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6/15/04 show

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My Summary

Michael Newdow

The first guest wasn't even announced before hand. Mike is the atheist who was trying to get the words "under god" taken out of the pledge of allegiance. He lost and Dennis couldn't understand why he was so passionate about it.

P.J. O'Rourke

The second guest was promoting a book he wrote called Peace Kills: America's Fun New Imperialism. He says he is a Republican turned Communist turned Republican.

Varsity Panelists: Malcolm McDowell, Ron Christie, Alice Randall.

DM: First up we have a visit from quite a stunning actor. The star of Clockwork Orange, the upcoming movies Evilenko and I'll Sleep When I'm Dead opening August 20th - Malcolm McDowell. The War in Iraq: Was it worth it?
MM: Well, I'm sorry that I don't feel the same way you do, but you are the host of the show. I feel that really we didn't have any business invading Iraq in the first place. They didn't invade us, although of course they had a nasty dictator who we all loathed and who was of course torturing his people and all the rest of it. But there are so many of these, where do you stop? Do you go into North Korea or...no you don't. You can't, you're not…
DM: They picked the right guy. He was just mean enough and stupid enough.
MM: Then why not do it when you were ten miles from Baghdad five years earlier? What the hell is this? It's ludicrous. It has a Shakespearean tragedy about this. It's the son atoning for the sins of the father or something.
DM: Why is it the sin of the father?
MM: Because he was the president at the time and that's all. Revenge.
DM: It's damned if you do, damned if you don't. At the time he was trying to make the wonderful coalition happy.
MM: You mean Maggie Thatcher? She'll whack you on the head with a handbag.
DM: I admired Maggie Thatcher. Bush was praised for pulling back and showing restraint.
MM: Hey, you know hindsight. What can you say?

DM: Are you in favor of the registered travel program? Malcolm you are not pleased with this? Tell me about the recent run in you had.
MM: I did actually, on one of the American Airlines. I won't say which one I was on because they'd probably sure me…although I don't know if they can sue you for the truth, can they?
DM: They can sue you for everything.
MM: That's true. I made a complaint in first class. I wasn't paying for the ticket. My wife and I were sitting there and she was seven months pregnant. There was a battle about the food. I said, "Look there is only one piece of fish left and my wife is allergic to fish and she's seven months pregnant - she's got to eat something. Can you get something else?" They said, "We don't have anything." I said, "This is a first class thing." Then I said, "Look, no wonder this airline is going bankrupt. The service sucks, it is so bad." I was then considered a to be a security risk. When I got off the airplane at LAX there were eight LAPD officers waiting for me.
DM: Did they bring the fish?
MM: Yeah, have you got the meat? I said, "If you are going to arrest someone arrest those stewardesses in there. They're the ones that should be arrested for bad service."
DM: You've got to watch it now a days.
MM: I know, I know! Yeah, yeah, sure.
DM: So you were whisked into a back room?
MM: No, luckily for me there was an air marshal sitting behind me that walked forward. He said, "Look, excuse me, this is nonsense. I sat right behind him. He never raised his voice, he never stood out of his seat and he acted in a threatening manner. There was absolutely no incident. They said, "OK, that's fine with us." Then we asked to see the supervisor and they refused. They said the incident is now closed.
DM: I'm the guy who got the last fish.
MM: (Laughs). You really look it.
DM: In Israel they wouldn't even hear about it.
MM: They wouldn't arrest you.

Boyd Coddington

The final guest was a famous hot rod designer and he brought a car that he and his crew built that took them 8 weeks and would sell for $300,000. Dennis admitted not knowing anything about cars.

At the end Dennis brought an old couple out of the audience that have been married 57 years. The woman had a painful hairstyle yanked back off her head.

My Review

    I have never watched this show before even though I like Miller's stand up comedy. It is heavy on  politics and history and if you haven't kept up with current events, don't even try to listen to him or you will be lost. This makes for unique comedy that most people will not enjoy, but those who get it know they have found something different. That being said this is a show I would never watch because talk shows are boring. Daytime is concerned with people's problems or insanity and night time ones are stale interviews of processed stars. There is a format to the night time ones with the host interviewing guests they don't really care about that is so useless. This show is no different. I couldn't begin to imagine the torture of watching something so inane day after day.  The only time you could tune in is when there is a guest you like - which is of course what I did.
    First of all what is up with the DM logo!? It is obviously a rip-off of Depeche Mode, but why? Second, this show is all over the place trying to be something different. It has the regular talk show format, except Dennis does his monologue from behind the desk. In between he does topical humor and parodies. Then he does a rip-off of Politically Incorrect - this is where Malcolm appeared. The only difference is that on PI the guests were able to mix it up. Here he just asked a question to Malcolm and then went down the line. Sometimes the guests didn't even get the same question. This was also a bit boring. When it got time to ask the other people questions I had already tuned out knowing Malcolm wasn't going to jump in. 
    Newdow, the first guest, has appeared everywhere lately and is a total bore. He is obviously someone trying to make a name for himself and is unsuccessful. Dennis seemed like he couldn't have cared less and that made it very stiff. The next guy was more lively, but I wasn't sure what side he was coming from or when he was serious or joking, so again I had tuned out.
    After the second guest Dennis moved over to a different set where Malcolm was. He was the first guest of the three. He was on to promote Evilenko and I'll Sleep When I am Dead as well as his airline hassle that I broke here last year. While it was great to see him on TV for the first time in almost two years I was totally disappointed at his bizarre argument against the war. He said Iraq didn't invade us so he was against it. What kind of justification is that? It is especially baffling to me since he grew up in England. I guess he forget how the US bailed his country out of WWI and WWII. More importantly - Germany never invaded us. Hell, Japan invade didn't either, they just attacked. We went to war with them. The same thing after 9/11/01 - we were attacked and our country went after terrorists and those who help him. It is sad to hear him as just another Hollywood Liberal. At least he wasn't angry and in the end he said it was all hindsight though. When Dennis confronted him about it he had no facts to back up his statements instead making a joke. Even the facts he gave were off. He said it was 5 years ago that the Gulf War occurred when it was really 12 years, so it seems to me his heart wasn't in it, maybe he was just saying what he thought the audience wanted to hear. This didn't work either since it sounded like only 2 or 3 people clapped for him.  I am sorry he feels this way, but after all he is just my favorite actor, so his political views don't affect his acting and at least he isn't out there screaming against the president like some people.
    The second part we finally got to hear MM's version of his airline problem from last year. Dennis seemed like he knew the story already leading me to believe it came up in a pre-interview. The weird part was MM didn't say if he was for or against to topic of pre-registering with fingerprints and background checks.
    After this was another boring interview with a hot rod expert. Even worse was Dennis admitted beforehand he didn't know anything about the topic. So what is the point? Why not only have guests you are interested in? I guess he needs some ratings for that.
    In conclusion I would never recommend this show and from the ratings I've seen - hardly anyone is watching. I enjoyed MM much more on Politically Incorrect when he was mixing it up and busting on the other guests. Here he seemed like he just wasn't into it and bored, like the audience. I would've preferred that or at least a one on one interview. So Dennis, don't quit your day job and MM - stay out of politics.

Rating: 2/10

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