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Malcolm McDowell is Disturbed...The doctor is in, but out of his mind.

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Character Actor
Dr. Derrick Russell Malcolm McDowell
Michael Kahn Geoffrey Lewis
Nurse Francine Priscilla Pointer
Sandy Ramirez Pamela Gidley
Pat Tuel Irwin Keyes
Brian Clint Howard
Brad Peter Murnik
Tina Carrie Lynn
Visitor Barbara Babbin
Mental Patient Emerson Bixby
Singing Telegram Man Dean Cameron
Lidell Lydell M. Cheshier
Officer Bill Lee Drew
Young Sandy Sandra Ganzer
Maria Kelley Kari 
Nurse Leslie Marla Levine
Officer Lenny Tony Markes
Selina Kim McGuire
Mr. Yorkin Irving William Moseley Jr.
Gary Adam Rifkin
Gary's Mother Michele Rifkin
Marty Deep Roy
Swakertt Jack David Walker

Directed by Charles Winkler
Written by Emerson Bixby & Charles Winkler





Dr. Russell in straight jacket with Alex stare

Dr. Russell and Sandy

Dr. Derrick and staff as Sandy arrives

VHS Label

VHS Cover - Front

VHS Cover - Back

Region 2 DVD

Synopsis - Official

    There's always something a little terrifying about your first day in a mental institution - especially this one. When Sandy, a beautiful ex-model, checks in, the staff is delighted. For sadistic head nurse, Francine Kelly, it means more money; for chief of staff, Dr. Russell, it means a little extracurricular adventure.
    Sandy is a patient obsessed with sex and suicide, a pathological combination that turns Dr. Russell on. Unfortunately, the good doctor goes a bit too far. One might even say he goes crazy.

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