Cordless (200?)

It looks like this movie isn't going to be made.

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Character Actor
Ezra Malcolm McDowell
  Steve Buscemi
  Michael Buscemi
  Fisher Stevens

Directed by Oren Moverman


Malcolm McDowell Goes Cordless
Variety Friday, January 9, 2004

    Malcolm McDowell will star in screenwriter Oren Moverman's directing debut Cordless, with Steve Buscemi and Fisher Stevens also signing on for appearances in the dark comedy, which has set a late-March start date in New York City.
    The film is a tale of spiritual rebirth in contemporary New York, following the struggle of a Manhattan couple attempting to conceive a child in a building in which voyeurism and neighborly love are spinning out of control.
    McDowell will play aging, charismatic Gotham gadfly Ezra, who holds sexual sway over everyone around him. Buscemi and his brother Michael Buscemi will play tenement landlords, while Stevens will cameo as a strip-club habitue. Other leads are still to be cast.

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