Craig Kilborn

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The Late Late Show, formerly hosted by Tom Snyder is the one US talk show that Malcolm did the most. This would be his 4th appearance and his first time meeting Craig.


The show was brightly lit so the pictures didn't come out that great.

Who Cares?
Caligula Question

ACO Question


    Malcolm was on to promote his LA Tribute which started that night. They opened the show by showing a clip of the Singin' in the Rain scene and mentioning the new DVD release. He started out talking about the Tribute and admitted how surprised he was about the whole thing. "Tribute? But I'm not dead." He admitted not knowing what he will do, but said he there would be 8 of his films and he would talk after 6 of them. He guessed he would be telling anecdotes and doing Q+A about the films. He then mentioned it would probably be like the show he did earlier in the month at Brewvies. He said it was a small art house and the place was packed. He was shocked because he thought Salt Lake City was all Mormons, but he guessed they "loved a bit of the old ultra-violence." He told the story about a guy who stopped him in the lobby, "Hey weren't you in Clockwork Orange!?! I get this every day, so I said yes. WOW! Which part did you play? And I'm like are you a moron or a Mormon." He admitted that he gets upset at stupid questions. He told two of his least favorite questions, "Are you right handed or left handed? Who cares!?!" and "Do you work out? Of course not, I walk to my car, this is LA."
    Craig then asked what it was like to work with Kubrick. "Do you have a year?" He admitted to not having seen ACO in 20+ years and how he doesn't like to watch his films or see himself on the screen, even to watch the dailies. He has a youthful spirit and when he sees himself is like, "Aaah! Who's that old man?" He then told stories he has told before like the one where he thought Kubrick was listening to Beethoven for 20 minutes, but it turned out to be the traffic tower at Heathrow. He also said Kubrick made him learn all the German words to the coral part of the 9th symphony which took forever. He didn't explain why he had to learn that. He also told the story about Kubrick shoving his handkerchief in his mouth from laughing so much. Then he also told the story about Patrick Magee wanted some Guinness on the set and Kubrick thinking he is an alcoholic. "He's Irish, of course he's an alcoholic", Malcolm told him. (You can read these stories on the ACO Quotes page).
    He also talked about James Mason and the passage and told the story he usually tells about how James told him why he does movies, "1. for the part 2. they page my wage and 3. for the location. If you can get two of the three take the role." Craig also did his impression of Mason as he said he was a big fan.
    That was it for the interview part. Craig then played a game called 5 questions with Malcolm. They were:
1. Since you are British, name two of the great lakes. "Eerie and Superior"
2. What candy comes in red, yellow, green, blue, orange and brown. "Mars bar." M&Ms was the correct answer
3. Which is more painful to watch Cricket or the director's cut of Caligula? "They are both equally as bad to watch."
4. Substitute three fruits for the orange in Clockwork Orange in five seconds? "The porno Clockwork Banana, Clockwork Lemon and Clockwork Lime."
5. Since you are a Shakespearean actor say "Dude, where's my car" in your best Shakespearean accent.


    I had never seen his show and now I know why. I don't like talk shows and never watch them unless Malcolm is on. They hold little interest for me. I watched the show until Malcolm came on and it was totally unfunny. Bad monologues, dumb jokes and tired bits. There was nothing witty or interesting about his delivery and I am convinced nearly anyone could've done he job just as good as him.
    Malcolm was dressed in all black and look cool. He seemed genuinely surprised over the whole Tribute event for him and wasn't sure how to handle it. Besides that there was little other new information on the show. Since Craig asked about ACO and specifically asked about the story of Stanley listening to the air traffic, he told it, even though he must get tired of being asked the same questions for years. So the bulk of the time he talked about ACO and The Passage which Craig hadn't heard of. Nothing he hasn't said before. The 5 questions part is something I would guess is a regular part of the show and was just plain stupid. The time could've been well spent to ask him about upcoming projects, but Craig seemed more interested in being a comedian than an interviewer. I would never, ever even look at this show again unless Malcolm was coming back on because I didn't like Craig at all, while he wasn't as obnoxious as Tom Snyder, he was somewhat taken with himself and boring. Overall it was disappointing because there was very little new ground covered. The entire session was 12 minutes and the last 3 were wasted with the 5 questions.

Rating: 5/10

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