscious. To be continued...

Part 2

    Vincent pulls a gun on Cody while he holds on to Charlie. Rainbird walks in and he wants to trade the boy for Charlie. John agrees, but isn't worried. Gil comes up behind him and knocks him out. Charlie leaves Vincent and escapes.
    Joel yells at Gil telling him he screwed up getting Charlie, but to get out there and find Richardson. He is checking the damage Charlie caused the project and is considered. He wants to get Charlie because Rainbird said to, but Joel reminds him that he is his boss, not Rainbird.
    Charlie runs into herself when she is little and tells her she broke her promise and must go back. Grown up Charlie doesn't want to, but young Charlie tells her she shouldn't break her promises. Then a guard in a bus station wakes her up telling her she can't sleep there. She isn't living there, but is getting on a bus to Phoenix in 20 minutes. The guard leaves and a voice tells her she is thinking about going back for Vincent. She thinks she is losing it for a second, then realizes the voice isn't in her head, but behind her. It is Richardson, he has finally come for her.
    He tells her he can see the past, present and future all at once. She wants to know how he found her and he said he was waiting for her there because it is where they meet. She thinks he is crazy. He tells her they must go back to Vincent, but she isn't going. He tells her she may say that, but that isn't what she'll do. In one minute the agents will be there and she can wait. She doesn't.
    They head off in his car and he explains that she goes to rescue Vincent and he dies. She can't believe that he really knows these things, but he does. He never lies.
    Vincent is strapped down at System Operations in the room with all the kids. The doctor kid wants to cut him open, but John stops him. He wants to know everything about Charlie. Vincent doesn't understand because John already knows everything about her. He wants to know what she smells like and what she does when you tickle her back. He missed her growing up. Vincent is weirded out and won't talk so the doctor kid jams a huge needle into his bullet wound and he howls. He has the mind control kid make him feel like his eyes are on fire. Vincent talks, but doesn't have much to tell. He doesn't know where Charlie is going or if she has anywhere to go, but if he did he would tell him. John believes him. Vincent wants to know how long this has been going on. He tells him Charlie was a product of Lot 6 and this latest batch is Lot 23. He also explains that after Charlie's unpredictable nature he will only work with boys.
    Charlie finally arrives looking for Rainbird and tries to get past the guard, but the guard tells him there is no Rainbird there. So she sets a big tree in the lobby on fire and the guard freaks. She sneaks by and gets in the building. The fire has activated the alarm and the sprinkler system. Every hallway is filling up with water and Charlie is getting soaked. She is searching for Vincent, but Rainbird is ahead of her. He locks him up in a cell and hides in there with him. When she melts the lock off, Vincent runs to her and John grabs him. Cody want to go see Charlie after the blind kid tells him she is there. Paul, the mind control kid, is the oldest and wants to be the boss, but is powerless to stop Cody. He leaves with three of the other kids.
    Rainbird wants to trade Vincent for her. She agrees, but he knows better. Vincent elbows Rainbird and runs off. They round a corner and the kids are there waiting for her, but they do nothing to stop them. John tries to catch up with them, but they work their way out of the building, through the fake town and out the door to Richardson's waiting car.
    Mary is going to be autopsied, but she isn't really dead yet. She is screaming in her mind, but can't scream out loud. The doctor is going to cut her brain open and she stops the drill with her mind, but he gets it running again and goes to put it to her head when she screams out. They put her in the hospital and she has the FBI come in after she tells about how Sys Op tried to murder her. They don't believe her until she screws with all the power in the room.
    John isn't happy with the kids and won't tell them any more stories because they let him down when they let Charlie go. Gil comes in while he is explaining this and he tells Gil he can help them with his lesson. Since Gil has failed him twice he needs to be disciplined. When the group leaves the room, Gil is dead.
    Vincent, Charlie and Richardson stop at some hole-in-the-wall diner somewhere and Charlie tells him Vincent should leave them, but he can't now. She wants to know what Rainbird wanted and he says everything. He wants to know intimate details about her and he seems obsessed. He said he talks like he was her father. She isn't happy he said that because he isn't her father. He knows that though. She tells him he loves her. He tells her that his sick vision isn't love. She asks him why he doesn't go to the hospital to see his father. "It hurts," he tells her. "That's right, love hurts," she explains.
    He goes inside and gets a hold of his brother and he is OK. He wants to go to the hospital that night and see his father. His borther tells him not to say that unless he means it. After that he'll run to Canada with Charlie so he won't put his family in danger. Plus the snow there can keep the fire in check.
    The FBI finds out that there really is a Rainbird, Gil James and Sys Op and bring Mary with them to investigate. Joel thinks Rainbird has screwed up the project by letting Charlie escape. He tells him that it won't matter, even if the feds do show up, which they do soon after. He meets with them and tries to convince them that nothing is going on. They don't really buy it and want to see Gil and John signals the kids. He takes them to Gil who is now on ice. They move to arrest John, but it is too late - the kids have arrived. They make them put their guns away and control them.
    Rainbird is escorting the men out having fully convinced them there is nothing there. Mary wants to know what is taking so long and the third agent tells her not to worry. Then she sees them and tells him that is Rainbird. The other two agents say that there is nothing there, just a factory that makes titanium bindings for skis. Mary freaks out and grabs the third agents gun and goes after Rainbird put the two agents fire on her and kill her before she can harm anyone.
    Richardson takes them to a town and hey get out. Charlie recognizes the town - it is the same exact to as the fake town at Sys Op. Before they know it Rainbird is there and all the kids are playing in a nearby park. Charlie is shocked and saddened that Richardson sold them out. He tells he that Rainbird got to him first. He was going to torture him, but Richardson agreed to bring to Charlie to him not because he wanted it, but because that was what had to happen. Charlie still can't believe he would do this to her after she trusted him and lied about everything. He tells her that he didn't lie about anything and was exactly who he said he was. He tells Rainbird he will never see him again and drives off. Vincent and Charlie try to leave, but then notice the kids are everywhere. Vincent sees that there are cameras all around and track them to Joel's command center where they overhear the plan to take out the bank. The project is about to begin with the kids demonstrating their powers to rob the bank. Rainbird has other plans. Vincent tries to do something and tells a cop that kids are going to take down the back and of course think he is nuts.
    Night begins to fall and Charlie realizes that they are waiting for her to act. She confronts John and he tells her that he will kill the whole town and it is up to her to stop him. She isn't interested and walks away. Joel is freaking out that Rainbird allowed Charlie to come there and that the project was ruined. He tells Joel that she is the most important thing. Vincent can't believe Charlie is running and goes off to confront the kids. He grabs the banshee kid and he screams, sending a shockwave that blows up the front of the bank. Chaos ensues and people are running everywhere. Rainbird gets up and we see that he has finished off Joel.
    All the other kids are using their powers to make more chaos. One flips cars, another throws things through buildings, Paul makes people think they are blind and Cody sucks the life out of people. Soon enough Vincent is surrounded and about to be forced to cut his own throat with a piece of glass. Just then Charlie returns and they stop. She tells them John is using them for evil like he did with her, but they don't believe her, except for the blind kid who knows the truth. While she is talking, Rainbird jumps up and grabs Vincent. John threatens to kill Vincent if she won't show him what she is made of. She won't. Since she won't do it, he must force her. He stabs Vincent and leaves him. He dies soon after. She loses control and starts launching fireballs at everything blowing up most of the town. All the kids leave except for Cody. She confronts Rainbird asking if he wants god to forgive him. "no, only to pass judgment," he tells her. She grabs him and begins to kiss him hard, passing the fire to him internally. Soon he is burning and explodes, leaving only a skeleton that turns to dust. Meanwhile Cody is sucking in all the fire from the buildings and wants her to give him her worst. She grabs him and fully unleashes on him and there is a massive explosion and he drops to the ground.
    Soon after Charlie goes to the hospital to see Vincent's father. His brother is with him when she arrives. She tells him that Vincent was coming to see him, but didn't make it. She also tells him to be proud of him and turns to leave. The father asks how she knew him and he tells him that he helped her a lot and taught her to trust again.
    Then we see her getting on a bus to somewhere and the kids from the project are sitting in their room at Sys Op wondering what to do and Cody is with them. The bus pulls away. The End.

My Review

    I've never seen so much hype for anything Malcolm has ever been in. In fact this is the most promotion I've ever seen on a TV movie. If you didn't know this series was coming you had to have been living in a vacuum for the last couple of weeks. While they focused heavily on Charlie, Malcolm did get top billing and was very prominent in a handful of trailers and had his own TV spot.
    I was certainly looking forward to it because it looked like a large role for Malcolm and a very sick role as well. Not only was half his face badly burned, he was painted as a really sick old man with his obsession with Charlie. He certainly didn't disappoint. If you are familiar with the villain Two-Face from Batman, this will give you an idea of how he looked. The right side of his face is basically normal and the left side is badly burned, looking a bit by Freddy Krueger. His hands and legs are also burned, but are never shown. We can tell because he always wears heavy gloves, holds one arm up and walks with a limp. He plays the character evilly, but very laid back. Because of his wounds, he can't move fast or be very violent himself. He does kill two men, but is with very fast jabs with a pipe to a neck. He prefers to let his new batch of Children - Lot 23 do the dirty work. One of my favorite scenes is after Charlie escapes from Sys Op. He is sitting in the room with the children and they ask him to tell a story and it doesn't have to be about Charlie and he replies, "nope" all hurt. There are also a couple scenes of him as a younger Rainbird with his hair dyed all black which answers the question of what he would look like if his hair wasn't white in real life. Very different, much younger. It was interesting that they had these scenes because Malcolm wasn't in the original Firestarter film. So instead of using clips from it, which they probably weren't allowed to anyway, they recreated them using him. Another great scene is when he is going through Charlie's stuff and smelling her clothes, his eyes roll back,  and he is asking Vincent crazy questions like, "Does she still roll over when you tickle her back?" Right before the final showdown he narrates a long poem, like in the 4th trailer, which was excellent.
    Dennis Hoppers' role was a bit disappointing. He was hyped as going head-to-head with Rainbird, but wasn't even in the first part of the film. They only have one big scene together and that was in a flashback. Rainbird didn't even get to torture him because Richardson agrees to go along with him. Their second scene is just when he leaves Charlie in the town. His role is also very laid back. He knows the future so he is just forced to go along with it and shows no emotion and doesn't raise his voice. He is almost robotic.
    Marguerite was made out to be almost a porno star. I tried to ask her about that during the chat on scifi.com, but they wouldn't let that one go through. I wonder what she thought about it all. She might've been flattered, but is makes her into more of a sex symbol, instead of an actress. The endless showing of the trailers that played on her sexuality and having the camera go close up every inch of her body got really old, really fast. I suppose that was because they were trying to attract the sci-fi fanboy crowd that watches the channel.  She did a good job during the film and if you are into her, you got to see a lot of her. During the first sex scene in the parking lot, clothes are flying off and she unzips the guy and jumps on top of him down to only a sports bra and mini skirt. This is the first ridiculous scene. It is basically the same story as Cat People. In that film when they have sex, they turn into cats. In Firestarter if she has sex she sets fire to everything around her. Knowing that information, why would she do it? The risk is incredible including killing her partner and burning everything else. She goes from a packed club, to an empty parking lot then an abandoned alley right outside and everything blows up and burns, but no one is there? No one gets hurt!? Give me a break, there would have been lots of people hurt just so she could get a cheap thrill and not even finish? Or are they saying her unleashing all that fire is her orgasm? The other scene that doesn't make sense is when she sets fire to the tree in the lobby the sprinkler system in the entire complex goes off, water is everywhere. This is unnecessary and led me to believe the only reason was to show Charlie all wet.
    The other project kids acted well, none seemed unrealistic. A bit more explanation of their powers could've helped a bit though. Two kids seemed to have the same power to move objects, but did they? Rainbird could've introduced them one by one in  a quick scene.
    Danny did OK as Vincent, but seemed a bit too goody goody. He looks like a young Robert Downey Jr. He is supposed to be a smart agent, but is blissfully unaware what is going on? A bit unrealistic. The worst part is when Paul makes him shot himself in the foot. There is no blood, his shoe remains intact and he is able to just limp around for the rest of the film. He receives no medial treatment, doesn't wrap it and in fact when he is tortured the kid exacerbates the wound, which is on his ankle and on the wrong foot!? He should have bled to death. The good thing is that he does die just like Richardson said he would. At least they didn't sugar coat the final showdown.
    Overall it is a likeable film that holds your interest. It isn't groundbreaking, but it isn't poorly done either. It is weird how they made everyone seem so laid back with only Charlie unleashing her anger at the end. I am also not sure what angle they were going for with Rainbird's desire to make god and pass judgment on him. Maybe because he came back from the dead once that he thought he was immortal? It also seemed like the made it a bit too X-File-ish with the secret group, kids with powers and even Joel looked a lot like Skinner, the agents boos and he had to answer to a mystery figure like the Cancer Man (Rainbird). They also left it wide open at the end since none of the kids from the project died. Firestarter 3 could show them hunting Charlie bent on revenge.  I don't know how they expect to turn a profit with all the money the spent on it, but maybe the are counting on DVD sales. I hope the DVD has some good extras, behind the scenes, making of, interviews, outtakes, etc.

Rating 7/10


Each trailer adds the footage from the previous trailer.

1st  - Teaser
The first one is quite short and tries to be mysterious. It shows Marguerite in a studio with lines on the screen. 
"What is the hottest new miniseries coming to television?" 
Then Charlie taping her fingers on her waist.
"You're getting warmer."
Charlie puts her hands on her hips.
Camera closes in Charlie's face.
"Really Hot."
Then the Firestarter Logo.

2nd - Getting Warmer - full

The second trailer finally shows footage from the movie. It starts out exactly the same as the first one then shows clips with no dialogue. Clips are Charlie in the street turning her head, fireball hits a building, with a man trapped in side, Charlie close-up with billowing hair staring possessed, Rainbird with the burned face laughing, Richardson talking to Rainbird who is seen from the back, Charlie holding a child amidst a firestorm then the date it starts.

3rd  - Porno - full
I don't know what happened, but now they make the movie look like a softcore porno film. They have a jazzy porno type music play and show show close-ups of Marguerite's body. The female announcer talks while they show this. 
The camera travels up her feet where she has knee high leather boots with high heels rubbing up against each other.
"Her perfect man?"
The camera goes shows her hand running down her thigh where she is wearing a short leather mini skirt.
Then shows her hand running up her midsection over her breasts where she is wearing a tight leather jacket which zips up the front and looks like there is nothing underneath.
Then her hand runs up the back and side of her neck while her head hangs back with her eyes closed.
Then her eyes open and it goes to the clips in the 2nd trailer. After the Richardson clip the new clips start. It shows Charlie almost having sex near the hood of a car. Her dress is riding way up her butt and the guy is holding her in the air and her legs are wrapped around him. He is kissing her neck and her head throws way back. Then Charlie against a wall pummeled by wind, a fireball hitting a building and Charlie rising up from the street. What happened to the sci-fi aspect of the film? Long gone. They play to much on instead of hot and fire, that hot means sex.

4th - Fire and Ice - full 30 seconds
This is the best one as it just shows Rainbird, who is on a set and doesn't look like he does in the clip from the film. He looks less burned and it seems like it was done later. He says only one line, which plays over new clips then it goes to the 3rd trailer with the inserted sex scene. It is a new Malcolm classic, 
"Some say the world will end in fire, others in ice. From what I've tasted in desire, I hold with those who favor fire."
It starts out with a dark clip of Charlie walking down the street with fire in the background and an evil close-up. Then Rainbird speaks the lines, a black man shooting a gun in a fire, a fireball hitting him, Rainbird making out with Charlie and she looks into it, Charlie looks over and a bus stop blows up and Rainbird finishing his lines. Then to the 3rd trailer clips.
At the end the announcer says, "Firestarter Rekindled, a Sci-Fi original miniseries event based on the novel by Stephen Ling. Premiere on March 10th at 9 PM, only on Sci-Fi. Brought to you in part by Volkswagon."

Note: Alternate sponsored by messages include Verizon, Bailey, Jeep and others

Note: Malcolm's line is from 'Fire and Ice' by Robert Frost.

The entire text of the poems is:
Some say the world will end in fire, other say in ice. 
From what I have tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. 
But, from what I know of hate, I think that ice is also great and would suffice.

5th  - What are you made of?
Shots of Charlie with Rainbird talking over it, questioning her, pushing her.

6th   - Contest
Repeats the porno trailer intro (no clips) then goes into a Hawaiian volcano "The Hottest place on Earth" vacation contest info spot.

7th - Montage - short
Short montage of new shots including Rainbird inside a room. The female narrator says "Dennis Hopper, Malcolm McDowell and Marguerite Moreau in Firestarter." While the clips play.

8th - Oven mitts
Close up of Charlie from the 1st trailer and female announcer speaking over it.
"How do you handle a girl this hot? Oven mitts."

9th - Power
Charlie walking on a CGI set and Rainbird talking the whole time with half the lines from the 5th one. She clenches her fists and the ground beneath her starts to crack open.

10th - Mind
She lights fires with her mind.

11th - Preview
This came after Part 1 with clips from Part 2.

Other channels
Get the 2nd trailer and at the end 'check your local listings' on Sci-Fi. Has been seen on TNT and E!
Later they had the 4th trailer which was the same until the very end where a scene with Richardson driving Charlie in a car was added.

TV Spot 1
This shows only Malcolm who looks the same as he does in the 4th trailer and says, "The fire starts in 10 days time." Of course every day the number gets lower. From the ninth day on he changed it to, "The fire starts in x days."

TV Spot 2
This is just like the one with Malcolm, but features Dennis Hopper on a street corner saying, "The fire starts in xx days."

TV Spot 3
This is just like the others, but has Marguerite saying, "The fires starts in x days."

On the bottom right corner of the screen the Firestarter: Rekindled logo appears then a fireball covers it and the words "ignites in xx days" appear.

Radio Spot
Sci-Fi is even advertising on the radio. I have heard it on the Howard Stern show. He says he loved the original, but only saw it once. "20 years later they've got the Firestarter all hot, hotter than Drew Barrymore." They are allowed to pretty much say what they want and he was saying how the girl was even hotter than girls in X-rated films. 

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