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A Clockwork Orange (ACO)

Malcolm McDowell/Other Roles

Your Humble Narrator/Website

Read a 2005 interview with me that covers many things.

A Clockwork Orange (ACO)

I know you said you can't get an accurate ACO codpiece, but I really want one!

They are a thing of the past and are not obtainable as they are an outdated cricket style. It's not really a collectible so you can't find them on eBay either. Do you save your old underwear? If you don't like the fag bag idea you can go with a cup and jock strap from a sporting goods shop. You can also try a fetish shop. It helps if you live in a big city and aren't nervous about being seen there. Back to Top

Have you seen the R-rated version of ACO? Where can I get it?

Yes, I do own it on a few formats. It has never been released on DVD and never will be because it's not the version Kubrick wanted. You'll have to track down an old 1984 or earlier VHS or LD or I can make a DVD transfer. Back to Top

Do you know where I can get that Alex action figure from Japan?

Because it is unofficial (AKA semi illegal) It was a very limited run and sold out. Besides it was way too expensive at $350+, but if you must have it, they turn up on eBay from time to time. Back to Top

Why do you think on some sites it says Burgess had to write the 21st chapter to get it released in the US?

Because they are idiots? That is pure crap and is the problem with the internet. Someone posts something wrong and others just mindlessly requote it. The truth is the 21st chapter came out in the UK ONLY at first. Back to Top

When Dim hits Alex with his club while Alex is underwater. It looks fake, don't you think?

No. Malcolm was really underwater and almost drown on the first take. Back to Top

Where in the record shop can you see the Beatles album?

The Magical Mystery Tour is on the top shelf. Back to Top

When Alex has his dream of "such lovely pictures". From which films do the visions come from? 

The cavemen are from One Million Years B.C. (1966) and the hanging is from Cat Ballou (1965). Back to Top

What is Alex doing when he says "O bliss, bliss and heaven" ?

He's masturbating. Back to Top

Is there somewhere to purchase the Beethoven poster similar to one Alex has on his pull down  blind?

No, it has never been offered and was created specifically for the film. Christie's tried to auction off one that Kubrick rejected in 2001, but there were no takers. Back to Top

What are the Dancing Christs supposed to represent?

Art and Joy. Back to Top

Why does Alex have the red color on his arm when he is in prison?

To show he is the chaplain's assistant. Back to Top

How could Kubrick make ACO when Mick Jagger had bought the rights from Burgess?

That's a myth. The Rolling Stones never, ever had the rights and never, ever wanted to make the film. Back to Top

What happened to all the props used in ACO because I have never seen one for sale?

Kubrick kept almost all of the props from his films. The record player and the original artwork for the poster were stolen or lost and never found. The only thing Kubrick didn't wind up with was a bowler hat Malcolm kept and another bowler sent to artist Philip Castle who kept it because Kubrick never asked for it back. Castle also has a Korova milk dispenser since needed it for the poster. Also I bid on Georgie's boots that were in a Christie's auction in 2002. Many paintings seen in the film were done by Kubrick's wife so she still has them. Some of the props are on tour in a Kubrick exhibit. Back to Top

Who is Erika Eigen that sings "I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper"?

She was part of a girl group called Sunforest who recorded only one album The Sound of Sunforest in 1969. Back to Top

Why do you think there are two versions of "I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper."?

Kubrick wanted Terry Tucker to rerecord it for the film so it is different from the Sunforest album.. You can read the lyrics to both versions here. Back to Top

What is the song the plays during the orgy sequence?

The William Tell Overture. Check the ACO Soundtrack page Back to Top

What happened to the neon HOME sign from the movie + does the house still exist?

I would guess the Kubrick estate might have it. It is a real house, the interior is called Skybreak and is still there. Back to Top

Do you have any information on the actual covers of ACO on VHS and the Book?

If you check out my book and memorabilia page you'll see there are tons of different ones. The books are done by the publisher and every country has versions with different covers. The videos are basically just the movie poster and they are done by WB. Back to Top

What is the film clip that comes in the special DVD ACO set?

It is a reproduction of a piece of one scene of the film. It is a close-up of Alex in the Milkbar. Back to Top

Where is a good place to buy ACO shirts on-line?

Some sites carry a few, but your best bet is Any day of the week there are a dozen or more different styles. Back to Top

Why doesn't the novel come with a nadsat glossary anymore?

When the novel was published in the US in 1963 the nadsat glossary was added so the Americans could handle it. This was against Burgess' wishes. He wanted to force people to learn on their own and have to pick up a Russian dictionary. He was able to get it removed with the publication of the 21st chapter. Back to Top

Where did the idea for Alex's single eyelash come from?

Malcolm was looking in a mirror on the set so he could put them on and after he put the first one on Kubrick just happened to walk by and said that looked perfect, so he never put the other one on. Back to Top

Has there ever been an ACO Convention or midnight showings of the film?

No, officially or unofficially. There are occasionally midnight showings of the film in big cities like New York, Los Angeles and London. The only problem with midnight showing is by the time the film starts after midnight it doesn't end until almost 2:30 am. The one time I did this 95% of the people were asleep by the time it was almost over. Back to Top

What is the story behind the "Singin' in the Rain" scene? It wasn't in the book.

In 1972 Malcolm tells the story. "And much of the film was never in the scenario. When we got to the scene where the writer is beaten and his wife raped, Stanley suddenly called, 'Hey, Malcolm, can you sing and dance?' I can't do either. I said, 'Oh, yes, Stanley, sure,' and just sort of started dancing, then kicking the writer. And I began 'Singin' in the Rain,' as it's the only song I know."

In the book Alex says, "Ordinary prestoopnicks are stupid, but I'm not ordinary and nor am I dim. Do you slooshy?" 
"Dim," said F. Alexander, like musing. "Dim. That was a name somewhere. Dim." "Eh?" I said. "What's Dim got to do with it? What do you know about Dim?"

Mr. Alexander remembers hearing the name Dim from when his wife was raped and puts it together who Alex is. Back to Top

I am looking for the dancing Jesus' in Alex's bedroom or a replica. Please help!

The "Dancing Christs" is the nickname. Officially it is "Christs Unlimited". A guy made his own and I bought a set before they shut him down. Now a Japanese company sells two for $300 which is a rip. When I met Malcolm I asked him if he knew what happened to it and he replied, "No! I wish I had it!" Back to Top

What is the name of Alex's pet snake in the book?

Basil was added just for the movie and was not in the book. Kubrick mistakenly thought Malcolm was afraid of snakes and wanted to use the snake to scare him. Back to Top

What are and how can I get those boots Alex and his droogs wear?

They are U.S. Army Paratrooper boots and are easily available in the United States at Army/Navy or Army surplus stores. Just ask for them and they'll know what you mean. You are on your own in foreign countries though. For more check out my Alex Costume page. Back to Top

If Alex can get girls, like in the record shop, then why would he go out and rape?

Because he can get away with it.  It's part of the power he gets off on. Any kind of sexual abuse - physical or verbal is power over one that is weaker than you. You could also say he was on drugs when he did it. Or you could say he did it for his droogs who were too ugly to get the old in-out, in-out from someone willingly. Back to Top

What songs on the soundtrack go with which scenes?

Check the ACO Soundtrack page. Under the title I listed where each track occurred. You can also check the ACO DVD page to find them by scene on the DVD. Back to Top

What is the correct spelling of Alex's full name?

It depends where you want to go. In the book it is:
Alexander the Large

In the film script it is:
Alexander de Large

Later in the film as a nod to the author in the newspaper headline it is:
Alexander Burgess Back to Top

Do you have any info on the ACO remake by Steven Spielberg?

Yes, it is a hoax. It was an April Fool's joke in 1999 by The Onion that keeps resurfacing as the truth  because many just printed it as fact. George Lucas was listed as the producer. It is not true! Back to Top

What year is the setting for ACO?

It is never specified, though there is one hint. "The Durango 95 purred away real horrorshow."
This means anywhere after 1995. Back to Top

What are the locations where ACO was filmed?

I have a list of of them on the Filming Locations page. Only 4 shots in the film weren't filmed on location. Back to Top

Why was ACO Banned in the UK?

Note: The film was banned from 1973 until his death in 1999.

There were many people emulating the violence in the film and in court it became known as the "Clockwork Orange Defense" - to blame your actions on the film. Kubrick took a lot of heat for that. He claims he received death threats and feared for his families safety so it was a self imposed ban by the director himself - not the studio. He told Warner Brothers and they complied. It all sounds like an overreaction, but most likely he didn't want to be bothered any more. Back to Top

What was with the eBay seller who claimed to have real ACO hats in 2002?

The are obvious fakes. For the Dim hat he claimed the hat says DIMM which is short for DIMMITRI which is totally made up as anyone would read the novel knows. Here is a response from someone who bought from this same seller.

"I noticed on two items I received, that the letter,  from the supposed previous owner, was signed oddly enough by the same hand and pen. Obviously, the letters of previous owners of the  merchandise are phony." Back to Top

Who played Pete and has he made any other movies since ACO?

His name is Michael Tarn and I think it was his first and last role in films. I have never read anything about him and would love to interview him. The only time I saw him talk about it was in Stanley & Us. Back to Top

Why wasn't the 21st chapter of ACO filmed?

Kubrick didn't feel that it worked. He originally told Anthony Burgess that he didn't film it because he had only seen the US version that had 20 chapters, but that was a fib. If he did film it that would've wrapped it up perfectly, but Kubrick prefers mysterious endings. Back to Top

Why couldn't the Ludovico method let Alex keep a healthy sexual appetite?

If you go by book more than the film he isn't healthy. The only way he can get off is by raping. Mrs. Alexander and the 2 ten year olds are the only ones he is with in the book. He can no longer have a normal sexual relationship. In the 21st chapter that is what he starts longing for. Back to Top

Why is the ending of ACO a happy ending?

The happy ending is he can imagine performing the old in-out in-out real savage in front of a bunch of sophistos without being put off his lunch. Back to Top

Was Alex raping the girl in the last scene of ACO?

I don't think so. That's why she is on top and smiling. The scene originally showed the girl running from him and he chases her down and they roll around. It could go either way and Malcolm even said Alex went back to raping in an interview.  The full scene never made it to the film, but I have a still photo. Back to Top

What are the droogs costumes based on?

In the book is was originally based on the Mods and the Rockers of that time. The costumes match the ones in the book, except they are white - the book was black and there were designs on the codpieces. The bowler was to stick it to the upper class. Back to Top

Can I get a copy of the X-rated version of "ACO"? What's the story?

ACO was released on 12/19/71 with an X-rating, which at the time meant no one under 16 admitted. On 8/25/72 Kubrick eventually decided he better trim the film if it was to turn a profit. Nothing was technically cut, but 30 seconds of film were replaced with less graphic footage. It was some close-up genital contact during the "orgy" and explicit shots of the rape scene in the Ludovico film. The only problem is when a director pulls a film, it can't just be put back out. It has to be resubmitted to get a new rating. So ACO was out of theaters at the end of October 1972 and came back with the R-rating on January 1, 1973. Any release from 1996 and earlier is the R rated version and anything after including all DVDs are the X rated version. You can read more about it here. Back to Top

What is the book "Stanley Kubrick's ACO"?

It is an amazing book. It is a frame by frame telling of the movie with 384 pages and over 700 black and white photos and all the dialogue from the movie. It was published by Abelard-Schuman in 1972 in a limited edition hardcover for (gasp) $7.95 and a trade paperback. It was sold, can you believe in the theater lobbies. I purchased a hardcover copy in 1990 for the bargain price of $50. Recently is has been reprinted in the UK. Back to Top

What is on the Top Ten list in the record store in ACO?

Check the ACO Top Ten page. Back to Top

Malcolm McDowell/Other Roles

When Luke Skywalker takes off Darth Vader's mask in Return of the Jedi is that David Prowse's real face?

No, it is the actor Sebastian Shaw. Over 20 years later for the DVD George Lucas erased him, but that's another story.  Back to Top

Is there anyway to get the if.... soundtrack?

No, there has never been a full soundtrack released. The Misa Luba Santcus and Gloria has been released on 45 in the UK and Belgium in 1969. A full album of the mass was released in 1965, I put both of those on a CD to make my own. Back to Top

What is the song playing when Gangster kills Lennie Taylor in Gangster No. 1?

It is called "Why" by Anthony Newley. Back to Top

What is his favorite color?

British racing green, of course! Back to Top

What kind of car does Malcolm drive?

Most recently he was seen in a Dodge Viper, but he owns as many as six cars. Including some unknown classics. The car Mick drives in O Lucky Man! was actually his car to save money on the budget and he had it for many, many years after the film. He also had a Mercedes after if.... Back to Top

Where does Malcolm live in US ?

Because of stalkers I can't say, but he's near Los Angeles. Back to Top

Where was Berry Berenson's character Sandy in Cat people?

She worked at the spa and let Alice use the pool. Back to Top

Is there a complete soundtrack score for if....?

No, there isn't. Back to Top

Where is the cafe where Mick meets The Girl in if....?

The Packhorse Cafe doesn't exist anymore. It was on the Tewkesbury Road about four miles outside Cheltenham. The road in the film is lined with Elm trees and most of them vanished in the mid-70s because of an outbreak of Dutch elm disease, they've been replaced by another type of tree. Back to Top

What does Malcolm means about getting slapped during the if... audition when he says “It was a Zen moment in my life"?

He means it was like an epiphany - a religious experience. He suddenly understood it all. Back to Top

Do you know were I can find the trailer for if....?

No. It hasn't ever been commercially available. You can luck out and get a 16mm or 35mm reel from a film specialty store. It's not on the official DVD either. Back to Top

Do you know were I can find if.... on VHS ?

It has been out of print for 20 years. I can make you one or a DVD if you want. Back to Top

I have a film project with Malcolm in mind, how can I get a hold of him?

Everything has to be done the right way. Send the script to his agent. You can get the address on the Autographs page. Back to Top

Who is the composer of the Cat People Score?

Giorgio Moroder. David Bowie did the Cat People (Fire and Gasoline) song. Back to Top

Why did Malcolm and Mary divorce? Did he cheat on her? 

Neither of them have ever spoken about it and there has never been any proof of an affair. Malcolm did have a cocaine problem which led to trouble. The two remain on a friendly basis because of their kids. I think that cheating is the usual reason so that is why it is alleged. Back to Top

I am writing a film I want Malcolm to star in. How much does he usually get?

If you check his filmography you can see he does many smaller budget films. He has said those are like $100,000 for one week of work. If his role could be filmed quickly it could be done. If he really likes the script and knows you have little money maybe he'll do it for scale as he would rather be working than not. If he doesn't like the script, well you won't get him no matter what. Back to Top

Why can't I find (insert title here) with Malcolm on DVD/VHS? I have looked everywhere!

I feel your pain, brothers and sisters - it took me over 10 years to find The Passage. There are many reasons for this. Some films come out, don't do well and go out of print forever. Others have poor distribution or no distribution, no interest from distributors, he doesn't have the star power of a Mel Gibson, many of his movies were released before video and  have almost no chance of being released unless studios feel they can make money. Whatever the reason is, it boils down to no matter how much we want to see something, we are a very small minority. $$$ is the bottom line, no big profit, no big interest from the studios. You can email me to get a copy. Back to Top

What is Malcolm like in person - does he look like he does in the movies? Eyes, hair, etc.

He was very nice and a true gentleman. I have met him on six different occasions and every time he is truly wonderful and a bit awed by the work I have done promoting him.

As for looks, sort of. When I first met him he was in all black and reminded me of Soran. In an interview way back when he said he was 5' 8 1/2", but he seemed closer to 6 feet in person. His hair seemed like it has been for the last few years, eyes were a blue-gray. I think the reason he skin was a bit red in the 11/01 picture I took was because the heat of the stage lamps and the performance as it was taken right after he got off stage. Back to Top

Is Caligula as sick and gory as people say it is?

Yes, but only if you see an unrated 156 minute version. The R-rated version is VERY watered down. Even a tough guy will flinch over some scenes like the fisting and forced wine drinking scene in the unrated version. Back to Top

How can I see Malcolm naked?

Naughty, naughty, naughty you filthy young soomka! The easiest way is to pick up an unrated version of Caligula. Back to Top

Is Malcolm still alive?

Sadly, this is one of the most asked questions of people who might only remember him from ACO. Yes, he is alive and well and working more now than he ever did in the 70s. He was always confused with the actor Roddy McDowall from 'Planet of the Apes' who did pass away - so I think people are still confused. Back to Top

Are if..., O Lucky Man! or Royal Flash on DVD?

All were finally released in 2007 after many, many years of delays. Back to Top

What are the differences in the X rated version of if....?

I have put a list up on the if.... page. Back to Top

What's the deal with Malcolm's white hair?

In the mid-eighties Malcolm's hair went from a dark brown to white seemingly overnight, in reality he was gone for a couple of years. Thus his career can be divided quite simply. Young Malcolm - dark hair and Old Malcolm - White hair. It seems the cocaine habit, the womanizing, eventual divorce and everything else caught up with him. It was the 80s remember? This effectively killed his chance at super stardom. I think he has kept it to give him a distinguished look. He says people find it attractive. Back to Top

Your Humble Narrator/Website

Is Gangster No. 1 a good film?

No. It is a GREAT film. Absolutely one of the all-time best films - bar none. I have heard people say it is like an unofficial ACO sequel, but that is just crap. Back to Top

What other actors do you like?

There's no one else I like in the same way. I like Vincent Price and Orson Wells (when he was young) because they were good,. Klaus Kinski because he is insane plus William Shatner and David Hasselhoff because they are so goofy. Back to Top

Do you think that Kubrick chose the right ending for ACO?

I prefer the 21st chapter, but the ending is pure Kubrick. Back to Top

Do you like Michael Bates performance?

Yes, it was brilliantly over the top. Back to Top

Have you really met Malcolm?! What is he like?

Yes on many occasions. He is incredibly nice, down to earth, self effacing, like to tell dirty stories and is very generous with his time. He goes out of his way to take pictures and sign things. Now that he knows me he's always asking about things, what I'm up to and if his source gives me good info. He remembers things I tell him and is impressed with my collection. He took me out to lunch and did an exclusive, intimate interview with me. You couldn't ask for more. Back to Top

How long have you been doing this website?

I began  researching for it in 1993 and started it in June 1997 and update it every day. Back to Top

Have you ever been to Britain and visited some of the locations? If you have not, will you ever do it?

No. Yes. Back to Top

What is your favorite scene in Clockwork Orange?

I don't really have one as I like everything in the film. Whenever someone asks I give a different answer. One of the funniest scenes is Mr. Deltoid's conversation with Alex in his house, yessss? I like that one a lot. Back to Top

Which of Malcolm's roles do you think is most like how he really is?

Long Ago Tomorrow since he plays a regular person. Of course that was 30 years ago. Most everything else is fantasy or villain roles. The Second Greatest Story Ever Told is much more recent and even though he plays an angel, he wears a suit, looks more like he does now and plays it pretty straight. Back to Top

What is so great about the 21st chapter of ACO?

The 21st chapter is how life works, it is the exact truth. You do something, it is great for a while, then it goes wrong, you stop, you start again...but it is never the same and you get bored and do something else. You move on. You grow up. If you don't - you are screwed. Back to Top

It is so great to have a page for your idol. How long has Malcolm been your hero?

I don't believe in hero worship. He is not my idol or my hero. I don't look up to him or try to emulate him in any way. We both have the same type of sarcastic sense of humor and are courteous in person, but I doubt we really have much in common beyond that. 

He is my favorite actor, that is all. I have never seen anyone who is as cool on screen as he is. When I started to check websites in 1996 there were some for ACO and none for Malcolm, so I set out to fix that.  If he was a jerk in person or was like those loudmouth Hollywood Liberals I wouldn't have this site, but thankfully he is very cool and impressed by what I have done to pay tribute to him. Back to Top

How do you know Rupert Webster? Where did you hear that he was murdered?

I don't know him, I just know of him from if....

I read it in an interview with Malcolm that he was murdered in the subway in NYC and then it was 'confirmed' by the imdb, that is why I put it on my page. It turns out Lindsay Anderson told David Sherwin who told Malcolm. Sherwin even put it in his diaries 'Going Mad in Hollywood.'  I am glad to find it was a case of mistaken identity. I have talked to Rupert himself through email - he is very much alive. After months of hunting him down, I was finally able to interview him. You can read it hereBack to Top

How many times have you seen ACO?

5 - Parts of it on HBO in 1981. Once on video in 1989, in the theater in 1990 and again in the theater in 1998 - the film broke with 15 minutes to go. Then again in May 2002 at the NYC Tribute with Malcolm in the audience and again in Philadelphia in 2005 when Malcolm got an award.  The movie is so personal to me that I feel to watch it over and over would take away from it. I can't understand how people can watch movies like 75 or 100 times, that would ruin it for me. But I have studied the script book over and over (I adapted the film into a comic book) as well as forwarded through the DVD somewhat for screenshots. Back to Top

How did you get all that ACO info? I'd like to do a page on my favorite movie like that!

Buy everything you can! Especially things the studio puts out - script, novel, press books, press kits, heralds, flyers, posters, lobby cards, magazines with articles and interviews, etc. Back to Top

Can you make an MP3, post a picture or something else I am looking for?

Sure. I am happy to take requests from Malcolm's films and will get to any of them as soon as I can. Back to Top

I would like to dress up like Alex or maybe one of the other droogs, can you help?

Yes. I have put together a page for Alex and one for the droogs. Back to Top

Why does Malcolm take so many roles in bad movies?

No one sets out to make a bad movie. Malcolm has said recently that "he is an actor and if he isn't working then he is an out of work actor." In the late 80s he kicked his substance addictions and I believe that since he has gone clean he has become addicted to acting to fill his addictive personality. Just look at how many roles he took in the 90s. In 2002 he said, "How many good movies are there?" If you want to keep working, you're going to have to take some questionable roles and hope for the best. Back to Top

Do you have a street address for Malcolm?

Check the Autographs page for tips and his agent's address. Back to Top

Are you Malcolm McDowell?

No. I am just a fan, like you. Back to Top

How can I get a copy of "The Passage"?

It was officially released in the UK over 20 years ago and three bootleg versions in English or with Japanese or Portuguese subtitles have surfaced from this. It also has been released in Russia - with Malcolm as the star on the cover! I can make you a perfect DVD if interested. Back to Top

What's the deal with the movie "Hardcore"?

This film was mistakenly listed by the IMDB, the Internet Movie Database. Malcolm is NOT in it. The reason it shows up elsewhere is that people will blindly reprint the IMDB info on their sites as 100% accurate. Even the Caligula DVD reprinted it. They have confused him with Roddy McDowall - who is in the film. The film also known as "Fiona". Back to Top

Why does the IMDB list these inaccurate things then?

The IMDB relies on people like us for information, but someone might have been at the Korova all night when they submit their info. Recently they required you to become a member to submit info, but the old info still stands. Remember if you see something new on IMDB, do some research on it. The IMDB is just not 100% reliable, since they don't always check their facts. Just recently they have started using information from me! So I have come full circle. Even better is some ACO roles I couldn't find out I listed with a question mark behind my guess. Now they printed that as fact. So if other people copy the info , it came from me and isn't even confirmed! Back to Top

Is there a Malcolm biography or even better, an autobiography?

No. While we admire his work, he just isn't "new, hot, flavor of the moment or mainstream" enough for anyone to publish one  He has also said he is "too young to write one", but at least he has mentioned it a couple times. The best so far is here. ;-)  Back to Top

Does Malcolm look at this site?

I asked him personally in November 2001 and he hadn't. Since then I have talked to him again and he has checked it out and said it is "amazing." His wife looks it over every now and then and enjoys it too and so does his son Charlie. Back to Top

Is there an official Malcolm website?

No. This is as close as it gets and I do get official information from insiders from time to time. Back to Top

Does Malcolm have an e-mail address where I can reach him?

I asked him personally in 2002 and he said no. Malcolm does have a computer, but has been so busy making films and spending time with his family that he doesn't have much time and he "doesn't even know how to turn it on." Since then he has gotten one, but it is secret. Back to Top

I want to read about Malcolm's early years and his private life where can I go?

Malcolm is a very private man and doesn't like to talk about himself, especially his ex-wives. You can read about his school years on the Cannock House page. Back to Top

ACO was my first Malcolm movie and I am hooked. What should I watch next?

Check my Filmography. Start at the beginning with "if...." and work your way up to the present day as best as you can. Back to Top

Aahhhhh!! You have all this cool Malcolm stuff, I want it too!

It's not for sale, don't ask. Your best bet is to comb eBay for items. I would be glad to trade if we can help each other out. Back to Top

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