ChalkZone (2004)

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Character Actor
Barney the Encyclocentipedia Malcolm McDowell
Rudy Tabootie E G Daily
Penny Sanchex Hynden Walch
Snap Candi Milo


Synopsis - Official

Ruby Tabootie's a regular kid with a very special possession: a magic piece of chalk that lets him enter ChalkZone, a world beyond the chalk board. In ChalkZone, anything that's ever been doodled and erased comes to life. If Rudy Draws a horse, he's got himself a ride - but if he draws a monster, he's got a big problem! Luckily, with the help of his sidekick Snap and his best friend, Penny, Rudy's a pro at drawing his way out of trouble when they're on an adventure. And in ChalkZone, adventure takes on a whole new dimension!

My Summary

    Rudy is playing Indiana Jones and his hunt for treasure at an old temple. He can't get in until he accidentally knocks a large idol over in front of the temple which opens the door. Inside he finds tiny red bats and inadvertently releases them into the ChalkZone. He also finds a golden flute and a large turtle shell belonging to the ruler of ChalkZone, King Mumbo Jumbo. He plays the flute and doesn't realize that the hieroglyphics on the walls are actually the notes to a song. He only lights up some of the notes on the walls since he didn't play the correct sequence.
   Outside he finds out the the Biclops has suddenly started to get bigger and bigger. Soon after he starts to float away. It turns out he has caught Balloonemia. Soon after Queen Rapsheeba gets it as it spreads. Rudy asks Biclops what he should do and he tells him to seek out Barney the Encyclocentipedia who lives in Barney's Impenetrable Forest and knows the entire history of ChalkZone. Rudy wants to know why he never heard of him before. Biclops explains that he has hidden himself from the world inside Barney's Impenetrable Forest and no one has seen him in years.
    So Rudy, Penny and Snap head off as all the other citizens of ChalkZone come down with Balloonemia and float away. They get to the forest and it is wall to wall trees with no way in. Rudy draws a door, but it only opens one layer. Nothing can get them in, so they have to go on top of the trees. After walking toward the middle of the forest they fall through and land on a rock pile. It turns out that they disturbed the rock creature they landed on - it wasn't a pile. It runs off with them on it's back and makes an angry sound which Rudy figures is his name. He gets off and goes to find Barney for help in stopping the creature who has now eaten his friends. He finds the entrance to his house and Barney is aghast that someone penetrated his impenetrable forest. Rudy wants info on how to stop the creature and Barney won't give it to him. He explains that is why he has been hidden away for so long. People kept bugging him for information all the time and he couldn't stand it so he hid away. Each of the body segments of the centipede is really a computer console with information on three alphabet letters. Rudy finds the information on the weakness of the rock monster and Barney is upset he is accessing it. The monster is ticklish on it's belly. Rudy ties Barney up so he won't run away on him and goes out to help. He draws a big feather, runs underneath the monster, it laughs, spits Penny and Snap out and then goes back to sleep.
    When they go back to the cave Barney is gone. They find him climbing straight up a rock wall and Rudy has to draw an elevator to follow him. Barney doesn't want to help them at all. He says this is why he hid away in the first place. You help someone once and then they never stop asking for help. Meanwhile all the commotion has attracted a giant praying mantis that wants to eat Barney. It grabs him and Barney is forced to use drastic measures, something he has never done. He unsegments his body and the nine segments disperse all over ChalkZone. Without his segments Barney is a blithering idiot. Each member is forced to hunt down three segments each.
    They are slippery creatures and not easy to grab. Penny winds up in math lake trying to rustling her segments. The water is full of numbers and equation symbols. She realizes if she makes math equations with them they will connect together. Eventually she links enough to make a raft and pulls the segments onboard with her. Snap's three go up to a village in the trees and are grabbed by three monkeys who want to keep them. They throw things at him and he gets beaten down again and again. Eventually he forces them to throw the segments at him and links them together and takes off.
    Rudy's segments are near a pipe organ that can be played by hopping on nearby mushrooms. They only problem is it's magical and has hypnotic powers. A segments jumps on a mushroom and Rudy chases it, soon he is hopping madly from mushroom to mushroom out of control.
    Rudy must be rescued and when he is they are able to link Barney back together. Unfortunately they learn no cure was ever found for Balloonemia. They are dejected, but do learn that the disease is spread by tiny red bats. Rudy realizes it was all his fault since he let them out of the temple. Barney is sad because King Mumbo Jumbo was trapped inside there and they were best friends. He wonders what happened to him and Rudy says the only thing inside was his shell. They decide to go back to the temple and Rudy picks up the golden flute again. This time he realizes he must play the notes on the wall and this makes the King wake up. He was hiding in his shell from the bats. They lure the bats back inside the temple and Rudy draws a wall to trap them back inside forever.
    Rudy then has a plan. He draws a giant can of soda and straws to each inhabitant infected with Balloonemia. He has them keep trying the soda until they burp which releases all their gas and causes them to go back to normal. All are happy to have their king back especially Barney who decides he will come out of hiding.

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