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In a divided land, a troubled youth and some unlikely friends must save the world from itself.

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Character Actor
General Raius Malcolm McDowell
Narrator Sally Kellerman
Delgo Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Princess Kyla Jennifer Love Hewitt
Filo Chris Kattan
Sedessa Anne Bancroft
General Bogardus Val Kilmer
King Zahn Louis Gossett Jr.
Spig  Eric Idle 
Kurrin Kelly Ripa
Elder Marley Michael Clarke Duncan
Delgo's father Burt Reynolds
Miss Sutley/Elder Pearo Melissa McBride
Baby Delgo Mary Matilyn Mouser
Gholdu Johann Benét 
Ando Jed Rhein
Spog Brad Abrell
Giddy/Lockni Jeff Winter
Nohrin Merchant Armin Shimerman
Gelmore/Elder Kiros Don Stallings
Nohrin Officer Tristan Rogers
Elder Canta Gustavo Rex 
Elder Jaspin Nika Futterman 
Nohrin Judge  John Vernon 
Melsa Susan Bennett
Talusi David Heyer
Baby Delgo Mary Matilyn Mouser
Soldiers Louis K. Adler

Directed by Marc F. Adler & Jason Maurer
Written by Marc F. Adler & Scott Biear


Animated Delgo Has Worst Wide Release Opening Ever
Yahoo news 12/15/08
    The movie broke a record for having the worst opening ever for a film in wide release. Delgo earned a measly $511,920 this weekend on 2,160 screens, not even breaking the top ten. That's an average of $237 per screen for the three days. If you figure there were five screenings a day, and assume ticket prices are about $8, that comes out to two people in the theater per showing. 36-year-old entrepreneur Marc Adler decided he wanted to direct and produce a $40 million computer animated kids' flick completely independent of Tinseltown behemoths like Disney and Dreamworks. Starting in 2001, Adler and his small Atlanta-based animation company Fathom Studios toiled for years on a tight budget. They lined up an impressive, if eclectic, cast of voice actors and when Adler couldn't get a Hollywood studio interested in his movie, he raised eyebrows by releasing it himself through distributor-for-hire Freestyle Releasing. It was a huge risk; one that ultimately didn't pay off. There wasn't the sort of marketing budget needed to make a film stand out in the already crowded holiday movie season. Another problem was the quality of the movie. The script required the efforts of six, count 'em, six screenwriters, including Adler.

Atlanta's Delgo dawns after years in the making
By Curt Holman 12/10/08
    Opening Dec. 12 on 2,000 screens in the United States and Canada, Delgo's splashy exploits have been a long time coming. Adler, who founded Macquarium, and computer animator Maurer briefly considered doing their own CGI feature film in the mid-1990s and proposed an insect-themed story until the announcement of Pixar's A Bug's Life squashed those plans. They began producing their original sci-fi Romeo and Juliet in late 1999, and when I interviewed them six years ago for a Creative Loafing cover story, they'd hoped to get their labor of love into theaters by the holidays of 2004.
    Adler explains how they ran into a few snags. Casting took longer than expected, with the last voice actor, Burt Reynolds as Delgo's father, brought on board in late 2003. Bancroft, who probably gives the film's most vivid performance as Sedessa, passed away in 2005. "That was a major setback," says Adler. "You can imagine trying to find a sound double for a 70-year-old, Oscar-winning actress who smoked all her life." After interviewing hundreds of people, he ended up using Atlanta's Melissa McBride, who played some of the secondary characters, to fill in the little gaps in Bancroft's work.
    Troubles also included the death of Macquarium President Kevin Foster, as well as wrangling over distribution deals. "We were working on a deal with a major studio where the CEO was quote-unquote 'resignated,' and the new CEO wanted the studio to create its own intellectual property and not do service deals. Plus, we kept testing the product. We've been testing to a product and not a deadline."
Delgo's tribulations emphasized how Fathom produced the film the hard way, outside the Hollywood studio system. "We were talking to a major distributor when we realized where we fell in their priorities. If they have a major film coming out four weeks after us, you know where they're going to put their resources. We quickly learned that some of the people weren't right for a kid's fantasy action film, even though they'd be great to work with on different kinds of projects."
    Perhaps the sole advantage of the lengthy production was the advances in computer animation technology. "I expected Delgo would be less grandiose. Over time, our skills improved and the technology improved, so we could include things like waving grass, which we weren't planning on using. We raised the bar. We wanted to be sure it was indistinguishable from a theatrical film, like Madagascar."
Ahead of the film's national release, Fathom has screened it at animation festivals in France, Korea and Brazil's Anima Mundi festival, where it was voted Best Animated Feature by an audience of 100,000. "Some of the other films at the festivals resembled the formula for U.S. films. They featured talking animals with big eyes, humor and a known story like a famous kid's book as source material. The formula works very well in the U.S., but outside the country, people only laughed if they get the pop references. Ours is very different. The comedy in our movie is either physical comedy or based on things established in characters early on."
    Delgo reminded me less of other CGI films than the world-building of Jim Henson's 1983 fantasy The Dark Crystal, which also established a new mythology from the ground up and populated it with weird, memorable creatures. Delgo's highlights include baroque palaces, ambulatory plant life, giant manta-ray creatures that serve as airborne troop carriers, and an impressive battle scene at the end. Where The Dark Crystal proved almost too grubby, Delgo's backgrounds look a little too shiny and new, and the comic relief (Filo) suggest the film will most please tweens and under.
    Despite having done Delgo the hard way, Adler's willing to produce a follow-up. Fathom is currently finishing a short film called "Chroma Chameleon," about a chameleon named Hue who can't change colors, which they plan to attach to Delgo. "We hope that might have legs for our next feature. We have a story for Delgo 2 as well as a third feature. It all depends on how the weekend goes. Delgo 2 would be the easiest because of all the building we did for the first film." If audiences take to Delgo, Fathom Studios may not have to take such a long and winding road back to Jhamora.

Ripa Voicing Delgo
Sci Fi Channel 10/22/04
    TV talk-show host Kelly Ripa told Sci Fi Wire that she's providing a voice for the upcoming animated fantasy-comedy-romance movie Delgo. "I voice Kurrin, who is a handmaiden to Jennifer Love Hewitt's character," Ripa said in an interview. "Jennifer Love Hewitt is the princess of this alternate galaxy, this alternate world."
    Delgo centers on an adventurous but naive teenager, who must rally his group of friends to protect their world from conflict between the Lockni and Nohrin people. "It's a very small role," Ripa said of her character. "I'm just the handmaiden, but it's very cool. It's computer-animated. It's cutting-edge. I don't know if you've gone on the Internet to see some of it, but you can. It's beautiful stuff. And it's got a huge cast. The cast ... is crazy-huge." It includes Freddie Prinze Jr., Val Kilmer, Eric Idle, Louis Gossett Jr., Michael Clarke Duncan and Malcolm McDowell.
    Ripa, the co-host of TV's Live With Regis and Kelly, is no stranger to voice-over work, having played roles in Kim Possible and Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. "Delgo is something I do for my kids," Ripa said. "The last thing I need is another job, but my kids like listening to my voice on their favorite cartoons. They like that. That's when, to them, I have a job, if Mommy is the voice of that Muppet or that animated character." Delgo will be released in 2005.

Delgo Scores Acclaimed Composer Geoff Zanelli
Zanelli chooses the computer animated feature, Delgo, as his break-out solo score
Atlanta, GA - May 13, 2004 - Fathom Studios today announced acclaimed composer Geoff Zanelli has signed on to score the computer animated feature film, "Delgo." Having written music for numerous scores, "Delgo" marks Zanelli's first solo score.
    "I was immediately attracted to 'Delgo' and the energy and enthusiasm that surrounds the project," said Zanelli. "The look of the film is uniquely colorful, which gives me the opportunity to be musically colorful as well. 'Delgo' also carries a strong message of tolerance, which seems especially poignant in this day and age. It's a great film for which I can stretch my imagination and create music that is as unique as is Delgo's world."
    Zanelli has worked with Hans Zimmer for nearly a decade, writing music for the Golden Globe nominated scores for Pearl Harbor (2001) and The Last Samurai (2003) as well as Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), Matchstick Men (2003), and Hannibal (2001). He most recently wrote music for the Johnny Depp thriller, The Secret Window (2004). He also worked with British composer John Powell on Face/Off (1997), and was a composer and arranger for The Prince of Egypt, and Forces of Nature. He later teamed with Harry Gregson-Williams and Powell to write music for Antz (1998) and Chicken Run (2000). Additional credits include, Passionada (2002) (with Gregson-Williams), Ned Kelly (with Klaus Badelt) and HBO Films' Live From Baghdad (2002) (with Steve Jablonsky). Aside from feature films, Zanelli has composed music for several television series ("MTV's "Fear" (2000) and ESPN's Peabody Award winning series "SportsCentury: The Century's Greatest Atheletes" (2000) as well as international commercials.
    Delgo is a fantasy adventure film and the first independently produced computer animated feature in the U.S. The all-star voice cast includes Freddie Prinze, Jr., Jennifer Love Hewitt, Anne Bancroft, Val Kilmer, Chris Kattan, Kelly Ripa, Eric Idle, Michael Clarke Duncan, Malcolm McDowell, Burt Reynolds, and Lou Gossett, Jr.
    Zanelli signed on late last year and has been working closely with the co-directors for the "Delgo" score. "We're thrilled to be working with Geoff," said Marc F. Adler, producer and co-director. "He has a unique vision for the score and his previous credits speak for themselves. I'm so pleased he chose 'Delgo' for his major break-out score and I'm enjoying his bringing this world to life musically."

Animated action: Not just for Hollywood anymore
Atlanta-based Fathom Studios takes on Tinseltown
By Marsha Walton | CNN 4/30/04
    The characters from Atlanta-based Fathom Studios will challenge those from established animation studios. Attention Shrek, Simba and Nemo. Meet your new computer-generated neighbors: Delgo, Kyla and Sedessa.
    They are the product of a small Atlanta-based studio taking on Disney and Pixar with a full-length, animated feature due out in the spring of 2005.
    Fathom Studios had been producing e-learning, Web and broadcast projects for several years when it began working on a computer-animated fantasy adventure called "Delgo" in 2000. The studio has not yet released a feature film. But it hopes to capture part of the more than half a billion dollars that animated movies took in at the box office last year, according to the Motion Picture Association.
    The world of computer-generated imagery has completely changed how animated movies are created. There's no longer a need for movie-makers to be physically based in Hollywood. And the artists and animators who once did the sketches and animation art cells have completely new tools. The 3-D modeling, animation and special effects software "Maya," from the veteran software company Alias, is now the tool of choice at Fathom.
    "Delgo's" director Jason Maurer says the options of this computer-based project are endless. "In this type of environment you have absolute control," says Maurer, who started in the business as an illustrator. "I can put my characters anyplace. I can put my cameras anyplace. I can choose any type of lens. I can have a thousand cameras if I want."
    In fact, the technology in this field moves so quickly that equipment needed for certain tasks isn't even purchased until just before it will be used.
    "We buy machines as we need them so we are always maintaining the fastest hardware possible," says Maurer. With no track record in the field, Fathom managed to snag an eclectic and multigenerational cast of entertainers to voice the fantasy characters. Freddie Prinze Jr. is Delgo, Jennifer Love Hewitt is his love interest Princess Kyla and Saturday Night Live's Chris Kattan plays Delgo's goofy sidekick, Filo. Other stars include Val Kilmer, Michael Clarke Duncan, Anne Bancroft, Lou Gossett Jr., Malcolm McDowell, Eric Idle, Kelly Ripa, Burt Reynolds and Sally Kellerman.
    While the main characters in the film have many human qualities, there are plenty of creatures born completely from the imaginations of the film's creators. "The creatures are really interesting and fun from my perspective because I have to figure out how they move ... not like humans, not like creatures on earth, so you have fun with the flexibility," says Warren Grubb, visual effects supervisor.
    "We went to the zoo and we took a lot of video of creatures," says Grubb, also known as the studio's "digital handyman." To illustrate the film's fauna, he showed off a "jomou," a roundish animal with feet like an elephant and a body like a snail.
    Character animators use everything from mirrors to old movies to pictures of their dogs for inspiration to help bring the "actors" to life. "Every animator is a ham at heart," says Fathom animator Thomas Judd. While working on a particular scene, he often uses a webcam to tape himself performing an exaggerated rendition of the dialogue. He then uses the camera again for a close-up of his own lips to help sync the words to the characters' mouths.
    Lighting and special effects add additional layers to the fantasy production. When the animation is done, lighting supervisor Stephanie Cushing gets the computer files and "virtually" illuminates them. In some ways, she says, it's a lot easier than physically hauling lights and filters to a real-life set. But it also poses its own challenges.
    "With real world lighting, like the sun, the light comes in, it bounces and scatters and creates ambient light. But with virtual light, it comes in and stops. We have to understand the physics of light enough to put bounce lights in to get that ambient feel," she adds. 
    Cushing says it's common to have dozens - sometimes more than a hundred - virtual lights in each scene. Another benefit for animation filmmakers is that lights can be placed anywhere.
    "You can have lights that don't cast shadows, you can have a light right in front of a character's face," says Cushing, who watches a lot of old black-and-white films and film noir to get lighting ideas.
    This creative business also encompasses a big slice of math and physics. Animator Ando Tammik has been working on an action scene that involves a character with wings catching and rescuing someone in mid-air.
    "One of the most important aspects of animation is to give the character weight to make it believable," says Tammik. "If it just floats around, it's not going to look real, so people won't identify with the character," he said. Tammik physically lifted weights and did calculations to account for gravity while constructing the scene.
    Animated crowd and battle scenes also take advantage of mathematical formulas to make them simpler to create. "You have to really work with just an insane amount of characters, so there's a lot of technology that goes into creating all of the guys," says technical director John Lytle.
    For example, soldiers charging into battle in the film start out as "particles." Hundreds of these simple particles, seen as dots or small triangles on the computer screen, are programmed to seek each other out in the battle scene. These fast and simple dots are later used to help create the logistics and the combat.
    "They'll have the same exact attributes by default: the same height, the same speed, everything's the same," says Lytle. But once their moves are determined, they'll be tweaked to give the scene more realism.
    The particles are then assigned different heights, weights, speeds and looks, making it appear as if each combatant had been created individually. Director Maurer says no matter how elaborate the characters, the lighting or the special effects, it all has to be conveyed to the moviegoer as a seamless, well-written story.
    "A good movie should grip you so much that you forget all those things. The best special effect is one you never see." And Maurer says the same goes for the contribution of the computer to the world of animation. "Technology is a paintbrush -- it's just making things better," he says.


Martin Goodman with Marc Adler and Warren Grubb 12/7/08
Houston Business Journal with Marc Adler 12/11/08

Connect Savannah with Jason Maurer 12/16/08


1/30/09 - a rare chance to see it in the theater again at 10 a.m. Saturday 1/31 • Marcus Theatres, 1301 Hilltop Ave., Chicago Heights, (708) 747-0800. Marcus Theatres in Orland Park, 16350 S. LaGrange Road, (708) 873-1900. Admission is only $2.50 and includes a free complimentary size popcorn.

7/24/08 - Anima Mundi, one of the largest and most prominent animation festivals in the world, awarded Delgo, the Best Animated Feature of the year. An audience of 100,000 viewers, rather than a festival jury, determines the award for Best Feature Film. The final cut of Delgo premiered at the Brazilian animation festival. Winning films at Anima Mundi were selected from thousands of submissions from over 70 countries. "After many years of development and production, it's exhilarating to have such a positive reception from audiences, said Producer/Director, Marc F. Adler. "Seeing the reactions from festival attendees as they watched our film made all our hard work worthwhile."

Critically Acclaimed Actor Joins Voice Cast for Independent Computer Animated Feature Film
Tito A. Belgrave, 8/17/03
Recognized for his portrayals of chilling characters, Malcolm McDowell lends his villainous savvy to the cast of “Delgo,” the first independently produced computer-animated feature in the U.S. McDowell joins an all-star voice cast including, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Val Kilmer, Michael Clarke Duncan, Chris Kattan, Eric Idle, Kelly Ripa, Burt Reynolds, and Lou Gossett, Jr.
    The British-born character actor is voicing Raius, a fierce, dogmatic, intellectual officer who is better than others—and knows it. “I am thrilled to join the voice cast for ‘Delgo,’” says McDowell. “It’s a terrific script and a clever character; I play a real baddie, which is always fun. The look of the film is really unlike anything we’ve seen before. I think audiences will enjoy the movie immensely.”
    “Delgo,” a fantasy adventure film, is the first theatrical production from Atlanta-based Fathom Studios. The film is set in a divided land where a troubled youth and some unlikely friends must save the world from itself.
    “Working with Malcolm McDowell has been a dream come true,” said co-director, Jason F. Maurer. “He is truly one of the finest actors of his generation. And that voice—he brought chills to my spine playing Raius. He is the master of making loathsome characters appealing.”
    “Delgo” has created a worldwide following largely due to the Digital Dailies, a message board on the movie’s Web site (www.delgo.com) where the studios’ production teams post selected works-in-progress, allowing fans to follow artist collaboration and watch the making of the film as it happens. The film has been in production in Atlanta since 2000.



Ticket Stub from Premiere 12/12/08
Raius promo shot

Poster image with Raius on left

Press Releases

By the time the film was released no toys would ever be made.

Playmates Toys Awarded Worldwide Master Toy License for Animated Feature Film
Atlanta 7/2/04 - Fathom Studios and its Licensing Agency of Record, Joy Tashjian Marketing Group (JTMG) today announced it has awarded the master toy license for the computer animated feature film, Delgo, to Playmates Toys. The toy line includes dolls and figures at several price points, as well as play sets, action figures, vehicles, play environments, and toy accessories.
    Delgo is a terrific film that offers something for everyone," said Lou Novak, Playmates Toys president. "The film's characters and creatures are fresh and exciting and will capture the imagination of today's children while entertaining moviegoers of all ages. The story's humor, action, and fantasy worlds set Delgo apart from other animated features and will allow us to create a toy line as whimsical and adventurous as the film itself. We are thrilled to have partnered with Fathom Studios on this project."
    Delgo is a fantasy adventure film and the first independently produced computer animated feature in the U.S. The all-star voice cast includes Freddie Prinze, Jr., Jennifer Love Hewitt, Anne Bancroft, Val Kilmer, Chris Kattan, Kelly Ripa, Eric Idle, Michael Clarke Duncan, Malcolm McDowell, Burt Reynolds, and Lou Gossett, Jr.
    "We are excited to work with Playmates Toys on the toy line for Delgo, said Marc F. Adler, producer and co-director. "Playmates has had incredible success with unique properties, such as The Simpsons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and continues to position itself as one of the most innovative companies in the industry. We cannot imagine a better partner to bring the magical adventure of Delgo to kids around the world."
    Delgo takes place in a magical land where two civilizations are brought together by an outlawed romance and the heroics of some unlikely friends. Still in production, Delgo has created a worldwide following largely due to the Digital Dailies, a message board on the movie's Web site where the studios' production teams post selected works-in-progress, allowing fans to follow artist collaboration and watch the making of the film as it happens.

Freddie Prinze, Jr. to Play Delgo 4/19/04
After Rumors, Speculation and Contests, the Animated Film Announces Its Leading Man
Atlanta, GA - April 19, 2004 - Freddie Prinze, Jr. is the voice of Delgo, the hero in the animated fantasy adventure of the same name. Prinze joins an all-star cast including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Anne Bancroft, Val Kilmer, Michael Clarke Duncan, Chris Kattan, Kelly Ripa, Eric Idle, Burt Reynolds, Malcolm McDowell, and Lou Gossett, Jr. in voicing the first independently produced computer-animated feature in the U.S.
    "I'm very excited about this movie," says Prinze. "The look of 'Delgo' is completely unique. It's an amazingly detailed fantasy world and it's filled with fun characters that audiences will really respond to. The story's got something for everyone: action, comedy and romance-everything you need for a great movie. I'm thrilled to be a part of it."
    "Nobody could play Delgo better," says co-director, Jason Maurer. "From the moment we heard his voice, we knew we had to have Freddie as our title character. His talent and enthusiasm are unparalleled and he's really taken the film to another level."
    "Delgo" has created a worldwide following largely due to the Digital Dailies, a message board on the movie's Web site (www.delgo.com) where the studios' production teams post selected works-in-progress, allowing fans to follow artist collaboration and see the making of the film as it happens. "The movie has an amazing fan-base already," Prinze explains. "What we're doing on the 'Delgo' Website has to be a first for any film."
    Fathom Studios recently launched an online "Guess the Voice of Delgo" contest allowing fans to watch an animated clip challenging them to submit their guess for prizes. "The response to the contest has been phenomenal," says Marc F. Adler, producer and co-director. "Fans have flooded the Delgo Web site. We're thrilled so many people participated."
    Prinze joins an all-star cast, including, Oscar winner, Anne Bancroft voicing Sedessa, an intelligent, vain, eccentric leader who is as ambitious as she is charming; Val Kilmer voicing Bogardus, a fearless and cocky street-smart soldier; Jennifer Love Hewitt voicing the feisty Princess Kyla; Chris Kattan voicing Filo, a fast-talking, wise-cracking smart-aleck; comedian and cult icon, Eric Idle voicing Spig, a bumbling, pompous-yet dimwitted-imp; Michael Clarke Duncan voicing Elder Marley, a mystical Stonesage master; Kelly Ripa voicing the Princess' handmaiden, Kurrin; Lou Gossett, Jr. voicing the benevolent King Zahn; critically acclaimed actor Malcolm McDowell voicing Raius, a fierce and dogmatic soldier; Burt Reynolds  voicing Delgo's Father; and Sally Kellerman narrating the film.
    The film has been in production in Atlanta since 2001.


“This movie is about vengeance. I don’t know how they do all that stuff, it’s great, just amazing. It’s been a pleasure, thank you, see you at the premiere.” Malcolm during recording.

Saying that he was "befuddled" about the poor showing, Marc Adler told Wall Street Journal blamed the light marketing that was focused on cable outlets aimed at kids. "We thought we were doing everything right, focusing on kids, but we missed the moms." 12/13/08

Synopsis - Official

Delgo is an original tale set in a magical world combining action, humor and romance. A fantasy adventure film featuring epic battles, devious traitors, bizarre monsters, and thrilling aerial chases, Delgo is a ride audiences won’t soon forget. Delgo takes place on a planet divided by war. Delgo is a young inhabitant of the planet, who, with a group of friends, must save the planet from destroying itself in the conflict.

My Summary

    The story opens on an area of strange animals like Snortus and Sarc. Then a father is seen playing catch with his young son. The son doesn't do well and the father blames himself. The ball goes into a high barrel the child can't reach it. Then they are invaded.
    Narration begins: In the land of Jhamora the humble Lockney live in peace, far away lost in the clouds is the land of the winged Nohrin whose land is depleted of essential resources. Concerned for his people the Nohrin king sent scouts to find a new home. Their quest brought them to Jhamora where they were welcomed by the Lockni. The Nohrin king vowed not to leave until the last of his people were resettled. He sent Sedessa, his ambitious younger sister to govern the Nohrin people in the new land. Time passes and tensions rose as the Nohrin sought more land. Finally, the Lockni  would give no more.
    The king has a daughter who he says will someday rule. The Nohrin troops are seen raiding a village. Colonel Raius leads the charge yelling to find them, don't let them get away, leave no survivors. Hatred once stirred, took on a life of it's own. A spark of vengeance ignited the flames of battle. The king says we are at war when we should've negotiated. Sedessa laughs. With savages? Don't be so naive, it is ours for the taking, have the courage to finish what we started. He says she has killed innocents, his daughter can no longer grow up in a world where peace is taken for granted, you are no longer remember of the royal family, you are no longer my sister. She sneaks into the king's chambers that night and uses a poison gas to kill the queen. Then baby Kyla cries, the king wakes up and catches her.  They have a ceremony where they cut off her wings and sent her to spend the rest of her life in exile, unable to return.
    15 years later. Sedessa tries on fake pairs of wings and has a closet full of them. There is a banquet at Sedessa's palace with her warlords. She says their relationship is over. The attack is off? No, it's still on. They united their tribes for her. She says middle management will only get in the way. They are loyal to me now. Are you forgetting your promises of money and Jhamora? She says money and power, you should save yourself for more spiritual manners. She has her engineer Prando pull a switch and a cage goes up around the table. They beg to her and she says you know I can't stand wart ridden freaks begging for mercy, music will cover it up. They are lowered to their deaths in a fire pit.
    Delgo and Filo are riding Rockbiters. Filo complains about the route. Delgo knows a faster way. Filo isn't interested in a race. Delgo calls him a wuss again and again until he races. They speed off and Filo gets the lead on a narrow rock bridge with a stampede going under it. The bridge collapses and Delgo has to back off, then jump it. Filo yawns, says he smoked him. Delgo says the race isn't over yet. He goes out into the stampede and jumps from beast to beast. Filo stays behind, he can't look. Delgo shows off and turns to smile at Filo and then is hit by a branch and thrown over a cliff. Filo runs over, calls him, hears nothing, thinks he's dead and cries. He says he's gone forever. Then Delgo calls out and Filo thinks he's in heaven. He says he's down here. Oh, no I bet it was that time...thinking he's in hell. He says no, down here. He's holding onto a bridge hanging from the cliff. Filo says he'll shoot a signal flare. He does and it lands in a Ghep's nest and catches on fire. The whole tree burns and the birds get mad at Filo. Delgo asks him why the tree is on fire and he stumbles, mumbles and ends on saying what tree? He leaves to get help and his beast escapes.
    Princess Kyla is flying by and sees the burning tree. She asks if he wants help. From a Nohrin? No. He's startled and the branch starts breaking. He falls and she swoops down as he heads for the river screaming. She grabs him, drops him and catches him again. Kyla drops her broach when she lands and asks why is that tree on fire? Filo comes over asking if he is alright. Then General Bogardus and Colonel Raius come up to attack Delgo and Filo. She says they are out of line. Raius says, "Your highness, the Lockni only understand violence. Your highness we are in violation of the truce." Keya is aware of the law. A rescue party comes for Delgo. The group flies off and Kyla says she doesn't need help flying. Filo mocks them. The rescuers ask him why is that tree on fire?
    Back home King Zahn asks Kyla how can he expect his people to follow the border laws if his own daughter refuses. She says he needed her help. It's not that simple Kyla. Their position is delicate, some Lockni harbor resentment. She says everything was fine until Bogardus beat on the harmless boys. He was protecting her from Lockni boys, they have good reason to be concerned, you are only a child and couldn't possibly understand this.
    Elder Marley trains Delgo to lift stones using his mind. He wants him to move the stone through rings and to hit a gong. He is frustrated about it. He wants to learn something he can use like another student. He needs to learn to control the stones. Delgo says he can and throws it along the path and it breaks when it hits the gong. Marley takes the stone and puts it back together. They can teach you about yourself. He takes him to the pool and says to look deep. He sees when he was a kid and the Nohrin invaded his village and killed his parents. He was told he was on his own kid. Marley tells him he cannot change the past. One learns vengeance, another learns mercy. He doesn't force the stones, they have freedom like your heart, they too come heavy with healing. An old proverb is a novice follows his hand, a student follows his heart, the master follows both. If you wish to control the stones you must first let go. In town people talk about Norhin soldiers attacking boys on their territory.
    Raius is gambling with Bogardus and other soldiers. All are folding, but Bogardus wants in, he needs a loan. Raius asks if he is in or out, that won't help you this town Bogie. He'll raise him. You are down to nothing but your ride. He agrees and Raius says he'll take that bet. Bogardus thinks he won with doubles, but Raius has a flush. Raius tells him he'll be needing a ride home. Outside a riot is beginning over the Norhin attack. Bogardus still wants to play, but he's broke. The riot escalates and things are being smashed.
    Later Raius tells the king these were deliberate acts of aggression against Nohrin civilians. Your majesty, we cannot let this go unchallenged, our people want vengeance. Bogardus says they want peace. Raius says our people want justice. So do I, but I'm not so short sided, we've spilled blood before on both sides, the men and  friends we've lost, this riot was not authorized by the Lockni government. Raius says the Lockni government? The Stonesage council? If the Lockni people have chose to attack then we are at war, whether or not it is ordained by this ragged group of charlatan magicians. The king asks what to do. If they don't attack they will look weak to both sides. He wants to step up the troops at the border.
    Kyla is back looking for something. Delgo sees her and spots an animal going to attack her. He throws his hammer and stops it ant the last second. She ask what is he doing. I saved you, now we are even. He retrieves his hammer, hears a noise goes to attack again and it's only tiny Squeeps. He picks one up and they both laugh. She wants to apologize for yesterday, did Bogardus hurt you? No, he caught me off guard. Oh, tough guy. What are you doing here? I lost my mother's broach yesterday. He says she'll never find it in this. She knows. Maybe you can get her a new one. She can't, she's...she should be going, her father will send out the guards, nice seeing you Delgo. She flies away. He says he'll find it for her, meet her by the cave at sundown. Really? Thanks. He shows he has had it all along.
    Raius flies up to Sedessa's castle. Brothers Spig and Spog greet him. Spig is small and says everything wrong, but thinks he's smart. Spog is a big lummox. They warn him he'll be towed if he parks there. Raius says he doesn't have time for this you fools, move aside. Spig says his rided will be grounded. Impound moron, the word is impound. He has flowers for Sedessa and Spog eats them. He says he's an idiot. He goes in to see Sedessa. Such beautiful music, almost as lovely as the hands that play it. She says your words are sweet my darling, as sweet as the news? He says my love, tensions are escalating rapidly. She tingles with anticipation. He's afraid however he misjudged Bogardus, he would've thought he would jump at the chance to attack the Lockni. He's made it quiet difficult to persuade your brother to war. She thinks he can do it, they are so close, the Nohrin will have a new leader in her, the Lockni a new enemy.
    Bogardus tries to persuade a man for a loan. There is gambling tonight, real amateurs, he can't lose. You already owe me a lot. He gives his silver good luck charm. It's a start, but he wants real collateral. Name it. Weapons, good ones. He can't. You have access to them, besides, it's just amateurs. He agrees. The man then tells Raius he took the bait and Raius pays him and says won't the king be surprised. He goes to the king with the charges and Bogie says it was just temporary and the king says there is no excuse, escort the former general to his cell.
    They put him in a metal cage and move it high above a pit. Raius takes out his silver charm. Bogie asks where he got it. Your luck ran out Bogie. He says you set me up! He tosses the charm. Raius then goes out that night to stir up trouble by smashing the stones in the Stonesage sanctuary. He leaves his lance in the big stone for them to find.
    When Marley finds it he sets about to put it back together. Delgo arrives for his lesson and is horrified. He removes the lance and asks how can he just sit there, we need to do something. You of all people have the power to do something, they need to be taught a lesson. He says time for your lesson. Delgo says you sit and play with rocks. Our people are unharmed, when our people are in harm's way we will fight. He says it would be too late, fight now. War is easier begun than ended, there is only honor to fight for what you believe, if it is honorable. He says his teacher was a mighty warrior who could also heal. Delgo gets mad, says he doesn't get it, pushes the stones over and says they won't stop until someone stops them and leaves.
    Spig interrupts Sedessa while she is eating and she warns him to remember the punishment for doing so, but he can't remember it. He tries to explain about a gentleman caller and Spog holds the door, but Raius tricks them to get in. She says welcome colonel. He says it's general actually, he's been promoted. She says her brother will come around when he hears the Lockni have his girl. He says that may not be necessary, war appears imminent. She asks when, a month or year, we can start it now. He says the risk is great my dear, if I am in caught. What they'll take your wings? I'll prepare the guest quarters.
    Kyla asks Kurrin if her outfit makes her wings look lined. She says you look beautiful and she's sure your date will too. It's not a date,  you know how important my broach is. Then I'll get a chaperone. No. Then it is a date. No, I just don't want anyone there. She flies off and meets Delgo at the cave. She can't believe how beautiful it is. He gives her a stone to hold and plays a flute to make it rise in the air. He can only do it a little and blames the flute, but she is impressed. She asks about the broach and he pulls it from behind her ear. He says you really miss her. She was only a baby when she was gone, she heard she was kind, wishes she could... He says he understands, he lost his parents too. Elder Marley is like a father to him, he's cool. She wishes her dad was cool, he's so stuffy and treats her little a little girl, she wishes everyone could just let go of the past. He gets mad. How can he do that, his parents died welcoming their people to his land and they got slaughtered. She says it wasn't them, it was Sedessa. Yeah and your army. It's not the past, last night your people destroyed our sanctuary. She is sorry, she didn't know. He says they will never get along, if you think so your dad is right you are a silly little girl. She says he's right and tosses his stone back to him. Now he's sad. He goes out and calls to her as she flies away. Then Raius's razorwing swoops in low and knocks him down. He flies up behind Kyla and shots her with a tranquilizer dart.
    Raius tells the king apparently today's meeting was to return a missing broach which mysteriously disappeared during their first meeting. The king wants to know who he is. Kurrin tells me his name is Delgo your majesty, he's one of the two Lockni boys we found accosting the princess by the border. I have to assume this is related to the growing Lockni unrest. Zahn says bring them to me.
    Delgo is sleeping and dreams of when he's a child. He plays hide and seek with his dad. His dad pretends he can't find him and Delgo laughs the whole time. Then the Nohrin army invades and kills his parents. Sedessa says to burn the village, leave no survivors. Delgo hides, but is found. The guard tells him you are on your own kid. He wakes up and then Nohrin guards come in and take him away. Next we see him in a metal cage with Filo next to Bogardus. The king has them brought down, asks which is Delgo and where is his daughter. He doesn't know. He asks again and a muscle man goes to beat him up.
    Kyla wakes up in a jail cell and calls out for somebody, anybody, help, let me out of here please.
    Delgo and Filo are back in their cage. Bogardus asks what they did with the princess. They didn't take her. Then what are you doing here? Delgo asks what he is doing there, you didn't make your beat the snot out of Lockni quota? He says you are all liars. Believe whatever you want, last I saw her she was flying home and followed by a guard on a white razorwing. Bogardus asks if he's sure it was white. Yes, it almost took my head off. Bogardus says it was Raius.
    Sedessa is playing a harp and Spig comes in with Kyla. He says she is nothing compared to Sedessa with her flimsy wings that aren't even detachable. She sends him off and says welcome to your new home princess. Soon you'll get used to living on this baron rock. She recognizes Sedessa. She tells her it's Empress Sedessa. Kyla asks how could you. Oh, you miss your mother, pity your father was such a light sleeper. My father will have his best men looking for me. Ha, funny you should mention that. Then Raius walks through the door.
    Delgo hooks their belts together and swings it around the bottom until he trips the latch that opens the door. He finally makes it, but they are still suspended up there. What about plan 2? He's working on it. Filo says there's nothing but Banti Frogs down there and that gives Delgo and idea as Bogardus mocks him. Delgo wants to make a deal with Bogardus. He'll get him out if he will fly them below and they can both escape to do whatever. He agrees. Delgo throws him the belt and a flying creature comes by and grabs them. Bogardus mocks them again. Delgo climbs on top of the cage and starts swinging it over. He swings it enough to jump on Bogardus cage. He slips, Bogardus catches him, he dangles below the cage and tries again and again to snag the latch and finally does.
    Raius says your majesty, we must act quickly, decisively. Another says they waited too long, they should've acted already, Gelmore says perhaps they should wait for their demands. Zahn gets mad and says wait? They have my daughter, prepare the declaration to the Lockni Stonesage council. By taking the princess they leave him no choice but to attack. The council gets the declaration and says they cannot give him a princess they don't have, he denied our help and issued an ultimatum. They argue about it. They took two of their boys, what can they do, sit back and wait. Marley says their voices have been heard, vote for peace or war. He lifts a blue stone for peace and yellow stone for war in the air and all of them manipulate the stones with their powers until only the yellow war stone is left floating in the air.
    Delgo, Filo and Bogardus are at the bottom of the cave. Delgo is tapping on walls. He says Banti frogs lead to Yaags, which lead to Yaag tunnels. Filo doesn't like Yaags. He's knocking when a small creature startles Filo and he thinks it gets in his pants, he stumbles and falls through the wall into a tunnel. Meanwhile the armies outside are massing. Bogie and Delgo start arguing, Bogie doesn't like him and Delgo hits him, he owed him that. Then a large Yaag shadow on the wall appears and Bogie draws his sword. Delgo mocks him saying what are you going to do, pick its' teeth? Then it comes around and it just a baby and Bogie mocks them. Filo says they are cute when they are babies. Then a full size Yaag appears and it's a crab the size of a truck. Delgo jumps on it, Bogie swings his sword, but bounces off. It gets him in his claw and Delgo grabs the baby and says to let him go. The adult does and Delgo runs with the baby down a tunnel until the chasing adult falls over on it's shelled back. Bogie and Delgo finally introduce themselves and say they should've gone the other way. Delgo says never trust a Lockni. Filo gets nervous that Delgo has a Nouragh on his back. It is round with a pointed tail. Delgo just flicks it off and Filo is worried he has one on him. His whole back is covered and Delgo tells him he's good.
    Outside Bogie says Lockni is that way, he's going to save the princess. Delgo says he's going with him. He doesn't need any help from a Lockni. He needed help with a Yaag. Well, what good are you, you can't even fly. He can fly a razorwing. They are below and guarded. Bogie says we'll see and leaves. Filo can't believe he's trusting and falling in love with a Nohrin. Bogie comes back and says the coast is clear. What, there are 20 guys down there! He already took them out.
   They go to Raius's house and Pookie flies to him with a scroll in his mouth. It doesn't want to give it up and Raius tricks him out of it and sends him off with a reply. Bogie and Delgo never saw one before, but Bogie thinks it'll lead them to Kyla. They fly off and Filo is on back with Bogie, he's struggling and Bogie says they are easier to handle with one rider, want a demonstration? He doesn't.
    Spig is talking to the minions in a huge gathering in order to introduce Sedessa with flourish. She is on a huge platform with them all around and below her. She says behold the Nohrin's most valuable prize and lowers Kyla down. Delgo, Bogie and Filo arrive to see this. Bogie explains it's a Norhin banishment ritual, they are going to cut off her wings. Filo says it's twisted. Delgo tells Filo to make a distraction and for Bogie to cover the exit, he's going to rescue the princess. Bogie wants to rescue the princess, you cover the exit. Delgo warns someone is behind him. He won't fall for that old one. But he isn't kidding, big creatures have found them. He fights them and sends Delgo off. Sedessa says they have been banished for too long, paradise should be ours. They have waited for far too long, it is time to claim what it ours, that day is today, to victory. They all cheer. Filo throws a big statue over the balcony, but it breaks while they are cheering and no one hears. He does it again and to the same effect. She keeps speaking and he finds a big gong and tries to to shoot it with his slingshot and only has candy which sticks. He can't lift the hammer to swing into it and finally stumbles into it. Sedessa says seize him. Delgo works his way to the princess and she is surprised. He says at your service. He lifts her up, works on her shackles and things are hurled at him. One jumps up and Kyla kicks him away saying at your service. Prido comes after Delgo and he has to knock him off. They escape the chamber and Delgo tells Kyla to warn her father, she asks what about him. He says he'll be fine. He asks Bogie where  Filo is and he says he'll get him. Delgo runs and hides in a hallway as he is searched for. Kyla flies away and is chased down by Prido in his machine of tricks. Bogie comes after him with Filo on board. Delgo sees a giant Zuzu go by and uses a magic stone to go under a helmet to distract the guards. They follow the helmet and he runs over, loses control of the helmet, they spot him an he jumps off the blacony backwards. They think he's dead, but he's heading into battle on the back of the Zuzu. Bogie goes after Prido and leaves Filo alone on the Razorwing to struggle and hold on. Bogie has to duel and dodge metal implements and electricity hurled at him. He throws his sword and it sticks behind Prido's head. He thinks he missed, but then the electricity goes on and the sword shorts it out. Bogie says say hello to gravity as he falls from the sky.
    Delgo climbs up to the last rider and tricks him overboard. The next one is huge and there is nothing he can do to move him. He hits him with the hammer to no avail again and again. Delgo is thrown to the back of the beast and he's able to get a running start this time and send him overboard. Then he takes out the driver who falls over the edge when startled. Beneath them is a large boat attached by chains and full of guards.
    Kyla returns home and finds only Gelmore with plans and money. He is surprised. He asks where her father is. He's at battle, they are at war with the Lockni. She warns him Sedessa is coming and they must get word to him. He says he'll send a messenger. She says she'll accompany him. He says it's too dangerous to leave, Raius will be looking for her. She says of course, you are right, I don't know what came over me. He says let's sit down. She attacks him saying she never said anything about Raius. Meanwhile on Delgo's Zuzu they are climbing up the chains from below to get him. They are rocked and one launches a projectile that hits another in the butt.
    The battle ensues with Lockni and Nohrin. Lockni elders uses the stones to defeat many while huge armies attack on the battlefield. Sedessa's troops arrive. A messenger comes to Raius and says we know nothing of these brutes, perhaps we should retreat. Raius says retreat!? Those brutes are fighting against the Lockni, which makes them our allies, together we will bring the Lockni to their knees.
    A group goes to Zahn's tent and captures him. Raius enters and Zahn asks him what does he have to gain from this? Gain? Nothing. I wish to contribute. For years the might of the Nohrin army has laid dormant, wasted. I'll provide these men the purpose they long for. He says you underestimate my soldiers. You underestimate me, Zahn. As we speak your soldiers are fighting my war, pursuing my goals, experiencing the sweet taste of victory. The Nohrin people will thank me and welcome Sedessa as their true leader. Zahn is shocked about Sedessa. Take him to the palace.
    Bogie arrives and asks am I interrupting something? Raius says forgive me your majesty, this won't take long. He sends Filo to find the king. Delgo finds Kyla heading toward the camp and she warns him to get down. Raius and Bogie have a vicious sword fight. Riaus beats him and says I taught you everything you know, but not everything I know. Bogie tells him schools out and tricks him by stabbing him in the gut. Kyla calls out to her father and asks Filo where he is. He says they took him. One of Sedessa's thugs fires a bolt at Delgo. Bogie jumps to move him out of the way and takes the bolt in the back. Delgo tells him to hang in there. Bogie says you're on your own kid like the Nohrin who told him that years ago and dies. Kyla cries.
    Zahn is brought before Sedessa and he demands to know where Kyla is. She says the lovely little princess, my compliments, she's become quite a charming young lady. He says if you hurt her. Nonsense, she is family with lovely wings, almost as lovely as the ones you hacked off. He says you deserved it, all these years and not a speck of remorse. No, but she does have regrets, it leaves her no peace that you didn't have the courage to finished what you started. Together we could've made Jhamora glorious, but you bowed to inferiors and took our culture with it. Your reign has come to an end and now I must rule alone. She takes a tiara and puts it on, a perfect fit.
    Delgo starts smashing things in a fit of rage. Kyla yells to stop. He says it's over, Sedessa won. She says not to tell her that, the one thing Sedessa never counted on was for us to work together, don't let Bogie die in vain. They need you, my father needs you, I need you. What can I do, they are running all over us? He sees Filo and gets an idea. Kyla can you get a message to your troops? I guess, yes! Filo I'll need your help too.
    At Sedessa's lair she is told Raius approaches. Excellent. Zahn says his people will never accept her. They will, and you will heed me. Delgo crashes through the glass and says the princess sends her regards. Kyla tries to get a message to the front and the soldiers say it's no place for her. Sedessa's biggest soldier attacks Delgo and there is no amount of force that can stop him. He uses the stone from his hammer and the light from it burns the creature's eyes. He tricks it into swinging at him to knock the chains down holding a huge razorwing statue overhead. It smashes into him with no effect. Delgo hits him in the crotch and says he's sorry. Delgo hides and then grabs a bust of Sedessa and the creature refuses to attack it. It buys Delgo time until he is overpowered. Sedessa laughs and says to Zahn this is the best rescue he can do. Meanwhile Filo is trying to get his flying creature to go where he wants and it won't listen. He asks if it speaks Lockni. He flies off to lead a stampede into the battle after the Lockni and Norhin troops pull out to overrun Sedessa's troops.
    Pookie goes to the bathroom on the rug and farts on Zahn. Sedessa yells at him, not on the carpet. Then it mistakenly takes a weapon to Delgo, he says good boy. Sedessa says she should've had him stuffed. Delgo finishes off the creature, but it causes the room to collapse and Sedessa is thrown over the edge of a cliff and hangs on yelling for someone to save her. Delgo hears her and remembers Marley speaking of vengeance and mercy. He decides to help as she says please don't let me die. He offers his hand and a chain for her to hold onto. He goes back inside to help Zahn who is knocked out. Kyla then shows up and he asks what is she doing there. Then Sedessa comes back to finish them off and Kyla fights her back until the platform she's standing on collapses and sends her to her death. They help Zahn up and they all fly away.
    The stampede is successful and all of Sedessa's troops are defeated. Filo warns them to run for their lives. They have a gathering of the victors and Kyla stands next to Delgo. They go to kiss again and Raius returns and throws a spear at him. At the last second it is knocked down by Filo's slingshot and guards overrun Raius. Everyone cheers. The End.

My Review

    I first heard Malcolm was going to be in this film in August 2003 and I've never waited longer to see one of his files get released, over 5 years. From then on I heard it would be released in the next year and then pretty much nothing. It seemed the film was done and people were seeing it, but no news of it coming out was every there. Unofficially it would be out in the next year, then the next then nothing. There was even news of a toy license in 2004, but that went nowhere either. Much was made that it was an independent production outside of Hollywood following it's own rules. Even more was how they were putting their work online so you could see the film in progress. I checked those out, they were huge AVI downloads that showed maybe 2 seconds of unfinished animation. I didn't think it was that impressive, they weren't named, so you didn't know what character or scene you were looking at and I didn't see anyone talking about it online and they stopped putting them up years ago. For years there was no word of anything until 2008 when it started showing up at festivals and a trailer appeared online. I thought that might be the only way to see it and then it would probably go to DVD, so much for that. Finally a release date was given. Ironically coming only 3 weeks after Malcolm was in another CGI animated film, Bolt. What was in the trailer looked promising, but it's hard to tell with a tiny picture how it would translate.
    I knew there would be so many previews that I got to the theater almost 10 minutes after it started and the previews were still going. There were many of the same ones that ran before Bolt, except this time in 2D, which seems a weird way to advertise a 3D film. I looked around and there was just a family a four, no one else in the theater. I thought this was a really bad sign. I hadn't seen this few people since I saw Stroke of Genius and that bombed pretty bad. When the Fathom Studios logo appeared I knew they made the film so I thought it was finally going to be on. Wrong. It turns out it was a short called Chroma Chameleon. So it would be another 10 minutes before the film started, great. The short was basically a dance off on a mushroom amongst chameleons. One was doing a fancy show and as he danced and did tricks he would change colors to the delight of the crowd. One girl wasn't impressed and went up to show that she could do a better job with moves and color changes to his dismay. A young chameleon enjoys it and gets launched center stage and doesn't know what to do. Every thing he tries is lame and he is bombing. Then he sees some fireflies overhead and starts pulling them down with his tongue. He gets 5 of them, one for each leg and his mouth, and does a big spinning move with his color change that lights up the forest with the fireflies to the great delight of the crowd. That's it. The quality of the picture and the screen it the theater was phenomenal, the best I've ever seen. This short wasn't very good, funny, interesting or anything. But the quality was fantastic. The colors and the depth of the animation were sharp and clear, nothing blurred. If Delgo turned out to look that good, then maybe it would be a great film.
    The film starts on a big scenic view just to show the credits, but once the camera starts moving things in the background start to blur and I realize right away the quality is nowhere near as good as the short I just saw. They worked on this film at least 8 years, maybe more and I guess it was truly finished years ago and not updated since. They had the time, surely they could've polished it up. This was supposed to be a film for kids, but after the first couple minutes we learn the film is about two races and one has basically conquered, massacred and enslaved the other for years and now there is a fragile peace. No way any kids are going to like that. It's not anything fun and is way over their heads. Throughout the film they try to have a little stupid humor for kids with even a pitiful bathroom humor scene near the end with urination and farting, the cheapest of the cheap jokes. One of the worst is a joke that isn't funny - why is that tree on fire? That was repeated again and again to make it more annoying each time. Overall there is little for kids and there is no pop culture jokes or inside humor for adults. There is violence, but it is always offscreen, blood is all hidden and only a couple characters truly die. This is truly a film without an audience, I have no idea what they were aiming for. Why would they make a movie for an audience of none? It doesn't have any replay value either, it's something you'd never want to see again.
    They went overboard like most of these animated films do by hiring all famous actors for the voices. I have no idea why they feel they should because it's not going to bring people through the door, excluding myself. I don't see people lining up because Freddie Prinze Jr. is the lead. He doesn't even do a definable job. Most of the time I thought he sounded like Diedrich Bader who does lots of animated stuff. People don't really care about the stars anymore, not like in the 30s, now all of the biggest stars have had big films bomb lately. They care about the story and the buzz. This had neither. I only saw one short trailer on TV. When I told people about the film they never heard of it. There was no premiere, there was no excitement, so there was no interest. I think this will go down as one of the biggest bombs in movie history. They set out to show Hollywood that greatness could be achieved outside the system and only showed how to do it completely wrong on every level.
    If you saw the disaster called Star Wars The Phantom Menace, then you've basically seen this film. Delgo has the look and feel of a bad Star Wars prequel. That had a pod race, this had a stampede, actually they had the same stampede twice. Both had younger characters gifted in the force, though in this film it seems the Lockni can only use the force on stones, nothing else. No reason is given just that they seem to be magical. At times the massive amount of action on the screen in Delgo was impressively animated, but they did that kind of thing in the big Star Wars crowd in Episode I and the Geonosian Arena in Episode II. Even the Yaag looks like one of the creatures from the arena. Not content to rip of a couple Lucas films, they moved on to Willow. In Willow Madmartigan is the flawed heroic swordsman played by Val Kilmer who is first found by the hero locked up in a metal cage and has to be freed and a shaky alliance is formed. In Delgo we have Bogardus who is voiced by Val Kilmer and is a good swordsman in a metal cage when the hero first finds him and has to be freed and a shaky alliance is formed. In Willow his vice is women which gets him in trouble, in Delgo his vice is gambling which gets him in trouble. Both assist the hero to save his life and help save the day and to rescue the girl. That wasn't enough though, the fourth film they ripped off was Raiders of the Lost Ark. In that film Indiana Jones has a spider on his back Sapito removes, but Sapito's whole back is covered with them. In Delgo the exact scene plays out between Delgo and Filo. At the end of the day Filo is just a Jar Jar Binks type anyway. The bumbling idiot who still manages to help save things, mainly through his stupidity.
    You may get the impression I think this film sucks and you'd be right. It's so damn disappointing and should've been so much more. Almost ever second has been done before and you can tell the plot before it really gets rolling. One Nohrin saves a Lockni and they happen to be of the opposite sex you know it is all going to be about two people from different walks of life falling in love and uniting to stop the bad guys. It's all so trite since never before had any of the races mixed due to the total hatred. Even Delgo gets schizo between wanting to be with Kyla and remembering her people slaughtered his. There were two scenes I liked. When Delgo was a boy and playing hide and seek with his dad. That was perfectly done and very true to life and the way kids are and is touching. The other scene, which was the best one in the film was when the Stonesage Council voted on going to war by using the force on the stones and seeing what was left. That's a scene Lucas should steal for himself in the Cone Wars cartoon series. The only other good part was a couple segments of the music, but most of it was bland.
    Anne Bancroft as Sedessa had the most to say and do and had the better villain lines. Everyone else was forgettable. Filo was just annoying, Kyla was barely adequate, nothing exciting. Her character didn't do much, was confused and wasn't able to get a message to the troops, but some how they figured it out. Kelly Ripa had one scene, barely worthy of credit same with Burt Reynolds. Eric Idle is my favorite Monty Python member and he is great, but here they just give him a stupid character that gets words mixed up. I'm sure it was supposed to be funny, but it was so weak it too just got annoying and more so every time. Bolt taught us that a person that isn't famous can steal the show, in the form of Rhino.
    They spent so much time creating this entire world, but it's glossed over so quickly, we don't learn the names of most creatures or some of the people. It was like they lost interest in making anything stand out, just fill it up like the background. It makes it like a cross between a video game and Shrek style characters, minus the fun.
    Malcolm had the role of the main male bad guy, but not the main one of the film. He was basically a side kick to Sedessa, but at least he did have lots of screen time even though he almost gets killed off. You could tell they filmed him doing the lines to capture his facial movement because his character looked like him a bit. He delivered the lines well, but none of them really stand out as memorable. Nothing really passionate and energy driven. I blame this more on the script. Plus his character does everything so obvious. He betrays Bogardus and comes right out and tells him. He captures the princess and makes sure to leave Delgo as a witness. Malcolm really got screwed in the last year or so with three really bad films - Halloween, Doomsday and now Delgo.
    The worst is they have talked about making this a trilogy!? Thankfully the lack of box office stopped that dead the minute it was released. If they do decide to torture themselves they could make it direct to DVD and since Malcolm's character seemingly was killed off I won't have to worry about seeing any more of them. I can't imagine where they would go with this unless somehow Sedessa survived and can be the new Phantom Menace. I don't know how they'd even secure a DVD release unless the made it themselves on DVD-Rs made to order.

Rating: 2/10

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