The Only Way Out
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Character Actor
Percy Malcolm McDowell
Ravi Perizaad Zorabian
Murli Christopher Simpson
Theo Stephen Billington
Billy Charity Wakefield
Angel Tara Antonia
Mustaq Gordon Warnecke
Aurora Beth Winslet

Directed by Laurens C. Postma
 Written by Farooq Dhondy


‘I feel lucky to have worked with legends’
By Aparajita Ghosh 11/23/04

    Even as Perizaad Zorabian readies to embark on an acting career on international platform, she considers herself lucky to have acted with some of the stalwarts of her professional in such a short span.
    Perizaad’s mesmerizing smile is getting broader and more charming. And she has every reason to be happy and content about the way her acting career has shaped up till now. In just a short span of time she has acted with legends like Victor Banerjee, Shabana Azmi and renowned Malcolm McDowell in the British film titled ‘Exitz’.
    In a recent interview, Perizaad spoke about her experience of working with 63-year-old McDowell. “I can’t believe my luck when I see myself working with Malcolm McDowell, the legend who acted in many movies by Stanley Kubrick. Working with Malcolm was worth it. He was too cool and never made me feel uncomfortable. Even at 63 he’s got so much energy,” Perizaad reportedly said.
    Perizaad added that she felt “blessed” for having acted with the actors who have helped her grow in her career and as a human being. “I feel lucky to have worked with legends like Mr. Banerjee, Shabana Azmi and now Malcolm McDowell. When you work with such actors you take away something or the other at the end and I have learned from all of them,” she said. Perizaad’s latest project ‘Exitz’ is directed by Laurence Pospma. In the film she plays a Miss India named Ravina. McDowell plays a multi-millionaire who discovers her and takes her career in his hands.

Perizad co-stars with 'A Clockwork Orange' hero
By Subhash K. Jha, IANS 11/21/04
    While Mallika Sherawat crowed about her supposed international breakthrough in a stunt flick with Jackie Chan, Perizad Zorabian quietly went ahead and made a truly international film with Malcolm McDowell, star of Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange".
    Director Laurens Postma's film "Exits" casts Perizad as an ambitious Indian beauty queen, Ravina, who is discovered by a multimillionaire, played by the renowned Malcolm McDowell.
    "I can't believe I co-starred with Malcolm McDowell. This is the guy who did 'A Clockwork Orange', 'Time After Time', 'Caligula' and 'O Lucky Man!'. 'O Lucky Woman!' I said to myself," exulted Perizad. McDowell's character offers Ravina the chance to be in the first reality video game.
    "It's a film about a game-within-a-game. While a game is played between me and McDowell, there is a video game being developed. But in real life, I play no games," giggled Perizad.
    Perizad asserted that Ravina is the most sensuous character she has played so far. "Perizad Zorabian enters a world she has never seen. My character is extremely intelligent. She uses her intelligence and sensuality to get what she wants. I like this gal!" said the chirpy actress. 
    With "Exitz" slated to have a worldwide release shortly, Perizad revealed that she intends to build an international career. She has hired a top agent in Britain.
    "Friends tell me that my personality cannot be slotted into any nationality. As long as I work on my accent, I can play anyone. I guess my looks, which limit me in India, can open up a whole new world for me, abroad," said the star of "Jogger's Park".
    "Victor Bannerjee, Shabana Azmi, Malcolm McDowell. I guess I'm blessed with actors who have helped me grow as a person and an artiste. I get pitched against legends and I come out unscathed.
"And when you work with such actors, you take away something or the other at the end," concluded Perizad.

On a song
Preeti Mudliar | Pune 11/7/04
Perizaad says, "In Exitz, I play a 'Miss India' who agrees to be part of a reality video game show, and in Devaki, my character is of a city girl and her experiences of life vis-a-vis that of an adivasi girl."

Perizaad bags British project
Hindol Sengupta, (IANS) 10/27/04

    Indian actress Perizaad Zorabian is starring in a new British film titled Exitz where she plays a Miss India opposite a computer gaming magnate played by one of Britain's most famous actors, Malcolm McDowell. "Working with Malcolm was a dream," said Zorabian. "He is a genius."
    Zorabian shot with the 1943-born Malcolm Mcdowell in Goa for 10 days. Author Farooq Dhondy has written the film.
    "He was terribly affectionate and nice," said Zorabian about McDowell, famous for his role in Stanley Kubrick's 1971 release A Clockwork Orange, where he played Alexander de Large, a young man whose interests are rape, violence and Beethoven.
    "My role is very interesting. I'm a beauty queen who becomes part of a reality video game." In India, her new film, playwright Mahesh Dattani Morning Raga, opposite Shabana Azmi is ready to hit the screens.
    "Working with Shabana Azmi was fantastic. She is just the best teacher I could ever have," smiled Zorabian. "She helped at every step. I just learnt so much from her. When I used to have my crying scenes, she used to go behind the camera and cry so that I can concentrate and the emotion flows, so that I can give a natural shot." "I completely adore her."
    Zorabbian also had to learn how to sing Carnatic ragas. "That was really, really tough. I had no idea how to sing and frankly I cannot sing, I just don't have the voice for it. But here too, Shabana really helped. She picked up singing really quickly and used to sing really beautifully. I was inspired to perform well by her," said the star of Jogger's Park.
    From a girl who used to sell chicken in the family poultry business to studying an MBA in New York and washing dishes to make ends meet, Zorabian has come a long way. "I never thought I would be an actor. It was always too insecure, too unstable for me but now that I'm here, I'm really thrilled. And long live the small, crossover films. They help people like me become an actor. In traditional Bollywood, I would only get bit roles or the role of a vamp but in the smaller films, we can get the best roles."


'I Wish I was A Huge Star!'
Prema K. | Friday, July 22, 2005
Perizaad Zorabian

Which are the other films you are working on?

I've shot for Laurence Postma's international film, Exitz. It has Malcolm McDowell who is comparable to Naseeruddin Shah and Om Puri.

What is the film about?

Malcolm is playing a 65-year-old billionaire and I'm Ms. India. He is making a reality video game and asks me to be part of it. I see it as an opportunity to get the whole world hooked on to me as video games are very addictive. The film is a game within a game and full of deceit, lust and passion. I'm very sexy looking in it but no nudity.





Behind the scenes
 On the phone


"It is my first time here and it is very beautiful." - MM in India.


Only 10 days of the whole production was filmed in India. Most of it was shot in and around London. Not much news to report about Malcolm other than he got along very well with the director. In fact they still speak several times a week. Malcolm was very professional to work with and every bit of talent he has helped make the film better. The directors cut of the film has been finished and now the film is about to go into its theatrical edit that will hopefully be completed by the deadline for the Cannes film fest. - AJ

Synopsis - Official

    A computer games tycoon Percy (Malcolm McDowell) is one of the judges of the Miss India beauty pageant. When the beautiful Ravi (Perizaad Zorabian) wins, Percy makes her an offer she cannot refuse. She is to be muse and star of a new inter-active virtual reality game that pushes the boundaries of real life and fantasy to the limits.
    Percy persuades Ravi to come to England. His right-hand man Theo (Stephen Billington) greets her at the airport and there is a frisson of chemistry between them. Ravi moves into Percy's palatial country house, where she gets the feeling that hidden cameras are watching her every move. Percy is captivated by Ravi's astounding beauty. By contrast he feels old and ugly and compares them to Beauty and the Beast.
    Percy recruits a software expert to develop his new game. One of the candidates for the job is Murli (Christopher Simpson), an illegal Indian immigrant who has just arrived in England. Murli is a highly qualified and talented computer programmer, but he is innocent in the ways of the world.
    Murli's friend Mustaq (Gordon Warnecke) takes him to a charity shop to get kitted out for his interview. Murli is befriended by the shop assistant Billy (Charity Wakefield) who helps him select a second-hand suit and shows him how to fasten a tie. When Murli lands the job he returns to the shop with a bunch of flowers to thank Billy for her help.
    Billy is a single mother living in a rough council estate. She invites Murli back to her flat where she introduces him to her three year old daughter Davina. He soon becomes part of their lives.
    Murli proves his skill in developing Percy's new reality computer game that pushes reality entertainment to new and forbidden limits. Strange things begin to occur with random actions and unfathomable characters. When a mysterious angel (Tara Antonia) appears on the screen the game begins to take on a life of its own.
    Murli's success infuriates Theo and Aurora (Beth Winslet) a cold-hearted femme fatale who works for Percy. They plot to set him up by removing all of his data from the hard drive. Murli is framed, abducted and held prisoner by Theo and his henchmen. With the software tools in the hands of Theo and Aurora, reality is manipulated in cruel and dangerous ways. Murli is a ruined man. Theo and Aurora persuade him to kill Percy who they blame for his downfall.
    But is Murli sent to shoot the wrong man? Murli goes to Percy's mansion - and with gun aimed to fire, sneaks into Percy's library. What is revealed on the plasma screen is an extension of the game Murli helped develop - revealing a very different reality.

My Summary

It is about a reality game. Malcolm plays the role of a gaming magnate who falls in love with an Indian beauty queen and manipulates a young illegal immigrant to do his biding.

Together Again

2006 - Malcolm, Laurens C. Postma, Farrukh Dhondy & Dr. Phil Blackburn worked on Extreme Cities.

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