Dixon of Dock Green (1966)

If you have any info on it or a video copy please contact me.
Malcolm did a one shot as a 'Club Casting Agent' in a sensitive role where he is forced to steal.

"I shouldn't have even gone there. It was sort of an awful cop show hour drama, but done in that very bad English way. It wasn't like those great American police shows of the 60s. The guy that played Dixon (does heavy London accent) "PC Dixon. Evenin' all." He was so arthritic he couldn't walk. So he would just stand behind the counter at the police station and do his stuff. It was just like watching the Queen Mum! "Evenin' all. Well hello. Tonight's story is very interesting and all that." I did one of those and from doing one of those I got noticed by the most important casting director in London whose name was Miriam Brickman. She was sort of a legend in her lifetime. She was like The One. I was amazed when I got a call to go in and see her." - Malcolm McDowell in NY 5/25/02

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