Dinotopia: Curse of the Ruby Sunstone (2005)

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Character Actor
Ogthar Malcolm McDowell
26 Alyssa Milano
Spazz Jamie Kennedy
Rhoga Kathy Griffin
Thudd Wayne Knight
Stinktooth Michael Clarke Duncan
Albagon George Segal
John Diedrich Bader
Mara Tara Strong
Kex Alec Medlock
SkyBax Patrolman Gregg Berger

Directed by Davis Doi
Written by Sean Roche


Sell Sheet


11/16/03 - My exclusive with producer Steven Squillante


Official Synopsis

Ogthar is an evil scientist that is unwittingly awoken by two bumbling dinosaurs (this movie is based upon the Dinotopia books, mini-series, and TV series - where dinosaurs and humans live side by side in relative harmony) that are searching for treasure. He enlists the two dinosaurs Rhoga and Thudd to help him with an evil plan to take over the Island. It is up to 26, Stinktooth (Michael Clarke Duncan), Spazz (Jamie Kennedy), Mara (Tara Strong), and Kex (Alec Medlock) to thwart Ogthar's plans.


"I am the producer of the film and working with Malcolm was an honor for me. He was magnificent and now that we are almost done with the film I can't imagine anyone else doing the role." - Steven

Together Before

1997 - Malcolm and Alyssa Milano were in Hugo Pool.
1998 - Malcolm and Alyssa Milano were in an episode of Fantasy Island.

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